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How to Complete All Achievements in Dave the Diver: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to Dave the Diver achievements guide, which helps you to complete all the 43 achievements of Dave the Diver. Hope it helps.

Progress-Based Achievement – Dave the Diver achievements guide

These achievement below is easy to get, attained through the natural progression of the game.

Undersea Gunslinger

Completed the gun tutorial.

Better Equipment

Made first equipment upgrade.

Bancho Sushi is Back!

Fixed the Sushi Restaurant.

New Undersea Friend

Completed the Dolphin’s request.

Deep-sea Diver

Entered the Deep Sea for the first time.

Undersea Civilization!

Discovered the under-sea village.

A Dark and Cold Place

Discovered the Glacier Passage.

Dumplings in the Water

Mima’s restaurant opened.

The Seaweed is Growing!

Gumo’s seeweed farm opened.


Entered the Glacier Passage for the first time.

Feeble Blacksmith

Duwa’s workshop opened.


Bancho Sushi formed a branch restaurant.

Creature Hunter

Captured all the bosses.

Progressive Milestones Achievements – Dave the Diver achievements guide

To Unlock Achievements by Reaching Set Targets.

Angry Shark!

Description: Caught first shark.

Can be achieved by simply diving into the sea.

Culinary Master

Description: Enhanced 5 dishes.

How to Achieve: Follow the regular progression of the game.

Saved Dave!

Description: First time bringing Dave back from the brink of death.

How to Achieve: In the first dive, avoid using oxygen and drown in the sea to achieve this without affecting future gameplay.

Culinary Researcher

Description: Researched 5 new dishes

How to Achieve: Follow the regular progression of the game.

Scrap Metal Collector

Description: Picked up 100 items.

Collect items while diving. It’s easy to achieve in the early and mid-game stages.

Mister Melee

Description: Caught 20 fish with melee weapons.

How to Achieve: In the shallow sea, there are small fish that attack. Wait for them to approach and use a knife to capture them easily.

Shop’s Lookin’ Good!

Description: Bought First Interior Item.

How to Achieve: Purchase any decoration; it’s easy to achieve.

Predator of the Blue Hole

Description: Caught 300 fish.

How to Achieve: Literally capture 300 fish.

Dave the Sniper

Description: Caught 10 fish with a Sniper Rifle.

How to Achieve: Literally use a sniper rifle to capture fish.

Arms Craftsman

Description: Enhanced gun 3 times.

Literally upgrade firearms. If you lack materials, prioritize upgrading the Death Rifle. It’s highly effective against sharks.


Description: Took 10 photos at Photo Spots.

Can be achieved naturally through tasks. To complete it earlier, take some random photos without focusing properly.

Ration Eater

Description: Eat ration

Complete the related story mission. In the Dolphin Factory, there is an obvious item on the top floor. Eat it to trigger the achievement.

Momo’s Secret

Description: Got to know Momo a little better.

How to Achieve: Feed the cat once during the day for three to five consecutive days. This will trigger a story mission, finish the quest and the achievement completed

Artisan’s Flame

Description: Researched 30 new dishes.

How to Achieve: Literally research 30 new dishes. It’s easy to achieve.

My Wonderful Rice Field!

Description: Rice field expanded to maximum.

How to Achieve: Literally expand the rice field to its maximum size.

A Peaceful Blue Hole

Description: Watched the ending credits.

How to Achieve: Simply endure and watch until the end.

Professional Farmer

Description: Installed sprinklers in the garden.

How to Achieve: Upgrade the watering can to the maximum level to obtain the sprinkler.

My Wonderful Field!

Description: Vegetable farm expanded to maximum.

How to Achieve: Literally expand the farm to its maximum size.

Blacksmith Helper

Description: Sold 200 items at workshop.



Description: Fed cat 20 times.

How to Achieve: During daytime, return to the sushi restaurant and feed the cat. If using regular cat food, it needs to be fed 20 times. However, if using premium cat food, feeding it less than 10 times will still unlock the achievement.

Strange Fish

Description: Captured 5 FishMon.

How to Achieve: Completing the weekly missions makes this achievement easy. Remember to refer to the hints provided and use the appropriate weapon attributes. For example, use a flaming weapon against ice fish, some fish can be paralyzed, and others require exposure to a UV light.

Other achievements – Dave the Diver achievements guide


Description: Reached Bronze Level in Cooksta.

Refer to the COOKSTA program for specific requirements, including the number of likes from customers and dish upgrades.

A Bancho Sushi Regular

Description: Achieved Platinum rank in Cooksta.

How to Achieve: Follow the same approach as before, focusing on upgrading dishes like shrimp that are easy to catch and breed.

Weapon Collector

Description: Collected all the blueprints.

How to Achieve: There are a total of 8 weapons:

  • Basic Underwater Rifle
  • Triple Axel
  • Red Sniper Rifle
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Sticky Bomb Gun
  • Small Net Gun
  • Hush Dart
  • Ice Gun

Remember to take the new weapons from the weapon chests in each new map. The game will provide prompts, and it’s easy to achieve through progression.

Cooksta Influencer

Description: Achieved Diamond rank in Cooksta.

How to Achieve: Still, it’s best to enhance dishes with Ice Cave shrimp to accumulate enough likes. It’s very easy to achieve.

Sea People Historian

Description: Captured all of the Sea People murals.

How to Achieve: After completing the storyline quest, revisit the Ice Cave Passage. There will be a mural missed during the main quest. The prompt is very clear. After taking the photo, the achievement will not immediately unlock. Speak to the Doctor after resurfacing to trigger the achievement.

God of Lightning

How to Achieve: The Hammer of Thor can be found near the ice cave in the upper left area of the glacier, close to where the lost dolphin quest takes place. It is not difficult to find; you can clearly see a weapon embedded in an ice pile. After pulling it out, randomly select a nearby fish victim and use the hammer to stun and catch it.


Description: Trained employees to level 20.

How to Achieve: We recommend spending 400 currency to recruit employees and then around 1000 or more currency to hire the best servers. Start by leveling up one server to level 20. This will significantly reduce the workload during evening business hours.

Dev Killer

Description: Destroyed all developers.

How to Achieve: During the end credits, there is a shooting mini-game where you can shoot and break the names of the developers. Be quick and shoot each name in one go to complete the achievement. If unsuccessful, don’t worry, as the mini-game will be available on mobile and can be replayed. (Cheating method: Take a photo with your phone and shoot the names in a clockwise direction based on the photo).

GYAO! Master

Description: Raised 5 GYAO!s.

How to Achieve: Having 5 adult GYAO, even if they are duplicates, is enough to complete the achievement. Feed them at the designated times, cure them when necessary, and flush the toilet. You don’t need to turn off the lights at night, ti is an easy achievement to accomplish.

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