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Only up walkthrough & Guide

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What is only up

Only Up is a 3D platformer game with parkour elements that was released on Steam on May 24, 2023.

Only Up is a game where you play as Jackie, a boy who dreams of a better life. He decides to climb up a giant beanstalk that leads to a mysterious world above the clouds. Along the way, he faces many challenges and discovers many secrets. He can also use special abilities to slow down time and change his speed. The game is based on a classic fairy tale, but with a modern twist. It is a game that tests your skills and patience, but also rewards you with a fun and immersive experience.

  • The game’s goal is very simple, just go through a series of complex roads until the end is the clearance.
  • If we have heard of or played “Jump King” or “Spelunky”, we should be familiar with this game.
  • They are very similar in gameplay, but “Only Up” is 3D, with better graphics and modeling, and more realistic and three-dimensional operation.
  • These games have a strong death penalty, no save points, so if you fall off, you may fall back to the beginning of the level, which is very easy to collapse.

Little Tips about Only Up

Use the slow motion and speed change abilities wisely. They can help you avoid falling or make precise jumps, but they also consume energy that needs to recharge.

•  Explore the world and look for hidden secrets and Easter eggs. You might find some clues, references, or rewards that will make your journey more enjoyable.

•  Don’t give up if you fail. The game is designed to be challenging and sometimes frustrating, but you can always retry and learn from your mistakes.

•  Pay attention to the environment and the objects around you. They might provide hints or clues on how to proceed or where to go next.

•  Have fun and enjoy the view. The game has a beautiful and immersive world that changes as you climb higher. You might discover some surprises or wonders along the way.

How to save game progress in Only Up?

Unfortunately, there is no save function in Only Up. Similar to games like ALTF4 and Getting Over It. If you quit the game midway, you will have to start over the next time you enter the game. This means that you can only complete the game in one sitting. Experienced players may take 40-60 minutes, while new players may take infinitely longer. Please plan your time accordingly.

How to pause Only Up game on PC?

Use esc button

How to active slow motion in Only Up?

Hold down the right mouse button.

1. You can activate slow motion by holding down the right mouse button in mid-air.

2. This slow motion is actually similar to bullet time, which slows down the flow of time, but does not affect your actions.

3. Also, there is another slow walk function in the game, which is useful. You can press the left mouse button to walk slowly forward, which is slower than pressing W to move forward.

4. This is especially helpful in some jumps that require precise control of distance. We often need to use slow walk to adjust our position.

How to play only up

Forward: W

Backward: S

Left: A

Right: D

Slow walk: mouse left button

Slow motion: hold mouse right button

Sprint: shift

Jump: spase (space bar)

Crouch: ctrl

Camera: C

How to Jump in Only Up: A Guide to Different Jumping Methods and Tips

In Only Up, players need to explore a vast world full of secrets and mysteries at high altitudes, where jumping is a very important operation. So how do you jump? Here we bring you the introduction of Only Up’s jumping method, let’s take a look at the introduction below.

Big jump

(W+Shift)+Space=Big jump

Advantages: Long jump length, moderate height, very high acceleration provided, suitable for jumping a slightly longer distance from the target point, the most classic big jump example is the chessboard trampoline jump tentacle.

Disadvantages: Not easy to fine-tune, easy to overshoot, many jumpers go back to their hometowns because of this.

Normal jump

W+Space= Normal jump

Advantages: Balanced

Disadvantages: Mostly appear in the length is not enough and go back to their hometowns, or the acceleration provided is not enough to reach the target point and go back to their hometowns.

Walk jump

After triggering the walking mode: W+Space = Walk jump

Advantages: Very high height, suitable for jumping very short distance from the target point, MVP of the city area

Disadvantages: Too few applicable scenarios, useless after learning to fine-tune and control the distance.

At the same time, due to the characteristics of the engine and code, the character’s actions and code are not consistent. It seems that the character is preparing to run and bending over, but the actual speed is fixed. What does that mean?

We see the protagonist running, isn’t there a bending over and then running action? You might subconsciously think that only when the “running” “action” appears can you start the “big jump”.

In fact, the acceleration is actually directly increased to the highest value when you press “W+Shift” to trigger the running action. The process of acceleration is very short and can be ignored.

So when using bullet time for short-distance big jumps, you don’t need to see if the protagonist has stepped out with his thighs, but just see if he has a little bit of bending over and you can directly perform a big jump.

Is there a video walkthrough about Only up that I can learn from?

Last words about only up

Many players have given high praise to Only Up!. They think it is a very fun and innovative 3D platformer game that is worth a try. If you have any questions or suggestions about Only Up!, feel free to leave a comment below. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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