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System Shock Remake Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to System Shock Remake Walkthrough & Guide, which covers every aspect of the game. Including All achievements and Collections.

Full Walkthrough of System Shock Remake

Medical – System Shock Remake Walkthrough & Guide

Standard Keycard – System Shock Remake Walkthrough & Guide

Once the game starts, all you need to understand is that there are no hints in the game telling you what to do next.

So you need to start figuring out how the game works.

First find the green button on the wall on the downhill road. After interacting with it, you will open the door of the warehouse on the left.

In this warehouse you will collect a lead pipe and three accessory weapons (map, inbox, “standard” key card)


Once you’ve got the gear, you can use the “standard” keycard to open the iron door opposite this warehouse door to access the med bay.


There are two robot monsters in this area of the medical bay, you can use the weapon you just got to destroy them.

Other than that, keep an eye out for some items on the shelves, most of these are junk items that you can salvage in your backpack for scrap.

Scrap can be sold at the Recycle Station for coins.

However, some items can also be directly exchanged for gold coins.

Collect as many of these items as possible. When the backpack is full, the items inside can be turned into scraps to release the space.


In addition, you can also pick up items from nearby corpses, and when you are lucky, you can find valuable items and even weapons from your backpack.

In this medical area, you’ll find the healing pods (green pods) and energy recovery devices (blue pillars), which can help restore your health and energy.

The main role of the energy value is for some energy-based weapons, such as energy swords and energy guns.

In addition to these large recovery facilities, you can also find medicines and batteries that can restore a small amount of health by searching shelves or dead bodies.


Next crouch into the control room here, inside, you’ll find a copy of the recording.

By playing this recording, you will learn that the code to leave the gate of this area is 451.

After obtaining this password, enter the password on the password device next to the gate to reach the next area.

When the gate first opens, you’ll be greeted by a mutant who swoops in, defeat him quickly.

PER1 Keycard – System Shock Remake Walkthrough & Guide

Next, you can find the door to the next area in this room.


But before leaving, you can complete the puzzle here to unlock a hidden room.

You may need to go to these places to collect some weapons before you can better explore the area behind the gate.

Puzzle-solving games are basically similar in content, and the idea is as follows:

1. The puzzle game will have obvious differences according to the puzzle difficulty of the game you choose;

2. The basic idea of solving the puzzle is to introduce the electric current in the dotted red flashing square into the dark red lost power square;

3. Change the defense line, corner, etc. of the pipeline in the line to guide the current to the target position;

4. Some plates cannot be rotated, while others can change the adjacent plates, which adds difficulty to the puzzle-solving. IMG_258

After successfully completing this puzzle, you’ll be able to unlock the knife switch next to it.

After pulling the knife switch, you can come to another hidden area, where you can find the Recycling Station.

You can organize all kinds of waste you get into waste, put them in the Recycle Station, and then exchange them for gold coins. The specific operation is as follows:

Step 1: Put the scrap or valuable item into the scrap item bin;

Step 2: Leave the Recycle Station, close the scrap item bin, and press the button on the blue screen (with the words “INSERT SCRAP” on it);

Step 3: Pick up the exchanged gold coins from the coin outlet on the right side of the machine.


Following this path, you can walk through a corridor with views into outer space and find a dead body at the end of the path.

The golden wrench weapon can be found near the corpse, which has significantly higher damage than your starting pipe weapon.


Once you have collected the above, you can return to the room where you started solving the puzzle.

In the nearby “Dr. Nathan” room, you can find the PER1 Keycard from a shelf.

With this pass, you can open the room next to Dr. Nathan’s room and get some item rewards.

In addition, you can use this pass to open any purple-marked house door on the map.


Medical Keycard – System Shock Remake Walkthrough & Guide

Follow the main road until you come to the Internet World Terminal.

After the interaction, you will enter a virtual world, in this world, you need to defeat various digital monsters, and then find the exit.


The puzzle solving method in this virtual world is very simple, as follows:

1. Defeat various virus-type enemies encountered by shooting, and collect blue props and items encountered on the road;

2. Find various repeater buttons to get new paths, you can follow the direction of the circuit prompt to find the location of the repeater button;

3. At the end of the level, you will encounter the collider, and you can release the outlet air duct here by continuously shooting the energy core of the collider;


After completing the online world terminal puzzle here, you will return to the real world.

Keep an eye out for the shelf opposite this terminal and pick up the medical area key, at which point you can open any white marked door on the map.


GP1 Keycard – System Shock Remake Walkthrough & Guide

The next thing you need to do is find the GP1 group Keycard, which is located here on the map, in a suitcase.


After getting this access control card, you can open more access control on the map, and you need to continue to the unexplored area.

You will have a certain chance to enter some rooms with radiation, be careful not to stay too long, because your health will gradually decay at this time.


Next you need to head to the northeast area of the map, where there is another puzzle board.

It’s not the same as the one you encountered at the beginning of the chapter, you need to connect the wires from the circuit to the socket so that the circuit on the board can power the bridge next to it.


Continue to explore along the bridge, and you will encounter some more powerful enemies.

After killing them, continue exploring the north room.


Reduce security level to below 65%

Continue to explore the bridge area until you step into one of the bridge traps.


You’ll then need to make your way through a double-laser doorway, into a console, and activate the switch there.


Next, continue to explore some glass doors that can be opened in the top area, kill the enemies here, and collect items.


Eventually, you’ll find the elevator out of the medical level.

However, since you do not have the authority to clear this layer of AI at this time, you cannot leave for the time being.


At this point you will reach the level’s end room, which is located in the northernmost area of the map.

You’ll need to lower the security level of the medical center below 65% to gain access to this room.

The specific method is very simple, you just need to shoot all the cameras on this map.

Cameras will be marked on the minimap.


After you successfully enter this room, complete the mini-game here and open the door to the BOSS room.

After returning to the real world, you need to defeat this robot type BOSS .

It can be easily defeated with a machine gun, pistol or energy gun.

After defeating the BOSS, enter the energy room and destroy the 4 green energy pillars here.

(Using melee or ranged weapons is fine, note that pillars will burst when destroyed, and take a lot of damage if you get too close.)


Finally, use the elevator you encountered earlier, press the floor button inside the elevator, and reach the 2nd level Research.

This level has successfully concluded.


Research Lab – System Shock Remake Walkthrough & Guide

Engineering Card – System Shock Remake Walkthrough & Guide

First, clear the monsters on the map, and then reach the southwest corner of the map.

Here is a puzzle, after completing it, you can open the door next to it.


On a corpse at this door, the engineering keycard in the Research Lab area can be picked up.


With this engineering keycard, you can open more gates.

Your next task is to explore the ALPHA 2 area in the eastern part of the map, then head towards the northeast corner of the map.


Science Keycard – System Shock Remake Walkthrough & Guide

Arrive at the general control room in the northeast corner of the map, defeat the laser monster here, and push all the switches to the activated state.


This will restore power to the gate in the central area of the map.

You can explore the large room in the center of the map, where you can find a powerful weapon.


Explore the southeast corner of the map and find the Admin Security room here.


You’ll find a yellow Science Keycard on a table here (or by defeating one of the elite security guards here, from him).


After getting this key card, you can enter all the yellow access control doors you have encountered before.

But before leaving this area, you can complete the mini-game challenges here.


In this game, you will encounter monsters protected by “hard shells”, and at the same time acquire skills that can break the shells.

After completing the challenge, you will get a three-digit password on the nearby screen (the password number is likely to be composed randomly), write down this password first, and then you can use it to open the nearby secured door.


Obtain Isotopes / Destroy Energy Tanks

Continue to explore the area just south of the map, at this point you can already enter the yellow door.

Go directly to the southernmost room and find the mini game challenge here.


After completing this challenge, you’ll unlock a nearby chest containing Isotope X-22.

Quickly pick up this item and exit (the room here is highly radioactive), and follow the nearby hallway to find the elevator.


The elevator leading to the next floor is located at this location on the map, pay attention to the ambush of a large number of enemies nearby.


Before leaving the elevator, remember to clear the SHODAN energy control unit on this floor.

During the destruction process, enemies will come to disrupt your actions, and you can use powerful weapons such as shotguns to quickly knock them back.


Enter the elevator and reach the next Level – MAINTENANCE.

Maintenance – System Shock Remake Walkthrough & Guide

Cutting security value

After coming to this map, the first task you need to do is to destroy the camera and powerful enemies as much as possible, and reduce the security value of this floor.

Only then will you be able to access the other gates in this area.

(Some gates require 75%, 10% or even 0% security value.)


After opening various doors, you can explore this floor.

But at present, this floor does not have the rooms required for the plot.


You can find the respawn point room on this floor, and you can set the respawn point at this location.


Once you’re done exploring, you can return to the elevator and head to the next level, “REACTOR.”


Reactor – Deactivate

After coming to the reactor level, you need to explore the north side of the map and complete the mini-game challenge here.


There is a relatively good Restoration bay and Surgery Machine on this floor. (they are in one room)

This is by far the most perfect resurrection point, you can use this pod in the next exploration.


This floor has a lot of radiation areas, and the radiation energy is significantly stronger than the previous floors, so you need to avoid entering these areas as much as possible.

If you have to pass there, you can try to use the antidote quickly after leaving the radiation area to avoid life failure.


The main thing you need to do is access the Radiation Shield Control Center, as shown in the picture.

It’s located a little west of the center of the map.


Place the isotope X-22 obtained in the research lab into the power slot, then pull the nearby control switch.

You need to pay attention to setting the switch in the “deactivated” state.


Reactor – Safety Override

Explore the remaining areas on the east and north sides of the floor, clear security elements such as cameras, and enter more challenge rooms.


Finally, come to the location on the map (SAFETY OVERRIDE ), as shown in the picture, use the air lift here to reach the upper level.


You will find a password panel here, according to the password obtained in the Research lab before (the password is random, it may be different in each round of the game, if you forget the password, you need to refer to the previous walkthrough), enter this device.

After entering the password, press the switch to make the laser cannon DISABLED.

(Note that if you haven’t put the isotope X-22 into the radiation protection control center and deactivated it, even disabled the laser cannon here will cause the laser cannon to destroy the earth, which will end your game in a losing ending .)


After completing the above operations, return to the elevator in the middle of the map.

This elevator can take you to the storage level, which you will explore in the next level.


Storage – Ability enhancement / Powerful weapons

When you first leave the elevator, you will encounter the “invisible virus” enemy in the storage layer.

The storage floor is made up of multiple storage rooms, each of which is almost full of enemies in ambush, but also has a large number of useful weapons, ammunition, consumable supplies, and weapon modification mods.

There is also a Restoration Bay on this level, which is located in a room not far from the beginning of the map.


You will soon come to the STORAGE 9, where there is a mutant lion, sneak and kill it quickly.

The focus of this chapter is to find the password to enter the No. 9 storage room. In the following process, you will get it from an audio tape.


Now your first task is to destroy the cameras and other devices on this floor and reduce the security of the level.

On the way, remember to destroy all the cameras you encounter and kill all powerful enemies.

Then come to the energy tank room in the northeast area of the map.

Kill the elite enemies here, then destroy the energy canister.

If things go well, after destroying all the energy tanks, the security level of this floor will drop below 20%.


Continue to explore the room in the northwest of the map.

This is a higher warehouse, and there are many fire-breathing spider monsters on the bottom floor (use an EMP grenade to solve it).

There are a large number of powerful robots upstairs.

You can pick up the howitzer weapon here, which fires 2 unit howitzers (you can switch between frag grenades, EMP grenades, or toxin grenades).


You need to turn on all the bridge switches on the ground floor, but the red bridge will be in an unstable state.

Explore this flyover and defeat all enemies.


You’ll end up finding a good amount of ammo supplies in this room, which includes a lot of C4 packs.


Also, in this room, you can open the door to storage 4 from the console.


Storage – Storage 4 and Storage 9

After exploring all the storage rooms in the storage level, you may only be left with storage 4 and 9 at the moment.

Since you have already obtained the password (838) of storage 9 from an audio log at this time, you can come here directly to open its door and get the collection item “Environmental Protection Pack V1” inside.

In addition, you can also find weapon mod accessories in this room.


Similarly, the door to Storage 4 has been opened.

You can go here, complete the exploration, and collect important items (MOD items) inside.


Also, remember to collect the Turbo motion boots V1 here, which allows you to run fast by spending energy.


After completing the important collection of all the above items, use the elevator here and go to the next level FLIGHT DECK.


Flight Deck – Get Audio Log

Once you arrive at the flight deck, the first thing you need to do is complete the puzzle here and restore the nearby bridge.


Next, explore the flight deck freely. Note that you will encounter more powerful enemies on this floor.

Fight them with more powerful weapons (such as shotguns, machine guns, electromagnetic guns, etc.) obtained earlier on other floors.


Go into the nearby room and push up all the switch blades on this console, and the power to the landing pad area will be restored.


Continuing to explore the area on the east side of the map, you will face two airflow ladders, which are composed of 5 devices that advance in different directions up and down.

Among them, the blue device will form an updraft, and the yellow device will generate a downdraft.

Take advantage of this feature and reach nearby corner roads.


Successfully reach the mini-game room at the east corner of the map, complete the challenges here, and you will unlock a new room.


Next, explore the southeast area of the map, enter the landing platform, and defeat the flying mutant birds and various robot monsters here.

Go a little further and you’ll unlock the Restoration Bay on this floor.


Return to the intersection of the airflow ladder before, and walk towards the road marked with “GRAY” on the way, and finally you will encounter a series of laser doors at this position on the map.

You need to complete 3 puzzles minigame here in a row to pass through this narrow passage.


After solving the puzzle of the laser door, enter the BOSS room. You need to defeat this powerful mechanical monster.

The best way to deal with it is to use fragmentation howitzers, EMP grenades and electromagnetic guns.

After defeating the BOSS, be sure to pick up the audio log to upgrade the plot.


Research Lab – Disable Laser Cannon

When you finish collecting this audio log, theoretically speaking, the exploration of this level is over.

But you can also go to some other rooms to collect powerful machine gun weapons and weapon modification mods.


In addition, you can also destroy the energy tank on this floor (only 1), which is located in the radiation corridor in the southeast of the map, which is relatively hidden.


After completing the above various miscellaneous lines, return to the Research Lab level.

Come to the central area of the map (where there is a red laser bridge), and enter the central control room.


You will encounter SHODAN’s ambush here, and defeat several mutants who came suddenly.

Then in the operating room inside the control room, press the button on the control panel to disable the laser cannon of the space station.

When you have completed the above operations, you can use the elevator to reach the EXECUTIVE level.

The elevators with many floors lead to the executive, as long as you find the English button for this floor in the elevator, you can use the elevator to get there.


Executive – Admin Keycard

Upon entering the executive, you will be greeted by Edward , who has noticed that you are sabotaging his plans.

Next you just need to explore this floor.

This floor has a relatively simpler structure than any I’ve encountered before, with hardly any hidden openings or dead ends.

However, you still need to lower the security level of the floor as much as possible in order to open the doors of some areas with security level requirements.


You will encounter the teleportation pods of ALPHA GROVE and DELTA GROVE in the east and west corners of this floor.

Don’t use them just yet, as you will need to get an important key card for this floor.


In addition, you can encounter many valuable items on this floor, such as treasures and wine storage.

These items can be sold for a higher price at the Recycle Station.

If you have enough time to trade around, you can get a lot of gold coins from this floor.


In addition, collect the powerful weapon in this floor – the Accelerator Railgun, which is obviously much more powerful than the electromagnetic pistol.

You can also collect some weapon modules from this floor. For details, refer to the description of the map location in the Map chapter.


Next, go to a mini game room in the north of the map, as shown in the picture.

Complete the mini-game challenge here to unlock the door to the nearby storage room and the DELTA GROVE (area 2) transport system.


Finally, reach the large conference room on the map, find a corpse on the ground, and get a “Admin Keycards“(ADM) beside it.

After getting this key card, you will be able to enter rooms in more areas.


After exploring the entire management level, you need to go to the transfer cabins of the ALPHA GROVE and the DELTA GROVE that you encountered before.

It is recommended to go to the transfer cabin in the DELTA GROVE, which is located in the northern area of the map, as shown in the picture.

After boarding the transfer cabin, proceed to DELTA GROVE.


DELTA GROVE – Safety level reduced to 30%

After arriving in the DELTA GROVE, there are a large number of corrosive plants and various mutant monsters, and there are not many robot monsters.


What you need to do is simply weaken the security level of this floor (shoot the cameras, defeat the enemies).

Note that you will come to a “chess” square, complete the chess puzzle, then you can directly unlock the elevator to the west of the map.

However, many people can’t solve this puzzle (if they don’t know anything about chess), so you can only restore power by weakening the security level in a room in the north of the map (requires the security level to drop below 30%) , to reach the west side of the map.


What needs special attention here is that when you walk towards the east of the map and come to this broken bridge, you need to reach the opposite side from the abandoned pipeline on the right side of the picture, and then open the laser bridge.

Only in this way can you encounter more cameras in the east of the map, which further weakens the security level to below 30%.


When reduced to the required security level, return to the door on the north side of the map.

At this point you can open the door.


Enter the room of LIVE FEED and press the button there to activate the elevator near the chess.

Then use this elevator to reach the location on the opposite side of the map.


Once inside the lift, use the laser bridge here to reach the SAFETY INTERLOCKS room.


Find the safe lock in the room, interact with it and unlock it.

Then you can return to the EXECUTIVE level the same way.


Find ALPHA GROVE, after entering the cabin, teleport there.


In a room on the north side of the Alpha Grove, you’ll find the LIVE FEED control room.

Press the button on the console to activate the laser bridge in the safe lock room.


The map of Alpha Grove is not as complicated as Delta Grove, but you will encounter a large number of alien monsters.


After passing through an area full of dense fog, find the next LIVE FEED control room and interact with the nearby button to activate the laser bridge in the safe lock room.


This way you can easily come to the safe lock room.

After unlocking the security lock here, return to the maintenance level the same way.



Find the cabin that enters the BETA GROVE from the maintenance floor.

The Beta Grove is the most difficult area to explore, because the entire area is full of poisonous gas.

It’s strongly recommended that you get the Environmental Protection Pack V1 from storage 9 when you explored the Storage Level earlier.

This way you can drop the poison damage from over 100 to around 60.

Besides that, remember to carry as many recovery potions as you can, you’ll probably use them a lot.

(Also, remember to file in time, because you have a high probability of making many mistakes in this area)


Once in Beta Grove, remember to activate your environmental protection before leaving the hatch.

There are a small amount of snack supplies at the entrance that you can bring with you.


Then start exploring the area, paying attention to killing as few enemies as possible to avoid wasting time.


Find the LIVE FEED room and press the button in front of the monitor to activate the bridge into the securely locked room.


Then quickly find the location of the SAFETY INTERLOCKS, as shown in the picture.


Defeat the robotic enemies in the room, then unlock the safe.

Finally, return to the maintenance level the same way.


Maintenance – Defeat Edward / Unlock the Experiment Pod

After completing the exploration of the above three spaceship cabins (ALPHA, BETA, DELTA), come to the stairs in the center of the map.

Pay attention to the four flashing screens here, counting from the left to the right of the picture, the second number is a hidden password.

(this password is a random number)

Make a note of this password.


Then explore towards the southeast corner of the map until you come to this large room and find the secured door here.

Enter the password you got just now, then enter the secured door, and continue to explore inside.

You need to climb over a long pipe path.


Eventually you’ll come to the room where the CPU node is.

Interact with the button on the table next to it, and the laser barrier here will disarm.

You’ll also attract heavy robots from a distance, though.

Take out the bot quickly, then destroy the CPU nodes.


After destroying the CPU node, you need to continue to explore the west area of ​​the map from here.

Note that there are two sets of vortex lifts, one can only go down, and the other can go up.


Eventually you will come to the room where Edward is.

Edward will fight you in a robot suit.

You can try to shoot the point as far away as possible, and when he fires, quickly seek cover.

When he charges at you, quickly run away from him to keep a safe distance, avoiding taking a lot of damage or even being instantly killed by him.


After defeating Edward, you can continue to explore the area on the west side of the map, you will pass his office.

Keep an eye out for a security lock on the wall in the office, you’ll need to interact with it and try to disarm the security.


(Note, if you have not unlocked the security locks of Alpha/Beta/Delta Grove at this time, the security lock will still be locked in red, and you need to complete the security unlocking of these three zones first.)

At this time, the safety lock will report a error to you, and then you need to go to the maintenance level to repair the faulty computer room.


Maintenance – Repair the faulty host room

Use the elevator to reach the maintenance level, first come to the diagnostic machine in the southeast of the map, and you can get a diagnostic audio log after interacting with it.

Pick up and listen to this audio log.

(Note the password “428” mentioned in the audio)


First, come to the elevator and enter the password device (the password is “428”).

This will activate the experimental host rooms in all pits.


Next, you need to explore the entire maintenance level again to see which computer room has the broken device.

At present, it is unknown whether the broken device is a randomly generated location, but as long as you carefully check each computer room one by one, you will be able to find the broken storage device.

As shown in the picture, there will be signs on all the gates of the computer room. They are: ALPHA MAINTENANCE, BETA MAINTENANCE and DELTA MAINTENANCE.

You need to explore the three areas of the computer room.


Eventually you will find the broken device in one of the computer rooms.

As shown in the figure, there will be an ERROR mark on it.


Then, you need to go to this room on the south side of the map (somewhat near the southeast corner) and find the spare panel demodulator (the device with the green light).

Take them with you and return to the error mark computer room to replace the broken panel demodulator.

(Note that in the author’s process, only one damaged panel demodulator was found, but it does not rule out that there will be multiple damaged panel demodulators on higher difficulties. Therefore, you need to consider the number of them .)


Return to the computer room where the error was reported, and replace the panel demodulator.

If the PA system says “replaced successfully,” that means you’re done with your engine room repair.

Maintenance – Eject BETA JETTISON

Before leaving the maintenance level , you can destroy the CPU nodes on this floor and lower the security level of the floor.

As shown in the picture, first come to this location of the map and find a fragmented soldier, you can pick up its head.


Then come to this location on the map, where you will encounter a door with facial recognition access control.

Interact with the head you picked up just now, and the door here will be opened.


In this room, there is a small mini game device. After completing the challenge, the CPU node room behind it will be unlocked.


Press the button on the nearby wall to disarm the laser protection at the CPU node and destroy the turret that popped up.

Finally, destroy all the three CPU node devices.


Next, go back to the EXECUTIVE level again and reach Edward’s office.

At this point, the security lock here will be in a yellow font state, and you can unlock the Research Lab after interacting.

This will lead to the formal initiation of the safe disengagement procedure.


Yes, you need to go back to the maintenance level again.

Locate the BETA JETTISON in the ship’s central control room, at which point you can interact with it and eject the toxic BETA JETTISON completely out of the space station.


After completing the above operations, you will anger SHADON, and Rebecca will get in touch with you.

She wants you to go to the engineering level and blow up the 4 antennas on the space station.

Storage level – Find the Z44 Detonator

Before going to the System Engineering floor, you need to get the Z44 detonator used to blow up the antenna.

This requires you to return to the storage Level again.


Go to STORAGE 1, which is located in the northwest corner of the map.


If you have been here before, you will remember that there is a Z44 detonator in the innermost SURVEILLANCEroom .

You need to carry at least 4 of these Dynamites.


Next, you need to go back to the Executive floor and use the elevator in Edward’s office to reach the system engineering Level.


System Engineering level

Engineering Keycard, Turbo-motion boots V3

After coming to the engineering layer, you will encounter SHADON’s Revenge, and you need to defeat a large number of robots.

Then, come to this location and complete the puzzle.

(Destroy all kinds of cameras encountered as much as possible, some rooms on this floor require a lower security level to enter)


Then at this location on the map, pick up the blue Engineering Keycard on the soldier.

With this card, you can open some doors on the System Engineering layer.


Then go to this location on the map, where you will encounter a red laser bridge and a blue energy charging rod under the bridge.

Note the pair of shoes on the ground next to it, when you pick it up, you’ll get the Turbo-motion boots V3.


With this pair of shoes, you can press and hold the jump button and go straight into the air (but it will cost energy).

But don’t forget that before using this pair of shoes, you need to open the menu and activate it so that it can be used normally.

Destroy the antennas in the four sectors

Go through the toxic room to the CPU node room.

Defeat the enemies here, and then destroy the CPU nodes here.


Next you need to get to the room where the mini-game is located.

You’ll need to complete the challenges here and unlock the antenna room doors in the four areas.


What needs special attention is that you need to destroy 4 energy nodes in the mini-game to open the 4 antenna rooms corresponding to the engineering area in reality.

During this process, you may have a high probability of not clearing all energy nodes in one play.

Then you need to restart the minigame and challenge again.

(If you miss destroying some power nodes, it means some antenna room doors won’t open properly.)


After unlocking the 4 antenna rooms, you need to find the corresponding antenna room.

The specific location is as follows:

The Delta antenna is located in the west of the map


Defeat the enemies in the antenna room and place the Z44 Dynamite on the antenna.

Then quickly move away from the antenna, after a few seconds the antenna will be blown up.


The Alpha antenna is located in the northern part of the map


The Beta Antenna is located in the east of the map


The Gamma antenna is located in the south of the map


After destroying the Gamma antenna, SHODAN will contact you.

She’ll seal you in the Gamma antenna room, and you’ll need to complete the puzzle to get out.


Security – System Shock Remake Walkthrough & Guide

Collect CPU node passwords

Next you need to go to the Security level, but to get there, you need to set the spacecraft to the self-destruct state first.

And to start the self-destruct program, you need to find the password of the self-destruct program first.


According to an audio log description you collected, the self-destruct program password of the space station is a 6-digit combination of the numbers displayed on the device in the CPU node room on each level.

So you need to find the password number in the room where you destroyed the CPU node before.

The correct order of codes is from the first floor to the sixth city, they are as follows:








1L Medical level CPU node password location:


2L Research Lab Level CPU node password location:


3L Maintenance level CPU node password location:


4L Storage level CPU node password location:


5L Flight deck CPU node password location:


6L Executive level CPU node password location:


Initiate self-destruct procedure

After you get the self-destruct password (note that the self-destruct password is a random password, which is 968031 in the author’s process, this password number will be different from the self-destruct password in your process with a high probability), go to the center of the REACTOR level.


Note that there is a relatively high concentration of poisonous gas in this room, try to come here after collecting the Environmental Protection Pack V1.

You’ll need to defeat the enemies here and find the Lift in the center of the room.

Use this elevator to reach the self-destruct program valve, but you need to combine the CPU node passwords obtained for the six floors in sequence and enter them into the device.


If the code is correct, then you will unlock the self-destruct shield behind you and activate the self-destruct mechanism.

SHODAN will contact you and tell you that it will not let you escape the space station.


Next you need to go to the EXECUTIVE level, from here to the engineering level.


After coming to the engineering level again, you will activate an elevator in the south of the map, which will take you to the security level.

Enter the security level and continue exploring.


Security Level

Once at the security level, keep an eye out for the door downstairs in front of the elevator.

Once you enter this door, it means that you cannot return to the previous floor.

The author recommends that you save the game in time before entering this door, so that you can re-load the missing collected items.


Enter the central room of the security level and defeat the robot enemies here.

(These enemies have extremely high attack power. You need to time your dodges carefully and avoid prolonged engagements.)


If you have V3 boots at this time, you can directly lift off to investigate the rooms on the higher floors here.

(If you didn’t pick up the V3 shoes, you can only get there by the gas vortex elevator here.)


First, you can use the lift to reach the north of the security level, in the innermost room, and find a soldier here.

Collect the key card on him.


After obtaining this key card, you can open nearby rooms.

Next, come to this room and press the button here to unblock the lift.

(If you are not sure whether the elevator is unblocked, you can refer to the nearby screen to see if the elevator is blocked.)


Security KeyCard

Next head to this room in the southwest of the map.

Keep an eye out for the briefcase in the office, open it to pick up the Security Key Card.

This key card can open access to some higher-level permissions.


Finally, you will come to the CPU node room and destroy the CPU nodes here, so that you can successfully reduce the safety of the entire map to below 10%.


Next, explore the area to the south of the map, where you can find the mini-game device.

After completing the challenge, you’ll be able to unlock the prison room.

(This challenge will be extremely difficult at the end of the level, try to avoid heavy damage, save your strength and destroy the last heavy enemy)


Explore the area east of the map to gather supplies.


Defeat Edward – System Shock Remake Walkthrough & Guide

Finally, you need to explore the red laser bridge in the center of the map (the bridge with 4 laser balls), and the gate here will open.


Use the lift here to get to the top of the building, and eventually you’ll come to the bridge gate.

When you are ready, save the file in time and start the BOSS battle on this map.


Here you will meet Edward again.

The BOSS will fire high-explosive grenades at you, and you need to run to dodge.

Allows you to paralyze him with EMP grenades, and use the time of being paralyzed to attack with armor-piercing projectiles.

He can be easily defeated using this method.


After defeating Edward, you can pick up the red key card from him.

Use this keycard to open the elevator in the final room into the bridge.

Watching the plot, the space station has started the self-destruct procedure, leaving only the bridge Level on the top floor, and you can no longer turn back.


Bridge – System Shock remake Walkthrough & Guide

Complete the unlocking of three gates

After arriving at the bridge, it will be an easier area to explore without too many detours.

You can explore in all directions, east, west, north, south

Next, unlock the access control in the central area first, which requires completing the puzzle solving of the three control devices on the map.


Blast door 3

The first gate is located in the southeast corner of the map.


Next, defeat the BOSS-type enemy that appears at this location on the map, and pick up the key chip on it.


Blast door 1

The second gate is located in the northwest corner of the map.


Blast door 2

The third gate is located in the area below the red laser gate in the northeast corner of the map.


After unlocking the three blast doors, you can collect supplies in the corresponding area, including ammunition, grenades, weapons, medicines, etc.

Finally, go to the room in the southwest corner of the map, and put the chip from the small boss enemy just now into the device here.


This will unlock the door to the central area.

Save here, you will face a tough battle.


You will come to a power room, and then you need to complete the charging of the three electric gates here.

Note that you need to activate these three switches in order.

Every time the switch is activated, a large number of enemies will appear, and you need to eliminate the enemies before activating the next switch.


The first switch position:


The second switch position:


The third switch position:


Once you’re done charging your electricity, use the airlift to reach the room at the top of the building.

Here you will meet the BOSS SHODAN.


The enemy’s attack firepower is extremely fierce, try to find cover to avoid his strafing.

Use an EMP grenade to paralyze him first, and finally use a powerful shotgun or energy gun to deal him a violent output.

After about 2-3 rounds of EMP grenade attacks, the boss will be successfully defeated.

Pick up the access card on the BOSS.


Beat SHODAN – System Shock Remake Walkthrough & Guide

After reaching the closed room, use this key card to open the door of the room.

In it you will encounter a little mini game device.


You need to complete the last mini-game challenge in the game.

This challenge is different from the previous type. You need to defeat all the small enemies summoned by SHODAN on the “digital islands” of different colors in order.


Then focus your attacks on the energy block at the top of the SHODAN tower. When a gray viral sphere appears, move to the next island.


By analogy, after completing the challenges of the four islands, the SHODAN model will be destroyed.


So far, you will have successfully completed all the level processes of “System Shock Remake”.


All Skull Collectible Locations – System Shock Remake Walkthrough & Guide

1. Reactor

It’s a little more difficult to get to the top, and it’s easier to get there after upgrading the shoots to V3.


2. Medical

You’ll need at least a shoe upgrade to V2 to get there.


3. Research Lab

Enter a room marked “Radiation” near the location marked on the map, and find the hole in the ceiling of the room.


4. Maintenance

Keep an eye out for the hole in the ceiling at the location marked on the map, you’ll need at least V2 shoes to get there.


5. Storage – System Shock remake Walkthrough & Guide

Use the dark yellow box in the picture to get to the bloody hole, you need at least V2 shoes.


6. Flight deck

You need to use at least V2 shoes to get to the spaceship in the picture, follow the track and look out for a door in a small lane on the left side of the road.


7. Executive

Find a hidden space in the ceiling here.


8.System Engineering

Arrive at the location marked on the map, pay attention to the hole in the picture, the collection is there.


9. Security

Go through the bridge gate and keep an eye out for the hidden hole in the ceiling.


10. Bridge

As shown in the picture, it is located at this location on the map.


How to achieve all achievements – System Shock Remake Walkthrough & Guide

Plot /Process

Look at You, Hacker

clear the game

Don’t Forget to Salt The Fires

Clear the game on the highest difficulty

Through The Looking Glass

leave the Medical


Destroy the medical CPU node

Shields Up

Destroy the X-22 isotope and activate the radiation shield.

Override Superposition

Closing Safety Devices, Covering Vein Laser Guards

Thermal BOOMing

Destroy the mining laser

I’ll be back

Defeat Edward

Jargon Cypher

Replace the modem interface, and repair subsystem relay 428


Reject Beta at executive level

No Reception

Destroy all 4 Systems Engineering Relay Antennas

Can’t Turn Back Now

Start the countdown of the reactor self-explosion system

Edward Diego

Kill Edward

Hacker? You Hardly Know’er

Destroy every Cyber Core in Cyberspace

The Key to Vector Sigma

using independent circuit chipset

It’s Over


Can be done in game

All Patched Up

Using each genuine leather patch

System Shocked

Use a power station to recharge 20 times

Look at You, Snacker

Consume food and drink 30 times

Garbage Collection

Sell 100 pieces of waste at the recycling station

Hacking Skillz

Solve 15 puzzles without using a hit

Enemies and Ammunition

En Garde!

Obtain a laser rapier

This is My Boomstick

Find all the arms weapons

Not Even My Final Form

Find and install all weapon mods

Maxed Out

Find the ultimate version of all hardware devices

Load ’em Up!

Buy 10 ammo from the ammo depot

Enjoy Your Purchase

buy a grenade from the vending machine

Remote Control

Hack 20 enemies who have acquired ID hardware

Goldberg’s Ricochet

Kill an enemy with a bouncing bullet from the Ion Rifle

Neon Annihilation

Kill two or more enemies simultaneously with a plasma core


Kill two or more enemies with a single bullet from the Railgun Projectile

TV Dinner

Kill an enemy with the overhead monitor

Asunder The Influence

Kill 10 or more enemies while Battle Rage is up

Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb

Kill 3 or more enemies with a single explosive grenade


Get Ahead

Defeat all Cortex Reavers on the Citadel Station

Off The Grid

Destroy all monitoring probes and CPU nodes of SHODAN

The Inside Scoop

Find all audio logs and data sticks on the Citadel Station


Find the hidden wrench, it looks inexplicably familiar

In The Not Too Distant Future

find hidden audio logs

Head Hunter

Find Scully on every floor, the Nightdrive skul


Deja Vu

Defeat Edward Diego while hacking the Life Pod

Finish Him!

Kill Edward Diego with the laser rapier


Find a hidden door

The Longest Jump

Jump over the ramp in the storage room

En Passant

Complete the chess puzzle solving in the Delta Grove

I’ll See You Again, Hacker

collect all other achievements

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