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Alhaitham Best Build Guide Genshin Impact

Welcome! This Guide will cover every aspect of Alhaitham build in Genshin Impact. Talent, Weapons, Artifacts, Constellations, Team Comps, etc.

Alhaitham Overview – Genshin Impact Guide

Alhaitham is a Dendro-elemental output character who fights using the “Chisel-Light Mirror”. He can form the Chisel-Light Mirror through elemental skills and burst, during which Alhaitham’s normal attacks will deal Dendro-elemental damage, and after hitting an enemy, the Chisel-Light Mirror will also attack the enemy, dealing Dendro-elemental aoe damage. When casting the elemental burst, it will produce or consume Chisel-Light Mirror according to the current number of Chisel-Light Mirrores, causing multiple Dendro-elemental aoe damage.

Alhaitham Level-Up Materials Chart – Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Guide Alhaitham Ascensions Materials

Talent Analysis Alhaitham – Genshin Impact Guide

Talent Priority – Genshin Impact Alhaitham Guide

Elemental Skill > Normal Attack > Elemental Burst

Alhaitham is a character whose three skills should all be upgraded. His main damage comes from the conversion of Dendro-elemental damage in normal attacks/charged attacks after casting the elemental skill, and the damage caused by the Chisel-Light Mirror during the skill, of which the Chisel-Light Mirror damage (belonging to the elemental skill damage) accounts for a high proportion. It is recommended to upgrade the elemental skill and normal attack first, and then upgrade the elemental burst.

【Additional】 Damage proportion:

【Note】0 Constellation, Light of Foliar Incision with 1 Refinement Rank

Genshin Impact Guide Alhaitham talent damage propotion

  • The damage distribution of other weapons is similar, with Elemental Skill > Normal Attack > Elemental Burst > Charged Attack.
  • In addition, as Elemental Mastery stacks up, the damage distribution of Elemental Skills (especially for the Chisel-Light Mirror) will also increase.

Normal Attack

Genshin Impact Guide Alhaitham Normal Attack

  1. The normal attack has 5 segments and a total of 6 hits, with the 4th segment consisting of 2 hits and the rest being single hits. The final hit of the 5th segment has a longer pre-attack animation, and in combat, players can use “4A + sprint” to output damage (or choose to complete all normal attacks for sustained damage output, mainly to use normal attacks to trigger the Chisel-Light Mirror damage).
  2. After the normal attack is converted to Dendro-elemental damage (after casting the elemental skill), the attack will follow the rule of “apply elemental aura to an enemy every 2.5 seconds with a 2-hit interval”.

Elemental Skill (E)

Genshin Impact Guide Alhaitham Elemental Skill

  1. The release of the Elemental Skill (Rushes forward) does not generate any energy particles/orbs, but hitting enemies with Chisel-Light Mirror generates 1 Dendro element particle, with a cooldown of 2 seconds.
  2. All attacks of the Elemental Skill and the normal/charged/plunging attacks converted into Ice damage will apply a weak Ice element application (1 Gauge Unit Aura, 9.5s).
  3. The Elemental Skill’s release (Rushes forward) will apply a single weak Dendro application, and within 12 seconds after the first Chisel-Light Mirror is generated, every subsequent Chisel-Light Mirror attack will apply 1 weak dendro application.
  4. Similar to Nahida, the attack power and elemental mastery of Alhaitham directly affect the damage of Chisel-Light Mirror. Among them, the priority of elemental mastery is higher than that of attack power, so when choosing the attributes to stack, elemental mastery should take priority over attack power.
  5. Normal attacks cannot trigger Chisel-Light Mirror, until the normal attack hits enemies.
  6. The release of the Elemental Skill and the subsequent Chisel-Light Mirror are both considered Elemental Skill damage and can trigger the passive effect of the Sacrificial Sword.
  7. Chisel-Light Mirror has no snapshot mechanism and will be calculated based on Alhaitham’s real-time attribute panel.

【Additional】Damage Calculation for Alhaitham

Damage calculation for Normal Attacks and Elemental Skill’s “Chisel-Light Mirror”

  • Normal Attack damage calculation (the same applies to Charged Attack):

(Attack × Normal Attack Multiplier + Spread reaction base value) × Normal Attack Bonus × Critical DMG Bonus × Enemy Defense × Enemy Elemental Resistance

  • Elemental Skill “Chisel-Light Mirror” calculation (the same applies to the attack of the Elemental Burst)

(Attack × Chisel-Light Mirror Multiplier + Elemental Mastery × Chisel-Light Mirror Mastery Multiplier + Spread reaction base value) × Elemental Skill Amplification × Critical DMG Bonus × Enemy Defense Reduction × Enemy Elemental Resistance


  1. In addition to the following, assume that the attack triggered the “Spread” reaction.
  2. The attack damage of Alhaitham’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst is determined by both the Attack and Elemental Mastery multipliers.
  3. When calculating damage, it is necessary to pay attention to both Alhaitham’s Attack and Elemental Mastery, but relatively speaking, the stacking of Elemental Mastery has a greater effect on skill damage.
  4. This is because Elemental Mastery not only increases the base multiplier of Elemental Skills and Burst, but also enhances the damage bonus effect of Alhaitham’s Spread and DMG bonus of his 2nd passive talen.

The Spread reaction DMG formula:

Level coefficient x reaction coefficient x (1 + trigger’s elemental mastery bonus + reaction damage bonus)

Here are explanations for the variables in the formula:

  • The “level coefficient” is based solely on the level of the character who triggers the reaction, and is different for each level. At level 90, the coefficient is 1446.85.
  • The “reaction coefficient” is 1.25 for spread reactions and 1.15 for Aggravate reactions.
  • The “elemental mastery bonus” is 2.78 times the elemental mastery stat, plus 1400. This affects the damage of the reaction.
  • The “reaction damage bonus” is typically found on artifacts, weapon effects, and some environmental effects, but there is currently no equipment that increases damage specifically for spread reactions.
  • It’s important to note that sprad reactions do not occur every time a character uses a dendro attack. They are only triggered when elemental aura applied.
  • Additionally, the damage of the reaction is calculated based on the elemental mastery of the character who triggers the reaction.
  • Character level has a significant impact on spead reactions, with the level coefficient at level 80 being 1077.44, which is about 34% lower than at level 90 under the same conditions.

Elemental Burst (Q)

Genshin Impact Guide Alhaitham Elemental Burst

  1. All attacks of Elemental Burst are weak Dendro-elemental applications (1 Gauge Unit Aura, 9.5s) and follow the rule of “apply elemental application to the same enemy every 2.5 seconds with 2 attacks”.
  2. Elemental Burst can be used as an opening move, followed by normal attacks after acquiring three Chisel-Light Mirror stacks. Then maintain two stacks of Chisel-Light Mirror through Elemental Skill and heavy attack (with the passive talent) for continuous attacks.

Passive Talent

Genshin Impact Guide Alhaitham passive talent

  1. passive Talent 1: After using Elemental Skill, increase the number of Chisel-Light Mirror stacks through heavy attacks to increase damage.
  2. passive Talent 2: The amplification effect of this passive talent belongs to the damage boost interval and stacks with Dendro-elemental damage bonuses.
  3. passive Talent 3: This talent has the same effect as the passive Talent 3 of Ayaka.

Weapons – Genshin Impact Alhaitham Guide

Light of Foliar IncisionPrimordial Jade CutterMistsplitter ReforgedHaran Geppaku FutsuThe Black SwordHarbinger of DawnIron StingToukabou Shigure

Weapon selection explanation

  1. Prioritize weapons such as Light of Foliar Incision, Primordial Jade Cutter, Mistsplitter Reforged, Haran Geppaku Futsu, Freedom-Sworn, The Black Sword, Harbinger of Dawn, Toukabou Shigure, and Iron Sting.
  2. The Alhaitham’s Attribute is Dendro-elemental damage bonus, with no more critical rate or critical damage sources. Therefore, prioritize weapons with sub-stats of critical rate or critical damage when selecting weapons.
  3. If there are no dual critical weapons available, consider weapons with sub-stats of elemental mastery. It is not recommended to choose weapons with attack bonus sub-stats since the improvement is relatively small.
  4. The Harbinger of Dawn’s damage is significant when the health is above 90%. It is recommended to pair it with a shield support or a healing character in a “bleeding” environment to ensure the passive effect’s triggering.
  5. When other characters in the team can provide elemental mastery, the damage difference between dual critical weapons and weapons with other sub-stats will be further widened. The difference between Light of Foliar Incision and other weapons will gradually increase with Alhaitham’s mastery improvement.
  6. The Iron Sting’s damage is not significantly different from that of Toukabou Shigure with the same refinement level. The choice can be made based on the refinement level.

Artifact Introduction – Genshin Impact Alhaitham Guide

Recommended Artifact – Genshin Impact Alhaitham Guide

Genshin Impact Guide Alhaitham artifacts

Substats Priority – Genshin Impact Alhaitham Guide

Crit Rate ≥ Crit Damage > Elemental Mastery > ATK % > Other

Artifact selection and attribute explanation – Genshin Impact Alhaitham Guide

  1. When Alhaitham is paired with a Dendro-element character with a off-hand skill, it is recommended to use the 4-piece Deepwood Memories set for the Dendro-element character and the 4-piece Gilded Dreams set for Alhaitham.
  2. If there is only one Dendro-element character in the team and the other characters are not suitable for using the 4-piece Viridescent Venerer set, Alhaitham can be paired with the 4-piece Viridescent Venerer set.
  3. Priority should be given to Elemental Mastery on the Clock and Dendro damage bonus on theCcup (see “Additional Information” below), and it is not recommended to prioritize ATK on the Clock or Elemental Mastery/ATK on the cup.
  4. It is recommended to have a Crit Rate of 70% or higher, a Crit Damage of 140% or higher when using a non-Crit Damage weapon, and a Crit Damage of 180% or higher when using a Crit Damage weapon. Elemental Mastery should be at least 260.
  5. For mid-game transitions, the “2-piece Viridescent Venerer set + 2-piece Noblesse Oblige or Flower of Paradise Losta set” is recommended, and for early-game transitions, the “2-piece Gambler set + 2-piece Berserker set” is recommended.

【Additional Information】 The Sands of Eon and the Goblet of Eonothem have different mainstats for damage

Genshin Impact Guide Alhaitham mainstats comparison

Alhaitham’s Constellation Effects Guide in Genshin Impact

Alhaitham’s Constellation – Genshin Impact Guide

1 Genshin Impact Guide Alhaitham constellation

Damage Expectation Percentage Comparison

Genshin Impact Guide Alhaitham Constellation Percentage Comparison

Explanation of Constellation Effects – Genshin Impact Alhaitham Guide

  1. After unlocking the first constellation, Alhaitham’s Chisel-Light Mirror will reduce the cooldown of his Elemental Skill when hitting enemies, reducing the downtime between his attacks and optimizing the overall output of the team when paired with characters who have shorter skill cooldowns.
  2. After unlocking the second constellation, Alhaitham’s Elemental Mastery will be increased based on the number of Chisel-Light Mirror produced. However, if there are already characters in the team with high Elemental Mastery (such as Nascita, etc.), this effect may be diluted and the overall increase in damage may be small.
  3. The third and fifth constellations respectively increase the level of Alhaitham’s Elemental Skill and Burst, but the increase is relatively small.
  4. After unlocking the fourth constellation, Alhaitham’s Chisel-Light Mirror will increase the Elemental Mastery of his teammates and his own Dendro DMG bonus according to the number of Chisel-Light Mirror produced and consumed when using his Burst. It is recommended to use his Burst when he has less than 2 Chisel-Light Mirrors to gain the Dendro DMG bonus.
  5. After unlocking the sixth constellation, Alhaitham’s Burst will always produce three Chisel-Light Mirrors, which can provide a stable 30% Dendro DMG bonus through the fourth constellation. Additionally, when Chisel-Light Mirrors are produced during Alhaitham’s attacks, his Critical Rate and Critical Damage will be increased, further improving his damage output (this additional CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG increase will not be directly reflected in the character’s attribute panel).

Overall, Alhaitham’s constellations mainly increase his damage output, with the first, second, fourth, and sixth constellations recommended for unlocking to further improve his damage output.

Alhaitham’s Best Team Comps – Genshin Impact Guide

As a Dendro and Elemental character, Alhaitham’s team composition should revolve around the use of Dendro reactions, including Electro-Dendro Catalyze teams, and Bloom teams. Among them, Electro-Dendro Catalyze teams can maximize Alhaitham’s frequency of attaching Chisel-Light Mirror to enemies to increase his damage output, while Blossom teams rely on Elemental reactions (such as Dendro Core) to supplement team damage.

Double Dendro Catalyze Team Comps – Genshin Impact Guide

Alhaitham + Nahida + Zhongli + Yae Miko

Alhaitham and Nahida form a double Dendro resonance, which, when combined with Nahida’s passive talent 1, can further increase their elemental mastery and thus increase the damage of Alhaitham’s Chisel-Light Mirror, elemental burst, and Spread reaction. At this time, it is recommended that Nahida use the 4-piece set “Deepwood Memories” to further reduce the enemy’s Dendro elemental resistance.

Zhongli provides shields to increase the team’s tolerance while reducing the enemy’s elemental resistance. Miko’s longer-lasting elemental skill can be used to complement the Dendro and Electro elemental characters in the team to respectively trigger Spread and Aggravate reactions when activating the elemental resonance.

▶ Replace with “Nahida”: Collei, Traveler

▶ Replace with “Zhongli”: Layla, Diona, or other shield supports that do not affect the Quicken status.

▶ Replace with “Miko”:


As an Dendro elemental character, Alhaitham cannot continuously trigger Electro elemental reactions as well as Electro elemental characters can (Dendro elemental characters only trigger Quicken reactions). It is recommended to consider Fischl when there is no Miko.

Raiden Shogun

Her elemental skill can trigger the quicken reaction steadily and in a follow-up manner, and because of its long duration, there is no need to worry about the maintenance effect of the quicken activation. However, compared to Miko and Fischl, it will reduce the team’s overall output damage.

When considering a team with Electro characters, Raiden Shogun still prioritizes the thunder damage flow of the Electro Nation team, the Electro Nine team, and the mastery flow of the Hyperbloom team.

Reference Output rotation

Zhongli’s long E, Miko’s 3E, Nahida’s EQ, and Alhaitham’s E to output

【Note】When Alhaitham’s output ends, you can switch to Miko to complement the output with normal attacks, elemental skills, and elemental bursts.

Relevant Character Guide

Nahida Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide nahida build 2

  1. Prioritize elemental mastery in the 900-1000 range.
  2. If elemental mastery is below 800, prioritize stacking elemental mastery. If it’s above 900, consider stacking critical rate and other stats to increase the damage of the skill.
  3. If the team does not have a shield or healing character, consider trying out the prototype Malice.
Yae Miko Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Yae miko build

  1. For Non-Catalyze teams, prioritize weapons with double critical stats and attack power; for Catalyze teams, you can choose weapons with mastery, such as The A Thousand Floating and Mappa Mare.
  2. It is recommended to have a critical rate of 70% or more, and other effective attributes include critical damage, percentage attack, and elemental mastery.
Zhongli Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide zhongli build

  1. For Support Role, prioritize stacking HP to increase shield strength.
  2. For DPS Role, consider choosing weapons and artifacts with dual critical stats.
  3. If using the Favonius Lance, focus on stacking critical hit rate.

Catalyze Bloom Team Comps – Genshin Impact Guide

Alhaitham + Nahida + Xingqiu/Yelan + Kuki Shinobu

Alhaitham and Nahida form a double Dendro resonance to continuously apply Dendro Aura, while Xingqiu and Kuki Shinobu trigger reactions with their respective abilities, causing a Bloom or a Quicken reaction. Compared to a team with Electro and Cryo characters, Xingqiu’s Rain Swords and his ultimate attack that applies Hydro will reduce the number of Alhaitham’s Chisel-Light Mirror, but the Hyperbloom reaction will action when a Dendro Core triggered by Kuki Shinobu’s elemental skill, which will further increase the team’s damage.

This team needs to pay attention to the energy recharge efficiency of Xingqiu and prioritize elemental mastery for Kuki Shinobu, with secondary focus on increasing her healing amount through HP substats.

▶ Replace Nahida with: Collei or Traveler

▶ Replace Xingqiu with:

Yelan: Her passive damage boost can increase Alhaitham’s damage output on the field, but without Xingqiu’s ability to resist interruptions, the team’s overall fault tolerance decreases when paired with Kuki Shinobu. In this case, one can choose to use a healing headpiece to improve the team’s fault tolerance.

Sangonomiya Kokomi: When using Kokomi, her primary means of applying Hydro aura is through her elemental skill, which applies weak Hydro aura every 2 seconds, compared to Xingqiu’s more frequent application of Hydro. However, the team’s survivability increases. In this case, Kuki Shinobu can stack as much elemental mastery as possible (or can be replaced with another Electro character).

Reference Output rotation

Xingqiu’s EQE (Sacrament Sword) → Nahida EQ → Kuki Shinobu’s Elemental Skill → Alhaitham’s Elemental Skill + output

Relevant Character Guide

Yelan Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Yelan Build 1

When Yelan has low constellations, it is better to choose weapons with energy recharge, and when her constellations is at 1, it is recommended to choose weapons with double critical.

For a Hydro character with 0 constellations, it is recommended to have an energy recharge of 240% or higher for a single character and around 200% for a team with two Hydro characters. For a Hydro character with 1 or more constellations, it is recommended to have an energy recharge of 200% for a single character and 150-180% for a team with two Hydro characters.

Xingqiu Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Xingqiu build

Prioritize Xingqiu’s energy recharge: For a single Hydro character with less than 6 constellations, it is recommended to have an energy recharge of 240% or higher, and for a team with two Hydro characters, it is recommended to have around 210%. After unlocking 6 constellations, it is recommended to have an energy recharge of 200-220% for a single Hydro character and 180-200% for a team with two Hydro characters.

Xingqiu’s skill has a long cooldown, so use it first and then wait for it to cool down.

Kuki Shinobu Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Kuki Shinobu build

  1. Priority on stacking elemental mastery to increase Hyperbloom reaction damage, with HP substats as secondary priority for healing.
  2. Prioritize leveling up elemental skill, and selectively level up other abilities.
  3. Prioritize using the 4-piece Flower of Paradise Lost or 4-piece Gilded Dreams for further increasing reaction damage.

【Note】One can choose to use a Crown of Insight with healing bonus or percent HP substats to increase Kuki Shinobu’s healing amount.

Nilou’s Bloom Team Comps(formerly known as the Bloom Team Comps)

Alhaitham, Nahida, Sangonomiya Kokomi, and Nilou

Albedo and Nahida are combined in double Dendro resonance, increasing the team’s elemental mastery; Sangonomiya Kokomi and Nilou are combined in double Hydro resonance, increasing the team’s maximum HP, further increasing Kokomi’s healing amount, and increasing the damage amplification provided by Nilou for Bloom reactions.

The team’s main damage comes from Alhaitham’s direct Dendro elemental damage and the bloom reaction damage triggered by team characters.

Because Alhaitham’s skill and burst damage multipliers are based on “attack + elemental mastery,” the double Dendro resonance and Nahida’s mastery boost after her burst (based on passive talent 1) can directly increase Alhaitham’s skill damage (from multiplier and passive talent 2 damage boost), making Alhaitham also have decent direct damage output.

Reference Output rotation

Nilou’s E followed by normal or charged attack, Nahida’s EQ, Sangonomiya Kokomi’s E, and Alhaitham’s E followed by output.

Relevant Character Guide

Nilou Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide nilou build

In the Bloom team, Nilou only needs to use her E skill and then press the E or normal attack button again to trigger the “Golden Chalice’s Bounty” effect, which increases the team’s Bloom reaction damage. There is no need to upgrade her skill level. She only needs to stack health and the sub-stat “Elemental Mastery”.

Kokomi Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Sangonomiya Kokomi build

When not on the field, prioritize upgrading elemental skill, and when on the field, upgrade normal attack/charged attack.

In a team with Hyperbloom, there’s no need to stack elemental mastery, but it can be stacked based on the team composition in a team with Hyperbloom Nilou.

That’s all for this Alhaitham character guide. See you next time!

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