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45 essential tips for playing Genshin Impact

This guide is intended for new players who have just entered the Genshin Impact. These 45 essential tips are designed to give you a better gaming experience.

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Remember to mark the locations when collecting Oculus – Genshin Impact

If you have poor memory or don’t want to spend too much time, it is recommended to mark the location of each Anemoculus and Geoculus you collect. However, there is a limit of 100 marks on the map, so if you need to collect all 131 Geoculus, it is suggested to use the simulator Genshin Impact Interactive Map to mark them.

Here is another comfortable suggestion for casual players, which may not be suitable for those who want to complete everything quickly. You can do quests, explore the map, open treasure chests, and collect each Oculus you come across. When you finish all the quests and unlock all the secrets on the map after playing for a week, you will only have a few Oculus left to collect. Then you can look for videos on Youtube or Google such as “The 10 most easily overlooked Geoculus” and “The 10 most hidden Geoculus” to help you find them all.

Master the mechanism of breaking elemental shields proficiently

For players after level 30, mastering the element shield-breaking mechanism is particularly important because monsters with unbreakable shields will render even the highest output useless. Therefore, newcomers need to develop a shield-breaking strategy based on the elemental attributes to achieve a comfortable monster-killing experience. In addition, breaking the weak points of the Ruin Guards can paralyze them.

There are no perfectly compatible team compositions

One of the unique features of Genshin Impact is the element reactions and the shield breaking mechanism based on these reactions. As long as there is a certain element reaction and a strategy to break the shield based on the element reaction, the game difficulty will be reduced. In addition, if you use a team composition that relies on a single attribute, such as double Pyro, double Geo, double Electro, double Cryo, or double Anemo, to unleash elemental burst, you need to pay special attention to the character’s strength and artifact matching.

Therefore, as long as you like, there are countless combinations, and you don’t need to be too entangled in the recommended team composition from various guides. These recommendations are only for providing ideas on character selection and team coordination.

Weapons and Artifacts are the ultimate way to succeed

Most people are discussing character Tier list, strength, basic damage values, etc. However, all the characters in this game are actually not weak and have their place, as long as you know how to play the equipment system.

Comments such as “there are no playable characters”, “I can’t progress without powerful characters”, etc. are made by players who have a shallow understanding of the game. In fact, this game mainly relies on Artifacts to increase the damage of each character. Additionally, weapons and character level upgrades, as well as enhancing the skill level and constellation of the main DPS character, all contribute to their high output ability. The skills of most other characters in the team are used to coordinate with the main DPS character.

Regarding the difficulty of upgrading constellations, consuming too many materials for skill and character level upgrades, there are indeed problems. MiHoYo is too stingy in this regard, and the stamina mechanism is also an issue.

Compared to weapons, Artifacts have a greater impact on character strength, as weapons only have one slot while Artifacts have five. A four-star character with a full set of four-star Artifacts has a higher output capability than Diluc without Artifacts, even if he has the Wolf’s Gravestone, and their output efficiency is more than twice as high.

Try to give all resources to one character after reaching Adventure Rank 30

Because miHoYo is too stingy, you won’t be able to complete the top-level development of two characters before level 45 without spending money. So don’t be indecisive and put all your resources on one character. With a full set of level 4-star artifacts, you can easily defeat the Anemo Hypostasis. Especially after Adventure Rank 35, resources become increasingly scarce, so once you have a confirmed main character, don’t change it, or you will regret it.

Develop the habit of marking ore nodes at hand.

In the early stages, you will get some weapon prototypes, and in the future, the Wind Dragon Weekly Boss will drop weapon prototypes. Most weapons in the early stages are obtained through forging, which requires a lot of ore, including Crystal Chunk and White Iron Chunk. Later, strengthening weapons also requires strengthening materials forged from Materials, so mark ore deposits when you encounter them.

Make sure to develop a 5-star character

There are no particularly useless 5-star characters:

Venti – great for gathering monsters and climbing;

Jean – the ultimate comprehensive support;

Diluc – T0-level output;

Keqing – displacement skills make it easy to cross mountains, and the ultimate has super explosive AOE damage;

Qiqi – Queen of Healing Supports

Mona – has the unique effect of easy vulnerability;

Klee – cute and powerful fire output.

The character models are based on real proportions.

Because the modeling proportions are real, characters with higher heights and longer legs will take bigger steps when running, which makes them much faster. In addition, a double Anemo team comp will have a speed boost.

Co-op dungeons may trap your teammates.

If you are the host of a co-op dungeon, please make sure your teammates are close to you before starting the game, otherwise they may be stuck outside the room.


Always collect Violetgrass from Liyue.

Violetgrass are currently one of the hardest materials to collect as they grow on the cliffs of Liyue and are scattered around. Be sure to collect them when you come across them, or you may have to climb mountains all over the world when you need them for character upgrades.

Save at least 90 pulls for gacha banner

If you’re not a whale, don’t gamble your daily Primogems away in every banner. It is recommended to save up to 90 pulls, to guarantee a 5-star item or character (it’s recommended to pull from the character event wish, which allows you to inherit your pity count to the next banner, instead of the standard banner which is a mix of characters and weapons, with a separate weapon banner having an 80-pull pity count). Wait for the character you want to appear, and if you can’t get it in one pull, you can still eat the pity and try again. If you accidentally get something you don’t want, at least you can save up for the next character. It’s not recommended to whale too much for gacha pulls because characters will inevitably become outdated due to game updates. Therefore, farming

Note: The 90-pull pity count is a soft pity, which guarantees a 5-star item or character. If you don’t get the current banner character as your 5-star, your next 5-star will be the current banner character. The 180-pull pity count is a hard pity, which guarantees a 5-star item or character, and if you haven’t gotten one by then, it will be guaranteed on the 180th pull.

Barbara is the first chair to lower the difficulty of the early game.

At least level up to 50 in the early game, use the Maiden Beloved set provided by the Adventurer’s Handbook for artifacts, and use the Northlander Catalyst Billet(Also provided by the Adventurer’s Handbook) to craft Prototype Amber for weapons. This way, you won’t need to constantly teleport to statues to heal when you’re low on health.

Once you have spare Stamina, make sure to do Ley Line Outcrops.

Ley Line Outcrops are the main source of Mora and EXP books for all players, and you can also get monster drops from them. It’s currently the most cost-effective way to spend extra Stamina.

It’s more worthwhile to use artifacts and weapons as fodder than to decompose them.

You can decompose artifacts for money and weapons for enhancement materials, but don’t do it, it’s not worth it. You’ll need a huge amount of artifacts as fodder in the later game.


If you encounter a Shrine of Depths that requires a key, please mark it.

Main quests and ruins often give Shrine of Depths keys, and the Shrines of Depths are often located in remote areas. If you come across one, please mark it so that you can open it with a key later.

Some materials require the use of elemental reactions to obtain.

When you come across plants or mineral deposits such as dandelions by the city walls, frozen flowers by the water, flame flowers near the Ley Line, or electro crystals, you can use wind to disperse, fire to melt, water/ice to extinguish, or fire to superconduct to get them.

When running around, use Kaeya or Razor as much as possible.

[Exploration Efficiency] Kaeya and Razor reduce sprinting Stamina consumption by 20%, Amber and Venti reduce gliding Stamina consumption by 20%, and Beidou reduces swimming Stamina consumption by 20%.

Amber is a must-have support character for exploration.

Firstly, Amber is an archer character. During exploration, you will often encounter balloon slimes and balloon flowers hanging from trees that need to be destroyed with an archer character to obtain treasure chests.

Secondly, when you encounter puzzles involving torches and entangled treasure chests, Amber’s charged shot can quickly trigger the fire element.

Thirdly, besides the small skill of Geo Traveler that can trigger pressure plates, Baron Bunny can also do the same.

In addition, it is recommended to always have one character for each element during exploration to facilitate solving puzzles.

Some characters have bonuses during dispatch, forging, synthesis, and cooking

[Dispatch bonus] Fischl and Bennett reduce dispatch time by 25%. Chongyun and Keqing reduce dispatch time by 25%.

[Forging bonus] Diluc receives 15% of the materials used to forge claymores.

When synthesizing weapon upgrade materials, Mona has a 25% chance to return some materials, while Sucrose has a 10% chance to obtain double the output.

When synthesizing character upgrade materials, Xingqiu has a 25% chance to return some materials, while Sucrose has a 10% chance to obtain double the output.

[Potion crafting bonus] Lisa has a 20% chance to return some materials.

[Cooking bonus] Barbara, Diona and Jean have a 12% chance to obtain double the output for restorative food when cooking, while Xiangling has a 12% chance to obtain double the output for attack food, Xinyan and Noelle has a 12% chance to obtain double the output for defense food, etc.

[Mini-map display] Klee displays Monstadt specialties on the mini-map, while Qiqi displays Liyue specialties on the mini-map, and Ningguang displays mining resources on the mini-map.


It is not recommended to farm artifact domains before reaching Adventure Rank 45

Due to the existence of the Stamina system, if you consume a lot of Stamina to farm artifact domains before reaching Adventure Rank 45 and fail to obtain suitable artifacts, it will be equivalent to zero improvement. This will result in problems such as insufficient Mora, a shortage of Experience Books, and characters reaching a bottleneck in leveling up. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid farming artifact domains until you have saved up a considerable amount of Mora (at least 5 million) and have 300 Experience Books.

Teleport points are a great help to prevent dying from lack of Stamina

When climbing mountains, flying, or swimming, if your Stamina is about to run out, it is recommended to open the map and teleport to the nearest teleport point to avoid dying and losing health.

When fighting monsters, be cautious when eating food

In single player mode, opening the map or backpack menu makes you invincible, but in multiplayer mode, eating food that increases your attack power while the backpack menu is open could make you die suddenly.

Continuously pressing attack button will not cause you to fall off a platform

Unless you rely on dodging monster attacks by moving around or riskily luring monsters off the platform, you can continuously attack without falling off the platform.

Use elemental sight to your advantage

In areas with complex terrain, lots of trees and bushes, or densely packed towns, elemental sight can help you quickly find treasure chests and materials.

Seelie and Limited-Time Challenges are stable sources for obtaining Exquisite Chests

If you need to upgrade your characters or get more mora during your exploration, the Seelie and timed challenges are the most reliable ways to obtain exquisite chests in the early stages of the game.


Prioritize leveling up four-star characters with high constellation levels

Four-star output characters with high constellation levels should be prioritized because upgrading the constellation not only ensures that your output during exploration isn’t too weak, but also ensures that your output during later stages is not too mediocre.

The pigeons on the bridge in front of Mondstadt City Gate are a reliable source of poultry

There are many pigeons on the bridge in front of Mondstadt City Gate. Standing at the bridgehead, using the wind element or Diluc’s ultimate can eliminate them in one fell swoop, yielding a large amount of poultry.

In Spiral Abyss Floor 3-1, monsters can be blown off the stage to their deaths

For players trying to clear the third floor to get Xiangling, the abundance of monsters on the first floor can be daunting. Therefore, it is recommended to use the wind element main character, and use their ultimate and heavy attack to push the monsters off the edge, into the abyss. However, be careful of slime attacks that may cause you to fall off, requiring you to start over from the beginning. Therefore, be cautious when pushing monsters to the edge!

Everything in the souvenir shop is worth buying except for Mora

The upgrade materials for the main character’s constellation should be purchased, as well as the weapon prototypes in Liyue’s shop according to personal needs for forging weapons. The ascension materials needed for character level-up should be purchased as needed. In the later stages of the game, only Mora can be purchased.

It is recommended to fight the weekly bosses, the Stormterror Dragon and the Wolf of the North, on Sundays

In the early stages, players level up quickly, which can easily increase the world level. When the world level increases, the quality of all items obtained will also increase. Therefore, it is recommended to fight the dragon and wolf bosses on the last day of the week. In case they are defeated on Monday and the world level increases on the weekend, then you would have lost a lot.

Adjust the recovery multiplier to 100% at a statue of the Seven

Although the character’s health can be automatically restored near the statue of the Seven, the recovery multiplier needs to be manually adjusted to 100%, as the default value is 50%.

It is recommended to stack attack power, critical rate, and critical damage for main carry, and to stack elemental energy recharge and health for support characters

Elemental mastery actually increases the corresponding reaction damage based on the character’s attributes, excluding physical damage. For example, the Geo element mastery only increases the thickness of shields, not elemental damage. Elemental energy recharge can accelerate the release of ultimates, but excessive stacking is not recommended as there is a cooldown period for skill release.

Drowning is a very comfortable way to kill monsters

Generally speaking, when fighting monsters near the water’s edge, such as the Whopperflowers, players can attack them 1 time, then jump into the water. The monsters will follow and teleport in front of the player, and die in the water. Materials will drop where they appeared before teleporting. (This was considered a serious bug and fixed in version 1.1. Players who have the character Jean can also use her small skill to knock monsters into the water and drown them.)

Don’t hesitate to upgrade four-star and three-star artifacts

You only lose 20% of the experience when you feed them to other artifacts later, and the transition period will be more comfortable.

Try to save resin before level 40

Here are some recommended uses for resin: 1) farming Ascension materials and weapon Ascension materials for your main DPS; 2) farming artifact domains after reaching level 45; and 3) doing the simple weekly bosses such as the dragon, wolf, and Childe boss.

Weapons do not have exclusivity, only the most suitable.

Choose weapons based on your characters’ roles in the team. For example, if you choose Barbara as your main carry, the r weapon “Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds ” is also suitable for her.

Food that increases attack is very effective.

When facing difficult challenges, we often think that our characters need more leveling up. However, sometimes we just need a buff. Making and consuming food regularly can greatly enhance your output or increase stamina for long flights, greatly improving your gaming experience.

Exploring the world with a team is also feasible

According to experienced players, when exploring the world with a team, everyone gets a share of the materials dropped by enemies and even mining together is possible.

Chests generally appear in certain locations (opened chests will not respawn)

1) Areas with similar objects such as gathering points, statues, mechanisms, and stone pillars.

2) On the roofs and attics of most magnificent buildings, as well as under bridges.

3) Places guarded by one or more bosses, where you can find luxurious chests after defeating them.

4) Insane hidden corners usually contain chests.

Even with plunging attacks, you will take damage from falling from a great height (except for Xiao)

There is an uninhabited island in the eastern sea of Starsnatch Cliff that is not marked on the map.

Playing Genshin Impact on mobile and PC is like playing two different games. The PC version offers a more comfortable gaming experience


You can accept the five-star bounty mission multiple times per week in the Reputation System

Although this is an open world game, it is not as open as you might think

The late-game content is relatively scarce, so it is recommended that new players take their time and enjoy the experience.

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