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Dave the Diver Guides and Tips: Mastering Gameplay and Exploration

Welcome to the Dave the Diver Guides and Tips. Here, you will find an introduction to the gameplay and early game strategies for Diver Dave. We hope this information will be helpful to you.

Gameplay – Dave the Diver Guides and Tips

“Dave the Diver” is an adventure and simulation management game. The gameplay revolves around two main aspects:

[1] Daytime: Diving to fish or salvage other secret treasures in the “Big Blue Hole.”

[2] Nighttime: Managing a sushi restaurant, serving customers, and earning coins.

Diving Strategies and Tips for Dave the Diver

During the day, you will have two opportunities to dive (excluding times affected by the main storyline). An overview of diving gameplay is as follows:


Level The oxygen level determines how long you can survive underwater.

[1] Upon entering the water, you will start consuming oxygen from your oxygen tank.

[2] Using boost diving or sustaining damage will accelerate oxygen consumption.

[3] You can upgrade your oxygen tank to increase the maximum oxygen capacity.

[4] There are oxygen tanks in the ocean that, when interacted with, restore around 80%-90% of your oxygen.

[5] Running out of oxygen will result in the character’s death.

Diving Depth

Diving depth determines the maximum depth you can reach:

[1] Generally, deeper areas in the ocean will have higher-value items or fish. Therefore, diving depth is a measure of obtaining more valuable items.

[2] When you surpass the safe diving depth (indicated by the depth number turning yellow or red), your oxygen level will rapidly decrease. At this point, you need to quickly ascend to a safe diving height, or you will rapidly run out of oxygen.

[3] You can upgrade your diving suit at the store to achieve greater diving depths.

[4] Some main or side quests require specific items that can be found at certain diving depths.

Therefore, to complete quests or progress in the main storyline, you need to increase your diving depth.

Weapons in Dave the Diver

Weapons enable you to fish, mine, or cut plants in the ocean:

[1] Weapons consist of melee weapons, ranged weapons(Guns), and utility tools. You can carry up to two weapons of each type and switch between them using the tab key.

[2] Melee weapons are used for close combat and can also be used for mining or cutting seaweed and other plants.

[3] Ranged weapons have a certain shooting range and require aiming to shoot enemies. Most ranged weapons have higher damage, and some firearms have limited ammunition, but you can find various ammunition supplies in the deep ocean.

[4] Utility tools primarily enhance your survival abilities in the ocean. For example, a mini-submarine allows you to move quickly in the water without consuming additional oxygen, but this tool has a fuel limit. An oxygen bag can restore around 60% of your oxygen level and is very portable, capable of saving your life in critical situations.

[5] You can collect various ores and materials in the ocean to craft weapons. By continuously finding a new weapon or tool, you can unlock new blueprints.

Blue Hole Exploration Environment

The ocean consists of the following items that you can interact with or collect:

[1] Various fish

Fish can be categorized into non-aggressive and aggressive types. You need to determine which weapon to use based on the size and weight of the fish you want to catch for more efficiency.

[2] Treasure chests

On some ocean rocks, you can find various treasure chests, including weapon chests, item chests, oxygen tanks, bullet supplies, kitchen spices, and more.

[3] Ore, plants, and other materials

You can find mineable ores and cuttable plants in some underwater rocks. These can be used to upgrade weapons and materials for the sushi shop. Additionally, you can occasionally collect small materials such as upgrade parts and ropes.

[4] Others

In addition to the above common items, you can also collect shells, pearls, and other marine items that can be exchanged for coins when you return to shore. Furthermore, you can unlock additional side content at specific locations.

Nighttime (Management)

At night, you can manage the sushi shop co-owned by Dave and his friends. The sushi shop is a revenue-generating place, similar to the gameplay of managing a restaurant. The specifics are as follows:

Sushi Restaurant Management

[1] Before each opening, you need to determine the available ingredients in the shop, such as various fish fillets and additional spices.

Based on the quantity of these ingredients, you can start preparing the “Today’s Menu.”

[2] Initially, you can only deploy four different dishes in the menu, but as the game progresses, you will unlock more new dishes.

[3] After opening, customers will continuously enter the shop.

You need to quickly identify customers who want drink and customers who want to eat. Drink customers have shorter waiting times and need to be served drink as a priority. Dining customers can tolerate longer waiting times, so you can manage the serving time yourself.

[4] After customers place their orders, the chef will quickly prepare the dishes in the order they were placed. You need to quickly reach the chef to wait for the dishes to be completed and deliver them to the respective customers.

[5] If you serve the meals within the customers’ tolerable time, you will receive additional tips. After missing the tolerance time, there will be no tip rewards.

[6] Once you miss the customers’ order tolerance time, they will get angry and leave.

[7] The customer satisfaction rating of each operation depends on the quality of your service and the level of the dishes. Therefore, strive to improve service efficiency and upgrade dish levels to receive more positive reviews, which will accelerate the restaurant’s upgrade.

[8] Changing to higher-level tables, chairs, and background themes in the restaurant will have a higher probability of attracting high-quality consumer groups and facilitate the restaurant’s upgrade.

If you want to learn more about staff stats and the best stuff arrangement, check the Best Staff Strategy – Dave the Diver.


[1]The main role of the chef is to cook dishes.

[2]As the restaurant expands and upgrades, the number of customers will increase. This means you need to hire more chefs.


[1]The main role of the servers is to serve drink and food.

[2]As the restaurant expands, the number of customers will increase. Therefore, you need to hire more servers to manage the restaurant.

Customers – Dave the Diver Guides and Tips

[1]The number of customers will increase over time and as the story progresses, and their demand for dish levels and rarity will also increase.

[2]Customer satisfaction rating will affect the restaurant’s upgrade, which in turn affects the restaurant’s expansion. You need to continuously upgrade dishes and discover new recipes to meet customer demands.

Restaurant Upgrades – Dave the Diver Guides and Tips

[1]Restaurant upgrades are mainly reflected in the level increase. Leveling up means attracting more high-quality customers who will spend more, bringing you more wealth.

[2]You need to continuously improve customer satisfaction by frequently updating and upgrading dishes to quickly advance the restaurant’s upgrade.

[3]After restaurant upgrades, you will unlock more restaurant decorations and recipe formulas. These items will help you generate higher revenue.

[4]You need to coordinate with the daytime diving work to catch more rare kitchen spices and ocean fish ingredients.

Tips Overview – Dave the Diver Guides and Tips

“Dave the diver” is very easy to get started with. The game mechanism adopts a repetitive gameplay of repeating days, so after playing for 3-4 rounds, you will have a good grasp of some of its techniques.

Specific tips:

Diving Tips – Dave the Diver Guides and Tips

[1]Pay attention to your oxygen and diving depth while diving, as these two values directly affect your safety.

[2]Accumulate coins as soon as possible to upgrade your oxygen tank, diving suit, and storage box. These three items directly affect your maximum daily income.

[3]When diving, try to open as many treasure chests in the ocean as possible. Once you obtain a new weapon a certain number of times, you will unlock its crafting recipe.

[4]Don’t worry about diving too deep and not being able to return to the surface in time, as there are “communication points” in the game that act as exits to the sea surface.

[5]Don’t worry about running out of ammunition for firearms. There will be plenty of ammo supplies in the ocean.

[6]You can dive into the water twice a day, so make the most of these two opportunities to obtain more fish ingredients and other items for the restaurant’s operation at night.

Restaurant Management Tips

[1] Try to acquire ingredients as much as possible during the day while diving so that you can make more food in the evening.

[2] Each dish can be upgraded by consuming the corresponding ingredients. Try to upgrade the dishes quickly to earn more income.

[3] Unlock the talent recruitment function of the restaurant as soon as possible so that you can hire more servers and chefs to work for you. You won’t have to serve drink or pour water personally anymore.

[4] Aim to improve customer satisfaction as much as possible. This will increase the restaurant’s reputation and level, attracting more high-quality customers.

[5] After each operation, remember to sell the remaining ingredients for coins. All leftover ingredients from the previous day will be discarded and reset to zero when the new day begins.

Early Game Walkthrough: A Step-by-Step Guide for Dave the Diver

Day 1

At the start of the game, you will control the protagonist, Dave, for diving. Follow the system prompts to use the directional keys and the dive key to enter the water.

After diving, follow the system prompts to swing the melee knife weapon three times. Then use the harpoon to aim and catch fish in the water.

Watch the sushi restaurant storyline where you need to help your friend, Bancho, rebuild his restaurant. This requires a considerable amount of funds. Next, you need to dive again and catch fish in the ocean to provide ingredients for the sushi restaurant’s evening operation.

Once night falls, the restaurant begins its operation. Start by opening the “Today’s Menu” and add the rice dishes you want to prepare. You can add at least four different dishes. After selecting a recipe, remember to adjust the quantity of that dish to a reasonable value (it is recommended to set it to the maximum).

Next is the drink pouring session. Lift the cup and hold down the drink pouring key to let the drink flow into the cup. Pay attention to the green indicator scale in the cup and try to stop pouring when the water level is close to that mark. This will trigger the pouring score (Perfect is the highest score).

Then, Cobra will play the role of a customer and start ordering. You need to wait for the chef, Bancho, to finish cooking and place the dish next to Cobra. Once Cobra finishes eating, remember to clean the table (alternately click the left and right mouse buttons).

After completing the tutorial mentioned above, you will officially begin the first day of restaurant operation. Follow the previously learned “drink pouring” and “serving” actions to meet the requirements of each person in the restaurant. In the end, you will receive some coins to rebuild the restaurant. Day 1 concludes successfully.

Day 2

At the start of Day 2, you will meet Ellie, a biology graduate student who asks for your help in diving and retrieving two specific marine creatures.

Try to explore deeper areas of the ocean, but don’t exceed the safe diving limit of your diving suit. You will find the required items on some underwater rocks.

Once you return to the diving boat, you will receive the reward for completing this task. Don’t forget to transport the acquired ingredients to the restaurant for the evening operation.

Next, you will receive a call from Duff, who needs your help retrieving some special materials from underwater using a smartphone app called “Duff’s Weapons Shop.” Unlocking this app allows you to craft or upgrade new weapons using collected ores, ropes, and other special materials from the ocean.

As night falls, continue with the restaurant’s operations for the evening. Day 2 concludes successfully.

Day 3

You will encounter Dr. Bacon, a marine archaeologist, who asks for your assistance in searching for special archaeological resources underwater.

Before diving, you will unlock the “iDiver” app on your smartphone, which allows you to purchase diving suit upgrades. This will enable you to dive deeper into the ocean.

You can explore the depths of the ocean to find the required items for the archaeologist’s tasks. If you are unable to complete them on the same day, you can come back on the following days after upgrading your diving equipment. Dr. Bacon will give you a “Radar” item on the next day to help you explore important locations in the ocean.

During this time, a plot will unfold where a massive and mysterious sea creature takes notice of you.

In the evening, the restaurant will unlock decoration and rating level features. Follow the system requirements to deploy restaurant decorations and increase the rating level.

Next, you will encounter a celebrity NPC during your restaurant operations. She will assign you a task to prepare a new dish. Collect the corresponding ingredients over the next few days and cook the dish for her. This will unlock the “Employee Hiring” feature, allowing you to hire staff and no longer serve customers personally.

Resolving Missed Side Quests in ‘Diver Dave’: Quick Solutions for Completion

In the exciting world of “Diver Dave,” it’s possible to occasionally miss out on completing side quests. Don’t worry! We have some quick solutions to help you overcome this challenge and continue your thrilling underwater adventure. Read on to discover how to resolve missed side quests in “Diver Dave.”

Wait a Few Days: If you’ve missed a side quest, one simple solution is to wait for a couple of in-game days. Afterward, return to the quest giver, and you’ll be able to pick up the quest from where you left off.

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