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Kamisato Ayaka Best Build Guide Genshin Impact

Welcome! This Guide will cover every aspect of Kamisato Ayaka in Genshin Impact. Including Skill mechanics, equip, team comps, etc.

Kamisato Ayaka Overview – Genshin Impact Guide

“Kamisato Ayaka” is an Cryo-elemental output character. She can use Kamisato Art: Senho to transform into a Senho form, gaining Cryo elemental enchantment. She can also deal Cryo elemental AOE damage to enemies with her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst.

Kamisato Ayaka Level-Up Materials Chart – Genshin Impact

Kamizato Ayaka Ascensions Materials

Talent Analysis Kamisato Ayaka – Genshin Impact Guide

Talent Priority – Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayaka Guide

Elemental Burst ≥ Normal/Charged Attack ≥ Elemental Skill

Kamisato Ayaka is a classic character with all three skills fully upgraded. Her main source of damage comes from her Elemental Burst, so it is recommended to prioritize upgrading the level of her Elemental Burst, followed by her Normal/Charged Attack and Elemental Skill levels (recommended at 8/8/8 or above).

Normal Attack

Kamizato Ayaka Normal Attack

  1. Her Normal Attack consists of 5 strikes that deal a total of 7 hits, with the 4th strike dealing 3 hits, and the rest of the strikes dealing 1 hit each.
  2. Her graceful and beautiful swordsmanship showcases Kamisato Ayaka’s noble identity. The 5th strike propels her forward and has a certain post-attack animation.
  3. After Kamisato Art: Senho (special sprint state) ends, Normal/Charged Attacks and plunging attacks gain the Cryo Elemental Enchantment (this enchantment will be overwritten by Bennett’s 6th Constellation), which applies a 1GU Cryo elemental aura(1 Gauge Unit, 9.5 seconds).
  4. Unlike other common one-handed sword characters, Kamisato Ayaka’s Normal/Charged Attack elemental application are applied independently of each other and do not affect each other. Both follow the rule of “attacking the same enemy will apply the elemental aura twice with a 2.5-second interval”.

Elemental Skill (E)

Kamizato Ayaka Elemental Skill

  1. Her Elemental Skill creates 4-5 Cryo particles upon hitting an enemy, which can be created each time the skill is used.
  2. Her Elemental Skill applies a strong Cryo elemental application (2 Gauge Units, 12 seconds) upon hitting an enemy, which can be applied each time the skill is used.
  3. This skill has an aerial (Z-axis) damage effect and can still hit enemies when used in conjunction with Venti’s Elemental Burst.
  4. When using her Elemental Skill, Kamisato Ayaka may be knocked back by enemy attacks, so the timing of use should be considered.

Alternate Sprint

Kamizato Ayaka Alternate Sprint

  1. Similar to Mona’s special sprint (Illusory Torrent), Kamisato Ayaka uses Kamisato Art: Senho to replace the regular dash, making it suitable for exploring the vast world.
  2. While dashing, she can still trigger reactions with other elements applied to enemies, but triggering Amplifying reactions will not cause damage, and Triggering Transformative reactions will only produce reaction damage.
  3. After Senho ends, she will apply a weak Cryo elemental application (1 Gauge Unit, 9.5 seconds) to enemies.

Elemental Burst (Q)

Kamizato Ayaka Elemental burst

  1. The Elemental Burst consists of two parts, totaling 20 hits. The first 19 hits are from icy winds slashes, and the final hit is from Bloom of Cryo.
  2. Both icy winds slashes and Bloom of Cryo can cause the Cryo ura applicaion , and icy winds follows the rule of “applies Cryo aura every 2.5 seconds when hitting the same enemy twice.”
  3. Icy winds has a strong reducing and knockback effect, which can cause some damage to be lost when hitting small or low-resistance enemies. It is recommended to use a Hydro character to trigger Frozen reaction in this case.
  4. The Elemental Burst has a snapshot mechanism that is calculated based on the character’s stats when icy winds is cast.

Passive Talent

Kamizato Ayaka Passive Talent

Passive Talent 1: Normally, it is used by following up a elemental skill with a normal attack and a charged attack. This damage boost falls under the damage bonus category and is calculated in addition to the Cryo damage bonus.

Passive Talent 2: The activation of Kamisato Art: Senho (Alternate sprint ) consumes 10 Stamina, but this talent restores 10 Stamina, allowing the Cryo damage bonus to be maintained for a longer period of time. This Cryo damage bonus is included in the character’s stats and is typically “locked” by using the Elemental Burst after the sprint ends.

Passive Talent 3: This talent has the same effect as Albedo’s Passive Talent 3.

Weapons – Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayaka Guide

Mistsplitter ReforgedSummit ShaperPrimordial Jade CutterLight of Foliar IncisionAmenoma KageuchiKagotsurube IsshinBlackcliff LongswordHarbinger of Dawn

Kamizato Ayaka weapon compaire

Weapon selection explanation

  1. For Kamisato Ayaka, most one-handed swords still have a significant gap compared to Mistsplitter Reforged, primarily due to their base attack and passive elemental damage bonuses, which still have advantages over many current one-handed swords.
  2. When using Mistsplitter Reforged, after the sprint ends, perform one normal attack to gain one stack of Mistsplitter’s Emblem, which increases the damage of the Elemental Burst. The elemental damage bonus of this weapon will be displayed in the character’s stats and can be “locked” by the Elemental Burst’s snapshot mechanism, which can achieve a maximum of 3 stacks of damage bonus.
  3. When using a weapon with a critical hit rate substat (such as the Primordial Jade Cutter, Haran Geppaku Futsu, or the Black Sword), it is recommended to pair it with the set (2-piece Cryo bonus and 2-piece Attack bonus or 2-piece Noblesse Oblige) to avoid exceeding the critical hit rate cap.
  4. For five-star one-handed swords, prioritize Mistsplitter Reforged, Summit Shaper, Primordial Jade Cutter, Light of Foliar Incision, and Haran Geppaku Futsu.
  5. Four-star one-handed swords have a certain gap compared to five-star weapons. The Amenoma Kageuchi with a high-refinement level option that can supplement attack while optimizing energy cycling.
  6. Other non-five-star weapons with substats of critical hit damage and percentage attack, such as the Kagotsurube Isshin, the Blackcliff Longsword, Harbinger of Dawn, and The Flute, can also be considered.

Artifact Introduction – Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayaka Guide

Recommended Artifact – Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayaka Guide

Kamizato Ayaka artifacts

Substats Priority – Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayaka Guide

Critical damage ≥ Percentage attack > Critical rate > Energy Recharge > Others

Artifact selection and attribute explanation – Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayaka Guide

  1. For Kamisato Ayaka’s artifacts set, the priority is to consider the four-piece Blizzard Strayer (Cryo set), which can trigger frozen reactions with water element characters to better achieve attack and critical rate increases under specific conditions.
  2. It should be noted that in order to improve the overall applicability of the team, it is necessary to consider situations where enemies cannot be frozen or are difficult to freeze stably. In this case, it is recommended to increase the critical rate by 35%-45% when using the Cryo set with Kamisato Ayaka.
  3. When using the Cryo set with Kamisato Ayaka, the critical damage should be 240% or higher, and when using a 4-star weapon, the recommended attack power is 1900 or higher, while for a 5-star weapon, the recommended attack power is 2200 or higher.
  4. Kamisato Ayaka’s main source of damage comes from her elemental burst, so her ultimate skill cycle is particularly crucial. It is recommended to choose artifacts that provide 20%-40% Energy recharge efficiency.
  5. For some critical rate weapons, you can choose a “2-piece Cryo set + 2-piece Attack set” combination, with critical rate recommended to be above 70% and critical damage above 200%.

Kamisato Ayaka’s Constellation Effects Guide in Genshin Impact

Kamisato Ayaka’s Constellation – Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact Guide Kamizato Ayaka constellation

Damage Expectation Percentage Comparison

Kamizato Ayaka constellation comparision

Explanation of Constellation Effects – Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayaka Guide

  1. After unlocking the first constellation, you can reduce the cooldown of elemental skill by using normal/charged attacks. However, the damage output of Ayaka’s normal/charged attacks is relatively low, and the reduction in cooldown time is only about 1-2 seconds, so the improvement is not very significant.
  2. The second constellation is a major upgrade for Ayaka. After using her elemental burst, 2 smaller additional Frostflake will appear on both sides of her primary Pyro field. These three Pyro fields share the same timer for elemental reactions, making it easier to trigger melt reactions.
  3. However, it should be noted that the “small flames” on both sides will continue to move forward and may miss smaller enemies.
  4. After unlocking the fourth constellation, Ayaka’s Frostflake can lower enemies’ defense, and the Frostflake will continue to refresh the debuff, allowing for up to 11 seconds of decreased defense (5 seconds for Frostflake duration + 6 seconds for debuff duration). Moreover, this debuff affects the whole team, further increasing the overall effectiveness of this constellation.
  5. The damage increase from the sixth constellation belongs to the bonus damage category, and it adds up with Cryo damage bonus. The 10-second cooldown is mainly due to the fact that the timer starts counting again after the first charged attack hits an enemy, so the improvement is relatively small.

Overall, Ayaka has a relatively complete set of skills even at the 0 constellation, with most of her constellations focused on damage output. For Travelers who lack damage output or want to build a Cryo-focused team, the 0 constellation of Ayaka is sufficient. If you have enough primogems, you can consider getting Mistsplitter Reforged first. For direct damage improvement, unlocking up to the fourth constellation is recommended, as the improvements from the fifth and sixth constellations are relatively small. As for Ayaka enthusiasts, the sixth constellation can be considered, as the “ring” effect on her right hand can still be useful for them.

Kamisato Ayaka’s Best Team Comps – Genshin Impact Guide

“Permafrost” Team Comps – Genshin impact Guide

Kamisato Ayaka, Shenhe, Kaedehara Kazuha, Sangonomiya Kokomi

As T0 Team comps of current version. Shenhe and Ayaka form a double Cryo resonance that increases critical hit rate When facing enemies under the influence of cryo and in a frozen state. Kaedehara Kazuha with the Viridescent Venerer set reduces the enemy’s elemental resistance and provides additional elemental damage bonuses through his passive talents. Sangonomiya Kokomi’s Elemental Skill provides stable Hydro aura, allowing enemies to remain frozen for longer periods.

Related Character Substitutions

Replace “Shenhe” with Ganyu, Rosaria, or other Cryo element characters.

Replace “Kazuha” with Venti, Sucrose, or other Anemo element characters that can be equipped with the Viridescent Venerer set.

Replace “Kokomi” with Mona, Yelan, or other characters that can provide continuous Hydro application.

【Note】Although this is a frozen team, it is recommended to have at least one character in the team who can provide shields or healing to increase the team’s fault tolerance.

Recommended output technique

Shenhe (EQ) -> Kaedehara Kazuha (EQ) -> Sangonomiya Kokomi (E) -> Ayaka Sprint (Hold) then A then EQ then attack

Relevant Character Guide

Shenhe Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Shenhe build

  1. In addition to stacking attack power, you can also choose to stack Energy recharge efficiency to optimize the cycle of elemental bursts.
  2. It is recommended to have a total attack power of at least 3000 points and an Energy recharge efficiency of at least 200% when at 0 constellation , which can be lowered to around 170% at 1 constellation .
Sangonomiya Kokomi Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Sangonomiya Kokomi build

  1. When not on the field, prioritize upgrading elemental skill, and when on the field, upgrade normal attack/charged attack.
  2. In a team with Hyperbloom, there’s no need to stack elemental mastery, but it can be stacked based on the team composition in a team with Hyperbloom Nilou.
Kaedehara Kazuha Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Kaedehara Kazuha build

  1. When her energy recharge is below 150%, it is recommended to prioritize using the weapon “Xiphos’ Moonlight”.
  2. Prioritize increasing Dyhya’s mastery, then energy recharge, and the weapon “Favonius Sword” needs critical hit rate.
  3. If not using a Anemo DMG-based strategy, there is no need to upgrade her skill.

Kamisato Ayaka, Mona, Kazuha, Diona Team Comps

The key points : first apply enemies with Cryo aura, and then use Mona’s elemental burst to maximize the team’s damage output.

Recommended output technique

Diona E applies Cryo aura, Kazuha EQ, Mona EQ, Ayaka sprint + A + EQ + A(normal/charged)

【Note】After Ayaka’s EQ connects with A(normal/charged), Diona can use her elemental skill to create a Cryo aura, which can then be absorbed by Ayaka to regain her energy.

Relevant Character Guide

Mona Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Mona build

  • Prioritize building up elemental burst energy for optimal performance, and aim for an Energy recharge of 220% or higher.
  • In a “bleeding” environment, consider using “Prototype Amber” to increase the team’s fault tolerance.
Venti Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide venti build

  • Stack Energy recharge efficiency to at least 180%.
  • If the character is relatively easy to build, then focus on mastering the gameplay, but if the character takes a longer time to develop, consider using a Anemo damage build.
Diona Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Diona build

  • Only one character in the team needs to use the “Noblesse Obige” set.
  • Prioritize building up energy recharge to maintain Diona’s burst cycle, and then stack HP to increase her shield strength.

Frozen Bloom Team Comps – Genshin impact Guide

Ayaka + Nahida + Xinqiu + Kuki Shinobu

The Frozen Bloom is an extension of the playing style of Ayaka, which cannot react with the Dendro element, but the Hydro element can react with the Cryo element. Using Hydro elements to consume Dendro elements will be affected by the Cryo reaction, which will result in more Dendro elements remaining aura applied to the enemy and producing Dendro Core with subsequent Hydro elements, maintaining the “Dendro foundation,” also known as “Cryo Protects Dendro.”

Ayaka has considerable direct damage, and combined with the “Nahida + Xinqiu + Kuki Shinobu” combo, can deal significant overall damage. For Ayaka, priority should be given to the frozen playstyle, which can be experienced in a variety of character and team combinations.

Recommended output technique

Nahida E, Xingqiu EQE (Sacrificial Sword), Kuki Shinobu E, Ayaka sprint + A + EQ + A(normal/charged)

Kuki Shinobu Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Kuki Shinobu build

Mastery attributes are used to increase Hyperbloom reaction damage, and life attributes increase skill healing.

The artifacts set can be prioritized with “Flower of Paradise Lost” 4 pieces to increase Super Display damage.

Nahida Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide nahida build 2

Priority consideration is whether mastery is 900-1000.

When matching Dendro element output characters or Dendro element reaction teams, it is recommended to choose the Deepwood Memories 4-piece set first.

When there are no shield/healing characters in the team, you can consider trying Prototype Amber.

Xingqiu build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Xingqiu build

Prioritize Xingqiu’s energy recharge: For a single Hydro character with less than 6 constellations, it is recommended to have an energy recharge of 240% or higher, and for a team with two Hydro characters, it is recommended to have around 210%. After unlocking 6 constellations, it is recommended to have an energy recharge of 200-220% for a single Hydro character and 180-200% for a team with two Hydro characters.

Xingqiu’s skill has a long cooldown, so use it first and then wait for it to cool down.

Melt Flow Ayaka Team Comps – Genshin impact Guide

Ayaka, Kazuha, Xiangling, and Bennett

These are used primarily against stationary bosses, and usually prioritize unlocking the second constellation (because the Frost flake shares the Aura rules on both sides). As mentioned earlier, when facing small, low-resistance enemies, Ayaka’s elemental burst Frost flake will knock back the enemy, resulting in lost damage.

This playstyle is not recommended as a priority, but rather as an extension of the character’s constellation level and team diversity for players to experience.

Xiangling can be replaced with Nahida to increase melt reaction damage.

That’s all for this Kamisato Ayaka character guide. See you next time!

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