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The Ghost Case Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to The Ghost Case Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you play through the game, and unlock all the ends and collections.

The Ghost Case Walkthrough & Guide


Continuing from the previous game “The Girl In The Window,” players take on the role of Detective Ren, who, after experiencing various supernatural events, re-investigates the Hidden City murder case from twenty years ago. Before setting off, open the drawer on the right side of the desk to obtain the map. Take the sugar packet from the table and click on the map in the inventory to go to the murder house from the previous game.


Upon entering the room, take the broken bottle from the small table and place it on the damaged cabinet on the right. Then pour the sugar into the broken bottle to lure out the termites inside the cabinet.


Take the bottle with termites and search the room to take the power cord behind the TV. Then sprinkle the collected termites on the wooden board to seal off the door panel.


Enter the room behind the white door and first take the chess piece from the drawer. Then observe the status of the seed growth in the painting on the wall and the direction of the fingers (which may vary depending on the situation). Next, open the window and find the first owl on the top left corner of the tree crown.

Note: There are nine hidden owls in the game, so keep an eye out for them.


Take the two light bulbs from the lampshade and examine the four arrows on the password lock of the box below. The clues for the password are found in four paintings placed around the house.


Open the two bedroom doors for further search. In the left bedroom, find the glue in the drawer. Remember the painting on the wall and then go to the right bedroom to obtain the yellow notebook from the table. Finally, observe the fourth painting and use the clues from the previous paintings to open the box next to the heater to obtain another light bulb.

Note: The direction of the fingers in the paintings may vary, so follow the actual situation.


Observe the patterns on the clothes inside the box (Right 1, Left 2, Middle 3) and the symbols on the collar tags (three symbols). Arrange the symbols in the order indicated to open the yellow notebook obtained earlier.


Examine the contents of the notebook and use the hints from the symbols on the robot’s body (note that the black and white positions may vary) to open the heater on the right side. Obtain the vase fragment, pencil, and coal.


Flip to the last page of the yellow notebook and use the pencil to reveal the hidden traces. Then, based on the instructions provided, open the drawer (pay attention to the black and white conversion) to find the purple notebook, chess piece, and magnetic card.


Go to the left bedroom and use the magnetic card to open the cabinet and retrieve the teddy bear. Then, outside, follow the instructions in the notebook to install the light bulbs (the top one is for the desk lamp, and the bottom one is for the pendant light). Attach the power cord to the desk lamp and turn it on (also turn on the pendant light). Finally, click on the mirror and hand the teddy bear to the ghost.


Observe the numbers appearing on the mirror and then click on the room’s phone to enter the digits. Listen to a piano melody. Next, go to the right bedroom and open the lid on the table. Replay the piano melody you heard (the four piano notes may vary, so find the right sequence) to open the drawer and obtain the vase fragment and metal hour hand.


Place the two fragments next to the broken vase (near the seed painting). Use glue to assemble the fragments and take the metal minute hand from the top. Then, click on the grandfather clock in the right bedroom and adjust the time (using the hour hand and minute hand) based on the notebook and the hint on the vase. Retrieve the red key.

Note: The minute hand and second hand should be fixed, while the hour hand will change randomly. Open the small window on the right side to find the second owl.


Use the key to open the cabinet on the desk in the left bedroom and obtain the third chess piece and a bottle of fish food. Pour the fish food into the fish tank and observe the hint appearing on the fish’s body. Combine it with the hints (in a specific order) from the purple notebook to obtain a four-symbol password.


Go outside and use the obtained password to open the box on the table next to the desk lamp. Retrieve the final chess piece. Arrange all the chess pieces on the table, and once the ghost of the main character from “The Girl In The Window” gives a hint, take the nearby round tile.

Note: The positions of the chess pieces on the board may vary, so adjust accordingly.


Place the round tile on the cabinet. First, according to the hints on the chessboard, move the colored dots corresponding to the chess pieces to their respective positions. Then, open the cabinet and take the envelope and projector slides. Return to the police station, insert the slides into the projector, and examine the photos to obtain a new location.

Note: Keep flipping through the slides to find the third owl.


Open the map and go to Lian’s house. Ring the doorbell to trigger a conversation. After being rejected, slide the envelope through the door crack. Enter the room and have a conversation with Lian to obtain new hints and a card.

Note: You can find the fourth owl on the cup in Lian’s hand.


Return to the murder house and align the card with the password lock on the red door. Observe the sequence of clicks (which will vary) and open the lock. Enter the room behind the door. Then, take the pliers from the drawer and the note from the box in the right closet.


Examine the hint on the note (- + indicates ascending order) and arrange the bottles on the cabinet according to the amount of liquid to open a hidden compartment. Use the symbols on the note to input the password for the suitcase, and retrieve a wire.

Note: Arrange the bottles in order and match them with the corresponding symbols on the note.


Use the pliers to bend the wire and retrieve the key from the ventilation duct. Use the key to open the drawer and obtain the green notebook and flashlight. Then, follow the instructions in the notebook (the order of the password and the position of the pirate’s hands) to open the safe on the cabinet. Retrieve the pendant and floppy disk.

Note: Use the flashlight to see the hint in the ventilation duct. Pay attention to the orientation of the compass for the pirate: red rising means top right, red falling means bottom right. Currently, you have encountered two sets of modified passwords. Adjust the others according to the actual situation.


Return to the police station and insert the floppy disk into the computer to examine its contents for new clues—Anna’s address. Close all the pop-ups and find the fifth owl on the desktop. Then, open the map and find Anna’s house. Talk to her and, once again, get rejected. Give her the pendant.


Follow Anna’s hint to a new scene—the cemetery. Take the lanterns and matches from both sides and light the empty coffin. Adjust the position of the shadows according to the content of the mural. Then, take the ring from the hidden compartment on the left side.


Return to the police station and plug in the new clue. Open the map and go to the store. Talk to Lea to gather information and obtain a doll. On the shelf behind her, you’ll find the sixth owl.


Go to the mental hospital and talk to the nurse for information. Then, enter the room of the mental patient. Examine the drawings on the wall (four simple drawings with a dot), which will be used later. Listen to the patient’s words for another hint: Wind-Sun-Frog-Wind.

Note: The seventh owl is on the paper under the mattress. This hint corresponds to the mechanism on the tomb in the cemetery, which will vary.


Come to the tomb chamber and complete two puzzles based on the clues seen in the mental patient’s room to open a hidden passage.


Underneath the secret passage, there are three areas. In room two, place the four statues on the corresponding pillars according to their weights to balance them all. Once completed, take the bone and empty bottle from the left compartment. Then, click on the right jar multiple times to reveal a bee.


Follow the bee to collect nectar throughout the room (there will be small flowers in the corners). Then, go to room one and take the three flowers that bloom on the tree (red, blue, yellow). Afterward, the tree trunk disappears and a mushroom appears. Take the mushroom and adjust the mural in the background to open a hidden compartment and retrieve a key.


Turn to the left and use the key to open the red box. Inside, you’ll find an empty bottle, a flute, and a pestle. Then, go to the entrance and use the flute to control the snake and put it in a dormant state. Take the hand of the statue.


Go to the mural and attach the statue’s hand to the broken part of the right statue. Observe the new hint on the mural and open the hidden compartment on the right side of the entrance to obtain an empty bottle and a note.


Go to the entrance of room two and place the three flowers in the mortar one by one. Use the pestle to grind them into powder and then transfer the powder into the empty bottle. Observe the graffiti on the right wall and combine it with the hint on the note to determine the positions of the four symbols.


In room one, complete the mechanism on the wall and obtain the Sunstone. Then, pull the lever that appears to activate the mechanism in room two. Go to room two and pour the powder into the corresponding fountains according to the colors of the snake, lion, and eagle on the jars in the corners of the room. This will yield the Moonstone.


Return to room one and place the two stones into the grooves on the wall to open the hidden compartment below. Retrieve the key and the quartz crystal. Use the key to open the blue box at the entrance and take the hourglass. Then, go to room three and place the collected items (hourglass, quartz crystal, mushroom, and bone) on the corresponding pillars. Rewrite the magic circle on the ground with charcoal and observe the hints that appear on the walls on both sides.


In room two, arrange the two statues at the entrance to match the mural on the wall in room three. This will rescue Lian and Anna. If you wait for a while, it will trigger a bad ending where the three of them are hung on the wall. To achieve the good ending, combine the doll and the ring and throw them onto the magic circle. Then, watch the cutscene and the game will end.

Note: For the true ending, there is one more box puzzle to complete, but it is relatively simple and not worth mentioning here.

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