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Isoland 3 : Dust of The Universe Full Walkthrough & Achievement

Welcome to Isoland 3 : Dust of The Universe Full Walkthrough & Achievement, which helps you play through the game, and reach all the achievements and collections.

Isoland 3 : Dust of The Universe Walkthrough & Guide

图片 102

Pick up the “scissors” next to you and cut open the rocket pattern. Then, follow the storyline to reach the Lost Island.

图片 101

After landing from the rocket, you encounter a man who gives you a task (igniting the bonfire for warmth). Then, walk down to the beach, take the “stone,” and repeatedly go back and forth from the beach to obtain the “horn.” Remember the pattern on the stone, as we will need it later.

图片 100

图片 99

Continue to the right until you reach the entrance of a cave. First, pick up the “stick” from the ground, and then solve the puzzle on the door to open the cave (it’s simple).

图片 98

Enter the cave and meet a man. We will need the horn for him later. Go further inside and place the stone in the first hole. It will come out from another hole. Then, insert the stone into the hole that appeared to obtain the “seed.” Finally, take the “switch regulator” from the square groove.

图片 97

Outside, put the seed in the water. The seed quickly grows after absorbing water, allowing us to obtain the “square block” from the water.

图片 96

Place the square block into the groove where you previously took the switch regulator. Then, enter the innermost part of the cave. Insert the switch regulator into the lamp base to adjust the brightness. Observe the symbols on the wall (the four small symbols circled in blue in the image) to get a hint. There is an item in the middle of the soil that we cannot reach for now, so exit the cave first.

图片 95

Go left, passing by the temple, until you reach the signal light. Activate the signal light according to the symbol hints on the cave.

图片 94

Once the ship is attracted, go to the top and take the “fruit.” Then, observe the planets in the sky. Return to the lower area and click on the red bird. Finally, board the ship.

图片 93

图片 92

After the bird perches on the railing, give the fruit to the captain and solve the puzzle on the door to open it (the steps vary and are different each time, so try a few times).

图片 91

Enter the cabin and talk to the crew member. Here, you need to give him a gold bar to receive a piece of Koko’s footprint. Then, observe the note on the table and go downstairs.

图片 90

Open the red box based on the hint on the note, which says “OXOXOXX,” and take the “flint” inside. Then, take the “rectangle block” from the luggage rack and observe outside through the glass (there is an item).

图片 89

Leave the ship and give the flint to the man, who will give you a “gold coin” in return. Wait for him to light the bonfire, then light the stick with the bonfire to obtain a “torch.”

图片 88

At the entrance of the temple, use the torch to scare away the vines and enter the temple. Then, observe the patterns on the three doors and open the fourth door by going back and forth in the order of left, right, middle.

图片 87

Before entering the fourth door, go to the back of the three doors and observe the pattern on the right (the pattern varies) to open the small door on the left side of the temple. Then, take the “shovel” hidden behind the crack in the left wall.

图片 86

Enter the fourth door and take the “lamp tube”. Observe that the pillar on the left is missing an item (something seen through the ship’s cabin window).

图片 85

Go to the right side of the ship’s deck, give the lamp tube to the little boy, and retrieve the “mirror” underwater using the ladder on the right. Come up and insert the gold coin into the machine on the right, then click the red button to observe the spacecraft in the sky.

图片 84

图片 83

Return to the temple and use the pattern seen behind the three doors to open them. Enter the room and click on the pedestal of the statue of General K. Adjust the position of the planets on the statue based on the observations made earlier (their heights). After completion, rotate the statue and obtain the “gold piece” from its hand.

图片 82

On the ship, exchange the gold piece with the crew member for the “meat”. Return to the temple and feed the meat to the dog, then take the “blue bone” it spits out. Proceed further inside and place the mirror on the pillar. Use the mirror to reflect the red beam onto the pupil of the middle door.

图片 81

Enter the room and place the blue bone in the crack of the statue’s antenna. Activate the statue and take the “irregular sphere” from its mouth.

图片 80

Observe the clock-like mechanism on the wall, and using the patterns seen on the beach, move the moon and stars to their corresponding positions. After opening, a hint is revealed (suggesting to use fire to burn the stone).

图片 79

Exit the temple and use fire to burn the stone, obtaining a “sphere”. Enter the cave and use the shovel to dig out the “cone”. Before leaving the cave, take the “square block” as well.

图片 78

Using the hints from the cave entrance and the spacecraft, place the four geometric blocks in the designated positions (the last one being the square block).

图片 77

After the spacecraft lands, open the door based on the hint seen on the ship. The first one is on the left side of the ship’s deck, the second one is behind the crew member, the third one is on the ship’s side, and the fourth one is next to the ship’s cabin window.

图片 76

图片 75

Enter the spacecraft and click on the mechanism on the wall. Change the colors within four moves to unify the colors in the area. The solution may vary, but here are two possible approaches:

Approach 1:

  • First move: Click the white color in the bottom right corner, then click the two orange triangular blocks in the middle.
  • Second move: Click the orange color in the top right corner, then click the white area in the middle.
  • Third move: Click the purple color in the bottom left corner, then click the orange area in the middle.
  • Fourth move: Click the green color in the top left corner, then click the purple area in the middle.

图片 74

Approach 2:

  • First move: Click the green color, then click the two white areas (this step is actually two moves).
  • Second move: Click the orange color, then click the green area.
  • Third move: Click the purple color, then click the orange area.

So far, I’ve only played these two games, but if there are any other different ones, please let me know.

图片 73

To complete the puzzle, go to the first floor where you’ll find a clock and a rocket model on the left side. You need to set the clock to the correct time to activate the rocket, so let’s go upstairs first.

图片 72

On the second floor, observe the three picture frames on the right wall. Perform a simple calculation to determine the rocket’s departure time, which is “11:18”. Before going downstairs, search the room and take the “book” from the table. There’s an ant in a bottle that we can’t reach for now.

图片 71

Go to the room on the left and take the “glass bottle” from the shelf. Then observe the contents of the bottle in relation to the position on the table. There’s a box in the cabinet that we can’t open yet. Look at the poster that says “The Universe in a Nutshell” and combine it with the previous fruit (seed) to obtain the password “SHELL”.

图片 70

Enter the middle screening room, move the statue on the left, and press the switch to open the picture frame on the wall. Take the “bread” from inside.

图片 69

Complete the circuit connection on the door, keeping in mind that the red and blue wires are obstacles and not all the wires need to be connected together. Just make sure the top light is lit.

图片 68

Enter the darkroom and use the glass bottle to collect water. There’s a cabinet on the right that we can’t open yet. Then leave the screening room and use the bread to attract the ant. Take the “ant” and then go downstairs.

图片 67

Activate the rocket by entering the correct time and obtain the “battery”. Pour the water from the bottle into the jar on the right to get the “pry bar”.

图片 66

Go back upstairs and place the book on the bookshelf. Arrange the books according to the instructions on the bookshelf (1 means there should be only one book on each side, while 2 means there should be two books) to open a hidden door.

图片 65

Enter the room and enter the password “SHELL” on the computer. Once open, you’ll receive a hint about the box in the poster room.

图片 64

Climb the stairs to the attic and use the pry bar to remove the wooden board. Take the “bird puzzle” from inside. Then insert the battery into the robot’s chest and observe the hint projected on the flyer: “Smile, Cold, Smile, Cry, Cry, Smile, Cold”.

图片 63

Open the box in the poster room based on the hint from the computer, and retrieve the “button”. Then return to the room behind the bookshelf.

图片 62

Attach the button to the model. First, observe the hint on the mask, then press the button to open the mask and take the “pencil” from inside.

图片 61

In the darkroom, open the cabinet to obtain the “undeveloped film”. Place it in the tray on the table. Use the hint seen on the model earlier (the hint is mirrored, so the actual sequence should be blue, yellow, green, red) to drop four colors into the tray. Once completed, you’ll receive the “developed film”. Put the film in the projector outside to watch a film clip, although it doesn’t directly affect the puzzle solving.

图片 60

Return to the starting point and place the three items in the three boxes on the right. Once completed, activate the middle door.

图片 59

Enter the room and arrange the three spheres in their designated positions based on the previous hints. Once completed, activate the space tunnel. Then enter the rocket to complete the first playthrough.

Great job! You’ve completed the walkthrough for the first round.

Complete All Achievements – Isoland3 : Dust of the universe

In order to complete all achievements, you need to finish the new game + playthrough.

In the second playthrough, the focus is on collecting achievements, so I won’t provide a detailed walkthrough of all the puzzles. Here, I’ll only mention the differences from the first playthrough. If anything is missed, feel free to add it.


图片 58

The horn has been replaced with a harmonica. If you didn’t complete the “Environmentalist ” achievement in the first playthrough, you can click on the crab-like creature next to the stone.

图片 57

You can obtain the “Blue Seed” near the red bird.

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

图片 56

In either the first or second playthrough, after obtaining the red fruit, feed it directly to the red bird to earn the “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep” achievement.

Heeeeeeelp Me

图片 55

During the regular gameplay, after opening the cave and reaching the temple entrance, click multiple times on the insects in the lower-left corner of the vine to earn the “Heeeeeeelp Me” achievement. This achievement can only be obtained in the second playthrough.

Leviathan – Isoland 3 : Dust of The Universe Full Walkthrough & Achievement

图片 53

Right (swipe) down right right right

图片 52

Up left left left left

图片 51

Down left up

At the signal tower, click on the controller, move the wires to activate the signal tower, and wait for a while until the mythical creature appears to earn the “Leviathan” achievement.


图片 50

During the regular gameplay, when boarding the ship, give the blue seed to the captain. Then enter the cabin and give the red fruit to the captain’s cousin to receive the “Lighter”.

图片 49

The flint has been replaced with a lighter. The process remains the same: enter the temple. Opening the fourth door in the temple during the first playthrough will earn you the “Codebreaker” achievement.

图片 48

During the regular gameplay, when entering the spaceship, the area where you originally obtained the pry bar has now become a flowerpot. Pour water into it, wait for a while, and then return to obtain the pry bar.

图片 47

When climbing up to the attic, the machine that was originally there is no longer present. Then, click on the moth to make it fly onto the lampshade. Click again to observe the round face blocked by the lampshade. The correct sequence is “Smile, Calm, Smile, Cry, Calm, Smile”.

Super Hacker

图片 46

In the second playthrough, enter the spaceship and click on the computer. Enter “SLEEP” to open the computer and earn the achievement.

Once in a Bloom Moon

图片 45

In the first playthrough, in the cave section where you move the switch, there’s a green moss (caterpillar) on the right side. Click on it to earn the achievement.

One of These Things is Not Like the Others

图片 44

Find all the flowers in both the first and second playthroughs, and wait for them to bloom.

Rock the Post (Don’t Rock the Post)

图片 43

In the entrance of the horn cave during the first playthrough, there are four signs. Click on any one of them.

His Dark Murals

图片 42

Achieve this when the cave wall painting is revealed after adjusting the oil lamp brightness in the cave.

I Am Number Four

Complete all the puzzles on the spaceship during the first playthrough.

Lookin’ Out My Back Door

图片 40

In the second playthrough, outside the window of the room with the rocket model, wait for a seagull to land on the window.

Gotta Go Back in Time


Achieve this by entering the spaceship in the first playthrough.

Not Once, Not Twice, but Thrice

图片 39

In the first playthrough, obtain the three childhood items: ant, bird puzzle, and pencil.

Movie Night

图片 38

Repair the film and play it in the first playthrough to earn this achievement.

Child’s Play

图片 37

Install the battery in the robot in the first playthrough.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

图片 36

In the second playthrough, return to childhood and click on the toy plane.

Flower Lover – Isoland 3 : Dust of The Universe Full Walkthrough & Achievement

图片 35

Discover all the flowers in the game in both the first and second playthroughs.

Yesterday Once More

图片 34

In the spaceship’s computer room (behind the bookshelf), there’s a toy model. Open the mask and click on one of the pictures on the left.


After completing the second playthrough, wait for a while (it takes some time, so be patient).

Attach : Locations of the 21 flowers

图片 14图片 15图片 16图片 17图片 18图片 19图片 20图片 21图片 22图片 23图片 24图片 25图片 26图片 27图片 28图片 29图片 30图片 31图片 32图片 13

图片 5

Attach : Campfire Location – Isoland 3 : Dust of The Universe Full Walkthrough & Achievement

图片 2图片 3图片 4图片 5图片 6图片 7图片 8图片 9图片 10图片 11图片 12图片 1

That the full content of Isoland 3 : Dust of The Universe Full Walkthrough & Achievement, hope you like it.

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