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Cube Escape : Birthday Full Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Cube Escape : Birthday Full Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you play through the game, and unlock all the ends and collections.


Talk to the mother and receive a hint.

Click on the small hole on the door to obtain a “letter”.

Find the letter at the father’s feet and open it to see a gift.

Take the “stamp” from the envelope.

Click on the balloons on the gift and find a “balloon” under the refrigerator.


Talk to the grandfather and open the cupboard to obtain “liquor”.

Pour the liquor into the cup in the grandfather’s hand and continue the conversation.

Fill the balloon with water and put it in the refrigerator. Close and reopen the refrigerator to obtain an “ice cube”.

Put the ice cube in the cup and continue the conversation.


Take the “screwdriver” and “knife” from the drawer.

Take the “chewing gum” from the phonograph.

Click on the poster on the right and complete the matching game (10 times) to obtain a “record”.

Use the knife to cut the cake (9 squares) and give the cake to the father to obtain a “needle”.

Combine the record and needle on the phonograph and play the music.

Take the “stamp” from the chair where the grandfather was sitting.


Give the chewing gum to the mother, blow a bubble, and use the knife to pop it and obtain “used chewing gum”.

Answer the phone call and listen to the parents singing “Happy Birthday”.

After hearing the doorbell, click on the peephole on the door.


After the massacre, click on the father.

A postcard will fall from his pocket, take the two “stamps” from the back of the postcard.

Click on the box on the cabinet to obtain a “coin”.

Place the stamps in the photo frame and obtain the password “1966” based on the hint on the postcard.


Take the “matches” from the cabinet, light the oven, and obtain a “pipe”.

Go to the entrance, use the screwdriver to unscrew the screw on the left knob of the door to obtain a “power cord”.

Go to the old man, take the “key” from the vase on top of the cabinet.

Take the “battery” from the flowerpot on the floor.


Use the key to open the cabinet above, a fly will appear, and obtain a “kettle”.

Fill the kettle with water and boil it on the gas stove, then take the kettle.

Stick the chewing gum next to the sink, exit and wait for the fly to land on the gum, then take the “fly”.

Go to the entrance and pour hot water on the snow.

Lift the carpet and obtain a “battery”.




Click on the flag, move the flags according to the pattern, and take the “fallen flag”.


Hang the flag on the rope above the refrigerator and move it according to the rule to obtain a “screw”.

Place the fly on the mousetrap (click multiple times) and obtain a “fish” from the feces on the floor.

Feed the fish to the cat and obtain a “key” in the cat’s feces.


Use the key to open the lower cabinet and enter the password 1966.

Go back in time and click on the owl to obtain a “clock”.

Click on the window and draw a tree in the middle.

After breaking the glass, obtain a “fragment”.


Open the gift wrapping and assemble the parts on the machine to obtain a “blue block”.

Place the block in the hidden compartment of the clock and go back to before the massacre.

Take the “coin” from the machine and place it in the box.

After opening the box, obtain a “pistol”.


Give the gun to the grandfather and talk to the parents.

After listening to the “Happy Birthday” song, the rabbit head appears and the grandfather kills it.

Go to the entrance, follow the bloodstains to reach the tree.

Click on the rabbit and leaves will grow on the tree.

Click on the black block above, and the game ends.

That’s Cube Escape : Birthday Full Walkthrough & Guide above, hope it helps.

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