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Cube Escape : Theatre Full Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Cube Escape : Theatre Full Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you play through the game, and unlock all the ends and collections.

Cube Escape : Theatre Full Walkthrough & Guide


Talk to the bartender and make a drink according to the hint next to the liquor cabinet that says “2×VODKA, 2×JUICE”.

Hand the drink to the man next to you, and after he drinks it, click on his mouth multiple times to obtain a “screwdriver”.


Click on the cabinet and complete the sliding puzzle.


After opening it, you will obtain a “plug” and a “toilet plunger”.

Click on the light fixture and use the screwdriver to assemble the plug.

Open and close the curtain, then click on the host repeatedly while he is speaking.

Open and close the curtain again, then click on the woman repeatedly.


Combine the hints from the piano on the wall and click the piano keys in the correct order.

After completing it, a hand will drop from the piano.

Follow the hand and play the piano keys to obtain a “key”.


Use the key to open the bathroom door.

Use the toilet plunger to obtain a “baby”.

Then open the cabinet to obtain a “heart”.

Take the “cup” from the cabinet.


Click on the mirror and complete the jigsaw puzzle to obtain a hint.

Exit and click on the cabinet next to the piano.

Input the pattern to open the hidden compartment on the right and obtain a “seashell”.


Place all the collected items in the basin to make them the same height.

Click on the woman and obtain a “flower” from her mouth.

Exit and click on the curtain.


Complete the jigsaw puzzle and obtain a hint.

According to the hint, open the hidden compartment on the left of the cabinet with the pattern “2×JUICE, 1×GALLIA, 1×VODKA”.

Make another drink for the man according to the hint, and give it to him.

Click on the man multiple times, and after his forehead starts bleeding, use the cup to obtain “blood”.


Then make another drink according to the hint “1×VODKA, 1×TABASCO, 2×BLOOD”.

After giving the drink to the man, he will commit suicide with a gun. Click on the bullet hole.

Go left and collect 3 “blocks” along the way.

After coming out from the left, go back in and go right this time to collect 1 “block”.

There is a password box on the right side, but ignore it for now.


Open the curtain and place the flower in the flowerpot.

Adjust the water pipes, click on the valve above, and then click on the flower to obtain “bird food”.

Adjust the water pipes and pour the bird food into the left funnel, click on the bird to obtain an “egg”.

Adjust the water pipes and pour the egg into the right funnel, causing it to fall into the pot. Obtain a “worm”.

Adjust the water pipes again and pour the worm into the right funnel, click on the fish.

The third program ends.


Open the curtain and click on the man.

Light up the light bulbs based on the number of fingers the man is pointing.

Then, light up the light bulbs based on the number of taps with the cane.

Finally, light up the light bulbs based on the direction pointed by the bird’s eye.

The fourth program ends.


Open the curtain and move the props to match the man’s pocket photo.

Then click on the woman to reveal a small box. Place the collected items inside the box.

Move them to the corresponding positions and click on the box to clean them.

Finally, obtain the password hint “7285”.

Enter the man’s imagination and input the password on the right to open the cabinet and obtain a “black block”.

Place the block in the last box and move it to the corresponding position. The fifth program ends.




Open the curtain again and click on the host multiple times.

Adjust the windmill blades according to the hint on the wall, clockwise (red, orange, blue, white, yellow, pink).

Click on the windmill, then click on the host while he is speaking. An elevator will appear.

Enter the elevator and successfully escape.

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