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Amnesia : The Bunker Walkthrough & Guide, All Codes,Notes,Achievements

Welcome to Amnesia : The Bunker Walkthrough & Guide, which covers every aspect of the game. Including Full Codes, Notes, Maps and collections.

Full Map of Amnesia the bunker



You will start the game as Henri Clément, the protagonist of the game.

Go forward along the path of the trench, open the first iron door, and enter a room.

Pick up ammo on racks and nearby poker tables, which you can load into your revolver.

(Note that since this is an action puzzle game, many operations will involve action details, such as pushing doors, reloading bombs, moving objects, etc. You can gradually become familiar with these operations under the instruction of the tutorial in the prologue)


Exit this room and continue forward, using the nearby bricks to break open the wooden door.

(Pick up bricks, and then charge up to attack the wooden door)


Continuing to move forward, you will come to a turning point in the trench, where you will be attacked by German soldiers.

Ignore them, run forward, remove the obstacles in the way, and reach the bottom of the trench wooden bridge.

At this point, your friend Lambert will be out of danger and provide you with cover fire.

You need to keep going.


In the next room, you’ll find two rags on a table, after picking them up, open the backpack to combine them into a bandage.

Use bandages to heal bleeding wounds on your body.



Exit this room and continue down the trench, and you’ll find an exploding barrel.

Use the revolver to shoot the barrels, clear the road obstacles and keep going.

(If your revolver is out of bullets when you come here, you can pick up an ammo from a nearby warehouse)

Keep going and you will come to the end of the trench, which is a dead end.

At this time, the German army will throw gas bombs into the trenches, and you will faint soon.

Lambert shows up, puts the gas mask on your face, and you get a life back.


Eventually you will be hit by enemy mortars, and when you wake up, pour water from your Mess Hall to Lambert.

You will carry him on your back and continue to move forward, but you will still be discovered by the Germans afterwards.

Go to the end of the road, you will find a deep pit, watch the plot, you will jump into the deep pit with Lambert.

The prologue part is successfully concluded here.


Bunker – Amnesia : The Bunker Walkthrough & Guide

NOTE – Amnesia Cause

After you wake up, you will officially start the journey of horror exploration.

First, leave the hospital bed, find a table in the hallway, and collect a Note.


Flashlight/Note- Clement’s Journal

Go down a dark hallway and you’re in a room with a light.

Find the small flashlight and a Note in the locker.


The tutorial will show you how to use the flashlight. Pressing and holding the pull cord of the flashlight will cause the flashlight to generate electricity, thus making it glow.

But this light is short-lived and lasts for about 6 seconds.

So you need to keep pulling the cord to keep the flashlight always on.

However, pulling the cord makes a lot of noise and attracts monsters.

On subsequent expeditions, you will need to consider the proper placement and timing of your pulls.

Exit this room and continue exploring along the corridor to a larger room that looks like a restaurant.


Photo/NOTE – Autopsy of Reynard

In this room, you can find a note in a drawer.

Find a photo on a shelf attached to the wall.


Exit the door of this room, follow the blood trail through a smaller corridor, and eventually you will find a soldier who is still alive.

He will tell you that there is a terrible monster here, and finally he will give you his revolver.


Go into the PANTRY across from this soldier (with the PANTRY logo on the wall) and you’ll get the bullets from the wall locker in this PANTRY.


Load the revolver, go back to the dining room door, and walk down the corridor towards the green door at the end.

You will find the green door locked.

Use the revolver to shoot the lock to open this iron door.


Bunker – Administrator’s room – Amnesia : The Bunker Walkthrough & Guide

Go down the stairs, you will come to the administrator room.


DOG TAG 1/NOTE – Note from head Clerk re DOG TAGs

Open the door to the room, in this room you can find a DOG TAG from a desk drawer.

Meanwhile, you can find a note in this drawer.



Collect them by interacting with the map on a nearby wall.


There is a storage box under the map, you can put temporarily unused backpack items into the storage box.


Also, here at the table, a hanging oil lamp can be found.

After the interaction the oil lamp will be lit and the game will be saved.

You can always return to this room afterwards for a save game.

Note – Rats and Burnt Corpses

Inside the Administrator’s room, a Note can also be found on another table.


After you finish collecting the items in the room, go to the basement area next to the room.


Here you can find a generator in the bunker with a departed soldier next to it.

Pick up the DOG TAG on his body and flip it over to get the code to enter the inner part of the bunker.

Also, remember to pick up the stopwatch on the nearby stool, it can be used to count down when the generator runs out of fuel.


Pick up the fuel canister on the ground near the soldier, then in the fuel storage room next to the soldier, you can find another fuel canister.


Note – Fuel and Fire

When entering the fuel storage room, look for the instructions note on the door frame.


Note – Keep the light on!

Near the generator, find a small old table, and you can get a Note from the drawer.


After completing the above collection, use the fuel tank, fill the fuel tank of the generator with fuel, and start the generator.

Notice! Once the generator is started, the bunker area will temporarily restore power, and you will start the stopwatch to see how long the remaining fuel in the generator can be consumed at any time.

Return to the Administrator’s room, since you have obtained the code to open the door at this time, you can open the lock and explore the inner area of the bunker.

(The code is marked on the DOG TAG of the soldier next to the generator just now. If you forget the code, you can open the menu to check it)

First go to the left of the road and enter the INFIRMARY.


Bunker – Infirmary – Amnesia : The Bunker Walkthrough & Guide

After coming to the INFIRMARY, open the iron door here and investigate the rooms on both sides of the corridor.


NOTE – Joubert’s Final Journal / photo

First enter Joubert’s room, you can find a Note from the table.

Then a photo can be found from a nearby shelf row.


NOTE – Joubert’s Journal – Strange Sounds

Open the drawer in the table just now, you can find a grenade and another Note.


Leave Joubert’s room and continue down the hallway, and you’ll find Blanchet’s room.

Note that there is a grenade trap at the door of this room. If the game you choose is too difficult, you can explore this room later.

If you choose a lower game difficulty, you can try to shoot grenades from a long distance to destroy the gate.


Explore Blanchet’s room and you’ll be able to find some ammo and bandage cloth supplies.


Leave Blanchet’s room, across from his room is a larger command room.


Photo/Note – Roman Tunnel Update

You can find a Note and a photo on a table here.


NOTE – Prisoner in Custody

In a darker corner of this room, you can get another Note from a desk drawer.


Leave the command room and continue down the hallway, you will find REYNARD’s room next to Blanchet’s room.

The door of this room is locked, you can use grenades, or some nearby powder kegs, bricks to smash it open.

(Opening this room will definitely make noise, which will attract monsters.)

In addition, if you detonated the grenade on the door of Blanchet’s room just now, the room will also be opened under great momentum.


NOTE – In Charge of Security

You can find a Note in a set of filing cabinets in Reynard’s room.


Leave Reynard’s room and continue towards the end of the corridor, you will find the last room deep in the corridor.

It belongs to FOURNIER.


NOTE – Shooting the Beast

In this room, you can find a Note on a table.


NOTE – Increased Security on Arsenal

You can also find another Note in the desk drawer.



Find a photo on a nearby shelf.


After completing the above exploration and collection, if you are a novice player, then strongly recommends that you return to the Administrator’s room to save.

In the following explorations, I will no longer repeatedly prompt the timing of saving, and you can decide when to return to the Administrator’s room according to your own arrangements.

In addition, when exploring the INFIRMARY just now, you will have a high probability of collecting extra fuel, which you can inject into the generator to buy more time to start exploring other areas.

(Note that there is no automatic save mechanism in the game, you can only save your current game progress by manually saving)

Iron fence

Go back to the Administrator’s room and fill the generator with the collected diesel cans to charge the generator.

After saving, return to the officer quarters again, find the LOUNGE you opened before, and pay attention to the two wooden barrels by the wall here, you need to move them away.

Find the hole in the iron fence hidden here, remove the iron fence, and then enter the next room.

Next door is Delisle’s room.


NOTE – LaRue’s Report

Once in Delisle’s room, collect the notes on the table.


Dog Tag

In this room, you’ll find Delisle’s Dog Tag , turn over the DOG TAG to get the code for his locker.


Inventory Expansion bag 1

On the walls, you can find the expansion bag, which will appear in this fixed position.


After completing the collection of this house, open the locked room door.

Then continue down the hallway and turn right to the maintenance area.


Dog Tag

But here at the next little intersection, you’ll find the downed soldier, pick up the DOG TAG near him.


Don’t go to the maintenance room just yet, as the door there isn’t open yet.

Continue down the road on the left from this soldier and you will come to the WINE CELLAR.


NOTE – Where’s our Wine

There is a chained wine cellar storage room at the end of the road, you can first pick up the notes on the two stacked chests next to it.


NOTE – How to get the Hell Out of Here

After completing the investigation here, you need to return to the Administrator’s room, but you can collect a note by the way on the way from the Administrator’s room towards the exit.


Bunker – MISSION STORAGE – Amnesia : The Bunker Walkthrough & Guide

After saving again and filling the generator fuel, go to the storage room (MISSION STORAGE). (Go inward at the big T-junction near the Administrator’s room, as shown in the picture, there is an obvious red disc operating handle near this room)


This is a relatively safe room, but the door is locked, and you need to get in through the hole in the iron fence next to it.


Once you enter the storage room, there are plenty of supplies such as cloth, fuel, grenades, ammo, and more.

You can use the DOG TAG with the code you have obtained to open the corresponding locker.

(You can open the function menu, check the corresponding code in the DOG TAG column, and then open the storage box with the corresponding name)


Inventory Expansion bag 2

This Inventory Expansion bag is located in one of the unnamed wardrobe chests.


Dog Tag

Once you’re done collecting the locker, keep an eye out for a soldier here in the corner of the locker, and pick up the DOG TAG on the ground nearby.


NOTE – Clement’s Journal – No Word’

Also, on the ground near the lockers on one side, a note can be found.



Collect photos pasted on a locker.


Finally, remember to collect J. Delisle‘s wardrobe, from which you will be able to get the red turntable handle.

To upgrade the main storyline, you need to leave the storage room and replace the broken red turntable handle outside the storage room.


After changing the handle item, rotate this handle, and you will open the main road on the three nearby roads at the same time.

Next, you need to think about where to go first.

I strongly recommends that you first go to the maintenance area (MAINTENANCE) next to the officer’s area.

It is located on the bend in the road at the end of the officer’s quarters corridor (by the cellar junction).


Maintenance – Amnesia : The Bunker Walkthrough & Guide

Once you’re in the pits, you need to start keeping an eye out for the big monster in the game.

Since it will officially come into contact with you, you need to pay attention to the following basic game rules:

1. Make as little noise as possible. The loud sound will attract the monster in just a few seconds;

2. Even without making noise, monsters will appear in some specific main plot scenes, you need to be mentally prepared;

3. After you encounter the monster, you can run fast and stay away from it as much as possible; but if the monster has not found you, you can crouch and move forward slowly, looking for a suitable room to stay still, trying to hide from the monster’s roundup.


Once you’re in the maintenance area, follow the road and the first thing you’ll find is an accessible hole in the wall on the right.

You’ll need to remove the two planks here to get inside though.


In this room, you will trigger Molotov cocktails.

At the same time, you will have a high probability of encountering monsters appearing from nearby, so find a place to dodge first.


Thin sticks can be found in this room, remember to collect it if you can.

Because it and cloth can form a makeshift torch. The main function of the torch is to drive away rats and illuminate dark areas.

(The premise is that you have to find the lighter first, but the lighter will be found immediately in the next process)


NOTE – The Rats

Gather the Note on this table.


map 2

A map can also be found in this room.



Still in this room, you can open a closet and get a photo inside.


Continue to go forward, you will come to a T-junction, go closer and check the soldiers on the ground nearby, you will trigger another Molotov cocktail trap.


Dog Tag

When the fuel trap here goes out, pick up the DOG TAG on the corpse.

Next to this corpse, you’ll find a foreman’s room (FOREMAN) with access to the upper floors.

Expanded bag 3 (potential collection location)

In the foreman’s room, you have a chance to get an expansion bag 3 from the wardrobe.


Dog Tags/Photos/ NOTE – Note to a Dead Friend

On a nearby table, you can collect a Dog Tag , a Note, and a Photo.


Leave this room and go back the same way to the Generator Administrator’s room.

After arriving there to add generator fuel and save, you can return to the storage room again and open the corresponding lock with the new code you have obtained.

On the way back, you will encounter a group of rats at the intersection of the wine cellar. At this time, you cannot effectively drive them away. I recommends running there as quickly as possible.

Or you can push a nearby dynamite barrel and shoot the dynamite barrel to kill the rat. (They also respawn, though.)

Don’t waste your bullets, just get out of here quickly. .


After returning to the storage room, find A·GIRAUD’s wardrobe, use the DOG TAG code you have obtained to open it, and you will find the lighter.

At this point, you can return to the generator room to save and add fuel to the generator.

Next, you need to start exploring the WORKSHOP deep in the maintenance area.

Bunker – Workshop – Amnesia : The Bunker Walkthrough & Guide

You’ll need to keep going to the Workshop and explore what’s left.

If you encounter a group of rats on the road, you can use a temporary torch (thin stick + cloth + lighter) to drive them away.

Or you can use Molotov cocktails (empty bottle + cloth + lighter) to burn the corpse.

I recommends using temporary torches, because temporary torches can last longer and can be extinguished at any time to save durability. It is the first choice for repelling rats.


Arrive at the road near the PANTRY and WORKSHOP

You can go into the pantry first, where there are a lot of mice nibbling on a piece of cheese.

You can use a torch to drive them away and loot the supplies inside.


Leave the pantry and continue towards the workshop . In this messy room, you can find some fuel, bullets, thin sticks, cloth strips, medicines and other supplies.



Continue to walk in, you will pass through a cave.

In this cave, a total of 3 soldier corpses can be found, and 3 Dog Tags can be collected correspondingly.

You can light torches to collect them quickly.


NOTE – Where’s the Pillbox key?

After exiting the opening, to the left you will encounter a narrow corridor.

This is the PILLBOX. You haven’t got the key to the Pillbox yet, so you can’t enter it temporarily.

But you can collect the Note next to the Pillbox door.


There is also a wooden door next to the Pillbox , which is a simple arsenal (MUNITION STORAGE).


You can break it open with a brick, and a note can be collected inside.

If you can’t find a brick nearby, you can use a grenade to blow it up, or use a blasting barrel from the large arsenal.

But no matter what you do, there will be a high probability of attracting monsters.


Continue to explore inside, and you will come to an arsenal with a larger room.

Keep an eye out for a staircase that goes downhill. The iron door is locked. You need to shoot the lock with a revolver to open the door.


Dog Tag

In this room, you can find the soldier DOG TAG in the wooden cabinet.


Note – It Can Hear Me

Also, you can find a note in a wall opening in this room.


Go back to the Great Arsenal area, where you can find a chapel.

Note, after entering the chapel, quickly collect all the items here and leave.

Because you will have a high probability of encountering monsters attacking this place.


There is a double-door cabinet on the right wall of the chapel. There is a corpse in one of the doors. You can collect a key from the left hand side of the corpse.

This is the key to the pillbox.


Note Lambert’s Journal – Part 1

After the other door of the cabinet is opened, a note log can be collected.


Dog Tag

On the table directly in front of the church, there are many broken limbs, you can collect a DOG TAG on this table.


Expansion bag 3 (potential location)

In addition, there is a certain chance to collect an Inventory Expansion bag on this table.


Dog Tag

After getting the above items, leave here quickly. If you encounter a monster on the way, you can try to run back and throw it away as much as possible.

Then return to the PILLBOX, use the key to open the door here, and walk up the stairs in the room.

You will find the body of a soldier, collect his Dog Tag .


After completing the above collection, return to the storage room in the generator area.

At this time, you have obtained a lot of codes on the Dog Tag , open the corresponding storage room, and get reward items.

You’ll find the important story item “Wrench” from one of the lockers.

With this item, you will be able to explore more areas that were previously inaccessible.


NOTE – Noyer’s Translations / NOTE – List of the Guilty

Once you get the wrench, you can open some of the previous iron fence door openings that had hex-alobe screws.

First, go back to the maintenance area, to the wine cellar.

Open the iron grille door here and collect the two notes in the cabinet inside.


Continue walking towards the workshop, and when you get to the area near the foreman’s room, keep an eye out for another iron gate here.

You can use a wrench to open the iron gate.


Dog Tag

In this room, you can collect another Dog Tag .

(use the torch to drive away the rats near the corpse)

After completing these two wrench collection points, you can return to the generator Administrator’s room, replenish the generator fuel and save it, and prepare to go to the Prison area.


Prison – Amnesia : The Bunker Walkthrough & Guide

The entrance to the prison area (PRISON) is located next to the storage compartment, you can easily find it.


After entering the prison area, go straight in, you need to walk for a long time to come across a wooden door at the corner.

There are parts of the collection in this wooden door, and a brick on the shelf.


Pick up the bricks and go forward, break open the wooden door here.



You can collect a map from the wall.


Keep going and you will come to the cell area.

You can vaguely hear a German soldier calling for help, so stay away from him for now.

Note the other locked wooden door at the entrance to the cell.

You can use the brick just now to continue breaking open the wooden door.

(If you don’t have bricks, you can use grenades or dynamite barrels)


NOTE – Wrench Location Note

Once the gate is destroyed, use the wrench to open the hexagonal gate on the nearby wall.

You can collect the notes next to the iron gate by the way.


You will come to the prison administration room.

(If your game is in simple mode, there will be a save point oil lamp here)



Collect photos from a nearby bookshelf.


NOTE – Update on Prisoner

On a table in the center of the room, a Note can be found.


Next, you need to operate the console here to get the bolt cutters in the prison where the German prisoner is.

The German prisoner is located in the second (from top to bottom) room of the prison on the right. Once you open the door of this room, the prisoner will shout and attract monsters.

This will cause him to be killed by monsters with a high probability.

So if you want to get the bolt cutters without killing that German prisoner (which unlocks the “Life Preserver” achievement), you’ll have to take some extra strategy.


First go to the storage closet at the end of the room going inwards from the control room.

Find the powder keg in this room and push it into the corridor corresponding to the third room on the right side of the prison


Go back to the console and open the prison door for the German prisoners.

After the monster appears in the hallway, shoot the powder keg quickly, this will scare the monster away from coming here for a while.


Use this time period to quickly reach the cell where the German prisoner is, and pick up the bolt cutters beside him.

Then go back to the control room and close his prison door again.


Expansion Bag 4 (potential location)

In addition, you can also use the console to open other prison doors and obtain the supplies inside.

In one of the cells, you’ll have a chance to get an expansion bag.


Expansion bag 4 (potential location)

In addition, on a shelf in this area, you also have a chance to get the Inventory Expansion bag.


Note-REYNARD dies/Note-Court Martial Permission

Once you’re done exploring the cell, head back to the duty room at the entrance to the prison area (the one with the map on the wall).

Use the bolt cutters you got to open the file cabinet here and get two files.


After leaving the prison area, you can go to the medical warehouse (near the Administrator’s room) and use the bolt cutters to open the cabinet here before returning to the generator Administrator’s room to get some medical supplies.


You can also go to the wine cellar (the fork in the road from the officer’s quarters to the maintenance area) and use bolt cutters to open the iron gate here.


NOTE – About Digging too Deep / NOTE – Toussaint’s Fate

Arrive at the officer’s quarters and enter REYNARD’s room (this room is locked, you have blown it up before, you may not be able to find the door sign)

In this room, there is also a locked filing cabinet, use the bolt cutters to open the filing cabinet and get two files.


Once you’ve collected the above, you can head back to the Generator Administor’s room, fill up your fuel, and organize your backpack.



Soldier Quarters – Amnesia : The Bunker Walkthrough & Guide

The entrance to the Soldier Quarters is located in the aisle opposite the storage room, which is relatively hidden.


The Soldier Quarters is the most dangerous area among all the exploration areas. There are a lot of grenade traps in it, so you need to check the road conditions as carefully as possible and be prepared before hitting the mines.

Beyond that, turn on as many street light switches as possible along the way to allow power to be delivered to the innermost rooms.



Use bricks or grenades to blow open the door of the messenger room you come across.

You can get a map of the Soldier Quarters here.


NOTE – Joubert’s Journal – Patrol / Photo

In addition to this, you can also find a Note on a shelf in the room.

Find a photo at the other end of the shelf.


Petal switch

Go down the corridor, pay attention to the location in the picture, and collect the notes.


At the end of the corridor, you will see a T-junction.

On the left is the Mess Hall, in the middle is the Communications , and on the right is the security room.

You can first explore the Mess Hall on the left and the security room on the right, and you need to find the key to enter the Communications in the middle.


NOTE – Gathering of the Willing / Expansion bag 5 (potential location)

Enter the barracks towards the Mess Hall, pay attention to a hole in the iron fence at the corner on the right, and use the wrench handle to open it.

You can get a note inside, and there is a chance to get an expanded bag5.


NOTE – Fear and Paranoia

Then investigate the bed and the cabinet against the wall in this room to get some supplies.

As shown in the picture, a Note can be obtained on this bed.



Here in a bunk, a photo can be found.


Dog Tag / NOTE – Clement’s Journal – Compelled

On the bed (without bedding) near the door to enter the interior of this room, you can get a DOG TAG and a Note.


Dog Tag

After exploring this barracks, don’t explore the roads inside for now.

Go back to the security room and investigate the beds here.

The layout here is similar to the barracks, and there will also be some beds.

Keep an eye out for a corpse on the ground (there will be rats gnawing on it), and pick up the DOG TAG next to it.


NOTE – Toussaint’s Journal

On the bed near the corpse, a Note can be found.


Note – Nicolay’s Unsent Letter

You can also find another Note by searching a nearby cabinet.


Not – we spin the world

On a bunk (top bunk), you can also find a Note.

Note that since this log note is located on the upper bunk, you may miss it with a high probability.


NOTE – Noyer’s Journal – Part 1

In the item pocket of another bed, a Note can be found.


After you finish exploring the security room, return to the barracks and continue exploring the path ahead.

Remember to take the nearby bricks and move forward, you will pass some trap grenades on the way, pay attention to avoid monsters appearing.


Continue to walk along the corridor, pay attention, there will be grenade traps in the corridor.

Turn on the light switch in the hallway to allow power to flow to the rooms inside.


Dog Tag

Reach the corner of the corridor here, you can find a dead soldier, use the torch to drive away the rats, and get the DOG TAG next to it.


Inventory Expansion bag 5 (potential location)

Use bricks or grenades to destroy the door and enter the room. Pay attention to the small cabinet on the wall, there is a certain chance to get an Inventory Expansion bag here.


Note – Farber’s Last Note

In a large wooden cabinet nearby, you can find a Note.


Shoot the iron door lock in the innermost room to enter this room.


NOTE – The Officers have Fled

In this room, you can collect a note on the table.


Next, explore the next room, as shown in the picture, remove all the barrels and boxes here, and use the wrench socket to open the iron fence.



In this room, you can get a photo from a wooden box.


After completing all the above collections, you need to return to the previously locked Communications intersection, and pay attention to a wooden door room on the left side of the security room corridor.

Use bricks to break open the wooden door, here is a photographic darkroom, you can find a photo here.


Then go deep into the corridor and use the bricks to break open the last wooden door.

(The door at the end of the corridor outside the photo-processing room)


NOTE – I Have the Communications Key

Just after entering the gate, you can find a small box on the wall and get an important note.


You need to check this note, because its content will be randomized each time.

You just need to pay attention to the signature at the end of the note.

Remember the name, then go back to the barracks and Security Room again to find the bed with the corresponding name.

There will be names on every other bunk, and you’ll need to look for them carefully.

When you find the correct bunk, examine the key on the bed’s upper or lower bedding and pick it up.


After getting the key, open the gate of the COMMUNICATIONS room.


Note – Farber Dies

On the table in this room, collect a Note.


Note – Note to Farber

On another small table near this one, collect a Note.


Note – Noyer’s Journal – Part 2

Then use the bolt cutters to open the filing cabinet next to it and get another log.


After you finish exploring this area, don’t leave this room, the next thing you need to do is the most important thing: get the code of the arsenal.

Interact with the radio on the table, you will hear the radio and get the code.

(This code number is random, but when you interact with the radio, it will be automatically recorded in the code column of your function menu)

If you start the radio and there is no sound, you need to consider whether the radio has power.

If there is no electricity, you need to return to the previous barracks to see if the circuit is connected.

(You can follow the wires of the radio and check where there is no power along the way)


After getting the code, go back to the storage room next to the generator Administrator’s room, now you have found all the remaining soldier DOG TAG codes except the last soldier locker.

Photos / Note – Routine Patrol

Open H. Clement’s wardrobe, you can find 1 photo and a Note.


You can find a gas mask in the N·LAVAL soldier’s cabinet.

The gas mask can help you resist poison gas damage, but its practical use is not great, and it is not a necessary item for the plot.


After completing the above collections, return to the Administrator’s room, save and replenish fuel.

I strongly recommends filling up the generator fuel this time, because next you need to explore the arsenal (ARSENAL) area, which will be quite time-consuming.


Arsenal – Tunnels – Amnesia : The Bunker Walkthrough & Guide

Start from the Administrator’s room to the arsenal . The entrance to the arsenal is located at the end of the long corridor outside the Administrator’s room and is easy to find.


Once in the armory area, first use a brick or a grenade to blast the door on the right side of the road.



You’ll find a map of the area inside this door.



On the shelf next to the map, you can also find a photo.


Inventory Expansion bag 6 (potential location)

On the table in this room, you have a certain chance to find Inventory Expansion bag.

(If you use a grenade to blow open the gate here, then the table will be blown up with a high probability, and this item will fall to the ground)


Dog Tag

Exit this room and head towards the area opposite the door to the room.

Note that there will be some gas mines and incendiary mine traps, you can use thrown items to detonate them.

Find a dead soldier around the corner and get the DOG TAG on him.


Continue to go inside, at a green door, you need to enter the code you got in the barracks at the end of the last chapter.


Next you will come to a messy ruins, collecting various supplies.

You can use grenades to destroy some wooden frames to get new roads, or you can quietly remove some wooden barrels and obstacles, and go around and continue to move forward by squeeze through the shelves.


Dog Tag

On the way, collect a DOG TAG near a soldier’s corpse.


Keep going inside, remove the wooden planks here, and go further, and you’ll be blocked by a set of shelves.

Here it must be destroyed with grenades or bricks.


Inventory Expansion bag 6 (potential location)

At the end of the area, enter a room with a wooden door.

On a shelf in the room, you have a chance to get Inventory Expansion bag.


Continue to go inside, at the end of the room, you can find explosives.

After getting the explosives, go back to the entrance of the arsenal (near the room where the map was obtained).

Note that you will be chased by monsters with a high probability on the way, try not to be caught by him.


Return to the intersection of the room where the arsenal map was located before, as shown in the picture, enter the room directly ahead.

(Need to crouch to enter the room)

Use bolt cutters to open the iron door.


You will come to a flooded area, jump into the water, reach the position blocked by obstacles, dive (press the crouch button) and climb to the end of the room.

Find the lever on the wall, pull it down, and return to the entrance of the waterway.


Find the water pump at the entrance of the waterway, pull down the working switch, and the water here will be pumped out.


When the water is emptied, continue walking towards the inside of the room.

You will go through a long tunnel to a location where you can save.

(If it is a high difficulty game, there will be no save points here)


NOTE – Toussaint’s Madness

Collect the Note slips on the table.



A photograph can also be found on a nearby table.


NOTE – Comment on Noyer’s Report

On a wooden box nearby, a note can also be found.


After completing the exploration of this area, continue to go deeper into the tunnel, and you will gradually enter a foggy area.

Here will come the voice of a strange man.


You can prepare the revolver. In the fog, you will see all kinds of illusory shadows. Don’t rush to shoot and pay attention to saving bullets.

Once the man starts shooting, you can start chasing him, and two revolvers will take him down.

After he’s defeated by you, you can pick up the shotgun he drops.


Continue exploring the area to find a locked wooden door in the inner room.

Blast it with a grenade, then you can enter the room and get the blast lever.


Investigate this room, find a cave entrance blocked by a barrel, remove the barrel, and explore outside the cave entrance.

You’ll come to the deep pit you fell into at the beginning of the game.


Dog Tag

Investigate the nearby waters to find the DOG TAG of your friend Lambert.


You can also find a Rabbit Doll Doll on the ground nearby.

This is a very important item that you can bring with you.

(With this item, you can complete a special achievement and also make it easier to defeat monsters in the final boss battle)


After completing the above collection, quickly return to the Administrator’s room of the generator.

Next you need to make final preparations and escape from this bunker.


Note – Lambert’s Journal – Part 2

Go to the storage room and open the remaining DOG TAG wardrobe boxes.

You can get 6 shotgun bullets and a Note from Lambert’s locker.


If you want to complete a special achievement for the Rabbit Doll, you can lure the monster out and throw the Rabbit Doll at it when it’s ready to pounce on you.

When it sees this puppet rabbit, it will leave quickly.

You can then go to the chapel deep in the Maintenance and find the rabbit again on the altar.

(This will unlock a game achievement.)

I strongly recommends that you do not complete this achievement in the maintenance area, because there are rules for refresh in the map area. If you do not find this rabbit on the altar of the church, you can try to leave the maintenance area and return here. After refreshing the map, it will available.


After completing the last game hidden achievement above, deploy the explosive detonator and blaster at the exit of the Administrator’s room, as shown in the picture.

Press the blaster and the escape hatch will be blasted open.


Make the final save in the Administrator’s room of the generator, and bring enough grenades, weapons and ammunition for the final BOSS battle and escape.

Escape from the bunker

Go straight along the exit tunnel, and you will come to a huge suspension bridge.

The suspension bridge is a circular square shape.


Note the composition of the roads in different parts of the suspension bridge, some are boardwalks and some are stone slabs.

You need to escape to the exit at the end of the drawbridge, but you will meet the monster on the way.

(If you still have the doll rabbit on your body at this time, throwing it will make it stay in place for a long time, and you can use this to gain an advantage in battle)


You have two ways to complete the escape.

The first:

Lead the monster to the plank bridge road, then throw a grenade to destroy the plank road, and the monster will fall into the abyss.

This will trigger the road at the exit location to be blasted directly, and you can leave the area directly.


The second :

After dealing with the monster and attracting it to a farther position, quickly reach the exit position, place small boxes and large boxes, and jump out of the battlefield area.

(Shooting at the monster will make the monster stay in place for about 5 seconds.)


These two different styles of play will lead to two endings of the game.

In fact, there is not much difference between the two endings.

Ending 1

If the monster falls into the abyss under the bridge, then you will climb out of the bunker cave alone and get out of here.

Ending 2

If the monster didn’t fall into the abyss under the bridge, and you sneaked out of the cave in the bunker, then the monster would also escape from the bunker later, whereabouts are unknown.


No matter what ending you get, the game ends here.

After the credits are over, you can start a new game.

In the new round of the game process, after you get the DOG TAG of A FORTIN, you can get the shotgun directly from his wardrobe in the storage room.

(However, the role of shotguns is not too great in the game)

This concludes the process and collection of Amnesia: The Bunker.

Quick Pass Walkthrough & Guide

If you want to quickly clear “Amnesia: The Bunker”, you need to simplify your route and reduce unnecessary waste of time. The details are summarized as follows:

1. Familiarize yourself with the route

Learn how to navigate each area of the game with your first playthrough.

After you are familiar with it, you don’t need to carry flashlights and stopwatches.

2. Collect as many sticks, cloth, fuel tanks, grenades, ammunition as possible

These four items are important consumables in the game. Sticks and cloth can form torches, fuel tanks can charge generators, and grenades can quickly blast open various wooden doors.

In addition, ammunition is also extremely important, because ammunition can drive away the monster, saving you a lot of time to dodge

3. Understand the important plot items in the game and collect them as soon as possible

Important items in the game include wrench sockets, bolt cutters, lighters, and detonators and blasters in the final arsenal area.

4. Actively trigger the trap when necessary, and then leave quickly to achieve the effect of slamming east and west

This is a common strategy, and sometimes traps can not only limit your actions, but also limit the actions of monsters.

The speed pass route is as follows:

1. Quickly reach the generator saving room

2. Go to the officer’s area to get the DOG TAG of J. Delisle, return to the storage room, open his wardrobe to get the red round handle, and then replace the round door handle outside the storage room.

3. Go to the maintenance area to get the DOG TAG of A. Giraud, go back to the storage room, and get the lighter.

4. Go to the maintenance area to find the bunker key in the cabinet in the chapel, then get another soldier’s DOG TAG from the upper level of the bunker, go back to the storage room, and get the wrench.

5. Go to the prison, use a wrench to open the door of the control room, and pick up the bolt cutters in the German prisoner’s room

6. Find the key on the random bed directly in the soldier’s lounge in the Soldier Quarters, then power on the rest room, and finally turn on the radio in the communication room to obtain the code to enter the arsenal

7. Enter the arsenal to get the detonator, and then enter the tunnel to get the blasting tool

8. Blow up the escape exit, confront the boss at the abyss bridge, and clear the game after success

How to achieve all achievements

Plot and process

Gave the All Clear

Completion method: This achievement can be unlocked after opening the emergency exit door.


How to complete it: After opening the escape door, you will receive the Armory Code via radio, which will automatically unlock this achievement.

Tool List (Toolist)

Completion method: Find the cutting machine, and the plot must be unlocked.


How to complete: Foreman Stafford’s DOG TAG can be found in the maintenance room, a necessary item for the plot, so you won’t miss it.


How to do it: Find the admin’s office and unlock this achievement early in the game.

Munitions Expert

How to complete: This achievement is unlocked by finding dynamite in the arsenal.

Explosives Technician

How to complete: Find the Dynamite Knob in the Roman Passage to unlock this achievement.


Completion method: clear the game.



Completion method: Collect all 52 notes. All log entries appear in fixed positions, please refer to the process part for details.


Completion method: Open all code locks in the game (11 places in total). To complete this achievement, you need to collect relevant soldier Dog Tag s to get clues, because these codes are random numbers.


How to do it: Find all the maps. There are a total of 5 maps in the game, in fixed locations. But in addition to the one in the administrator’s room, there are four maps located in four rooms that need to be blasted.

Pack Rat

How to do it: Find all the Inventory Expansion bag. There are 7 places in the game, 3 of which are in fixed positions, and the remaining 4 will appear in random positions.


Immediately, Immediately (Toot Sweet)

Completion method: Clear the game within 30 minutes (approximately). For details, refer to the key points of the game speedrunning strategy.

No, too much! (Nope, c’est trop!)

How to complete it: After you first enter the bunker, you will find the dying soldier who gave you a revolver. When you pick up the bullet in the storage room opposite him, a monster will appear and pull him away.

Grasp this point in time, and exit the game quickly before the scene ends. This will unlock the achievement.

Easy Breather

How to do it: Obtain the gas mask. The gas mask is located in N. Laval’s storage box. You need to find his DOG TAG to get the code before you can open this box. For details, refer to the process part of the walkthrough.

Flint & Steel

How to complete it: Obtain a lighter. The lighter is located in a storage box in the munitions storage room, you need to find A Gillo’s DOG TAG to get the code of this storage box to get it. For details, refer to the process part of the walkthrough.

Life Preserver

How to do it: Find the cutting tool and lock the prison door before the German soldier dies.


How to do it: Find the monster’s lair in the church. Achievements must be unlocked in the story.


How to do it: Obtain the shotgun. You have two ways to get shotguns:

1. In the Roman tunnel, defeat the strange man (requires at least two revolver bullets), he will drop this weapon

2. In A·Futing’s locker (you need to clear the game at least once before you can find it in this locker in the next process)

Toy Collector

How to do it: Find the plush Rabbit Doll. This toy is located in a wooden box in a Roman tunnel, with a DOG TAG next to the box.

Beast Master

How to complete: In the final BOSS battle, try to lure the monster to the wooden bridge, and then use the grenade to blow up the wooden bridge, causing the monster to fall into the abyss.

Pit Master

How to do it: Burn a corpse.


How to do it: Let the monster trigger the trap and take damage.


How to do it: Blast open a door with a powder keg.

Culinary Specialist

How it’s done: Use the Meat Chunks to lure the rats away from the corpse.


How to do it: Ignite a piece of fuel. You can dump the collected oil drums on the ground to create a longer line, then use a lighter or torch to light it.

Chemical Weapon Expert

How it’s done: Print out the monster first, then throw gas mines at it. (Invalid when monsters are chasing you)

Got It in One

How to complete: Beat the game without saving the game.

Efficiency Expert

How it’s done: throwing nothing away, storing nothing. This achievement is actually very difficult to complete, so you need to be careful about the items you need to pick up and find extra Inventory Expansion bag as much as possible.

Tiny Repairman (Tinkerer)

How it’s done: Remove a trap with bolt cutters.


How it’s done: Show the Muppet Rabbit to the monster.

Toy Fanatic

Completion method: Get the Rabbit Rabbit again. You need to show the Rabbit to the monster first, it will take the Rabbit to the altar of the chapel (located in the maintenance area), go to the altar, and get the rabbit back again.


How to complete: Unlock automatically after clearing the game.


How to do it: Burn a lot of corpses. You need to burn 12 corpses to unlock this achievement.


How to do it: Open all bars, windows and chain locks.

Memory Creator (Improviser)

How to do it: Blast open a door with a shotgun.


How to do it: Kill a rat with a shotgun.

Cut It Off

How to do it: Use heavier objects (large square cabinets, gas canisters, etc.) to block the hole where the monster is about to appear. Draw it out, if it emerges from this hole, it cannot crawl out. This will unlock the achievement.

Self-recommendation (Got Introduced)

How it’s done: Survive your first head-to-head encounter with a monster. To complete this achievement, you need to let the monster find you, then run away quickly and leave it alone.

Shell Shocked

Completion method: When encountering a soldier with a shotgun in the Roman passageway, its shadow will appear at the beginning, and it will be unlocked after shooting the shadow several times.

French Crusader Medal (Croix de Guerre)

Completion: Unlocked after completing all other achievements.

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