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Yaoyao Best Build Guide Genshin Impact

Welcome! This Guide will cover every aspect of Yaoyao build in Genshin Impact. Talent, Weapons, Artifacts, Constellations, Team Comps, etc.

Yaoyao Overview – Genshin Impact Guide

“Yaoyao” is a Dendro-element support character in the game who heals friendly characters or attacks enemies based on their health. She can summon “Yuegui: Throwing Mode” and “Yuegui: Jumping Mode” through her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst respectively, continuously throwing exploding White Jade Radishes to restore the characters’ health or deal Dendro-element damage to enemies.

Yaoyao Level-Up Materials Chart – Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Guide Yaoyao Ascensions Materials

Talent Analysis Yaoyao – Genshin Impact Guide

Talent Priority – Genshin Impact Yaoyao Guide

Elemental Burst > Elemental Skill > Normal Attack

Yaoyao’s skill mechanism mainly lies in her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst, and she is more commonly used as a background character in team composition. Therefore, upgrading her Normal Attack is not necessary, but rather prioritizing the level of her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst to increase the amount of healing.

Normal Attack

Genshin Impact Guide Xiao Normal Attack

  1. Yaoyao performs a 4-hit attack with 5 instances of damage, with the 3rd hit dealing 2 instances of damage and the remaining hits dealing 1 instance of damage each.
  2. The fourth attack has a post-attack animation, which can be cancelled by dashing or jumping.
  3. Although Yaoyao has a relatively good Normal Attack multiplier, she is more commonly used as a character who switches to the background after using her Skill and Burst. Therefore, upgrading this skill is not necessary (except for true fans).

Elemental Skill (E)

Genshin Impact Guide Yaoyao elemental skill

  1. Yaoyao’s “mechanism” Yuegui: Throwing Mode, and can be activated by tapping or holding the button. Tapping the button will throw it directly in front of the character, while holding it will allow you to choose the direction and distance.
  2. The thrown Yuegui: Throwing Mode will selectively restore the characters’ health or deal damage to enemies based on their health and the number of enemies within the area.
  3. Using the Elemental Skill does not deal damage, but every time Yuegui: Throwing Mode throws a White Jade Radishes, it applies weak Dendro-elemental application to the enemy (1 Gauge Unit, 9.5 seconds).
  4. When the White Jade Radishes hits an enemy, it produces one Dendro-elemental particle with a cooldown time of 1.5 seconds.
  5. When using Yuegui: Throwing Mode, make sure to aim at the enemy, otherwise the White Jade Radishes will not attack the enemy.
  6. The damage caused by the White Jade Radishes is considered Elemental Skill damage.

Elemental Burst (Q)

Genshin Impact Guide Yaoyao elemental burst

  1. After casting the elemental burst, the three Yuegui: Jumping Mode and the Yuegui: Throwing Mode from the elemental skill can work together to apply the Dendro elemental application to the enemy, thereby helping the character trigger an elemental reaction.
  2. The produced White Jade Radishes will receive the healing amount and damage multiplier described in the elemental burst description, and also apply a weak Dendro elemental application (1 Gauge unit aura, 9.5 seconds) to the enemy.
  3. The Yuegui: Jumping Mode produced by the elemental burst does not produce Dendro elemental particles when it hits the enemy.

Passive Talent

Genshin Impact Guide Yaoyao Passive talent

Passive Talent 1: As Yaoyao is more of a character who is switched to the background after using skills, the continuous presence on the field will extend the output cycle of the team as a whole. It is more common to choose to use the elemental burst and then stay on the field for 5 seconds to ensure the continuous triggering of Adeptal Legacy effect.

Passive Talent 2: This talent will increase the amount of healing generated during Yaoyao’s skill activation period, improving the team’s fault tolerance.

Passive Talent 3: This talent is consistent with the passive talent 3 of the character “Sayu” and has a good experience improvement in exploring the open world, which is beneficial for collecting corresponding materials.

Weapons – Genshin Impact Yaoyao Guide

Kitain Cross SpearDeathmatchThe CatchPrototype Starglitter

Weapon selection explanation

  1. It is necessary to consider the relatively high frequency of applying the Dendro elemental application through the elemental burst, in addition to healing and applying Dendro through the elemental skill. This makes the initiation of the elemental burst more important.
  2. Among the many 4-star weapons, it is best to choose weapons that can increase Yaoyao’s own elemental Energy Recharge or directly optimize the accumulation of energy for the burst, such as Kitain Cross Spear, Favonius Lance (requires stacking CRIT), the Catch, Prototype Starglitter, etc.
  3. The currently recommended weapon choice is the high-refinement level Kitain Cross Spear, which can increase the accumulation of energy for the burst through the use of the skill, even when Yaoyao is in the background, she can still trigger the effect.
  4. Although Favonius Lance has a charging sub-attribute, the value is relatively low, and the passive effect requires Yaoyao to briefly stay on the field to trigger the skill’s critical hit (this passive effect does not trigger when Yaoyao is in the background).
  5. Weapons with high Energy Recharge can choose the Catch or Prototype Starglitter, both of which have a Recharge efficiency of 45.9%. However, it is recommended to prioritize the Catch with output characters (such as Raiden Shogun, Xiangling, etc.), and Prototype Starglitter does not need refinement.
  6. In addition to the listed weapons above, you can also consider energy recharge weapons such as the Engulfing Lightning (55.1% charging) and Skyward Spine (36.8%), but it is more luxurious to directly match a 5-star weapon with a 4-star support character, so choose selectively.
  7. Unless there are no charging weapons, it is not recommended to prioritize the Black Tassel to increase HP. It is still best to choose weapons that increase energy recharge to optimize the burst cycle.

Artifact Introduction – Genshin Impact Yaoyao Guide

Recommended Artifact – Genshin Impact Yaoyao Guide

Genshin Impact Guide Yaoyao Artifacts

Substats Priority – Genshin Impact Yaoyao Guide

Energy Recharge > Percentage of HP > Others

Artifact selection and attribute explanation – Genshin Impact Yaoyao Guide

  1. When there is a considerable amount of Dendro elemental damage in the team (such as Dendro elemental character damage, Bloom Reaction damage, etc.), Yaoyao as a support character can consider using the Deepwood Memories (Dendro set) 4-piece set to reduce the enemy’s Dendro elemental resistance by releasing Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst’s White Jade Radishes.
  2. In addition, you can choose the Emblem of Severed Fate 2-piece set to increase the energy recharge, the Ocean-Hued Clam or Maiden Beloved 2-piece set to increase the healing amount, or consider matching with the Tenacity of the Millelith set and other artifacts.
  3. For the “Clock” artifact, prioritize Energy Recharge to optimize the cycle of the Elemental Burst, and for the “Cup” and “Crown” artifacts, prioritize HP, healing bonus, and other factors to increase healing output.
  4. During the early transition period, you can choose to match the “Exile 2-piece set + Scholar 2-piece set”.

Yaoyao’s Constellation Effects Guide in Genshin Impact

Yaoyao’s Constellation – Genshin Impact Guide

1 Genshin Impact Guide Yaoyao constellation

Explanation of Constellation Effects – Genshin Impact Yaoyao Guide

  1. After unlocking the first constellation, you can increase the Dendro damage bonus of White Jade Radishes, which can be paired with Dendro elemental output characters (such as Tighnari, Alhaitham, etc.) to improve their output ability. In addition, it also restores 15 points of stamina every 5 seconds, which improves the output experience of characters who need to perform heavy attacks in some matches.
  2. After unlocking the second constellation, you can optimize Yaoyao’s Elemental Burst cycle, reducing the requirement for starting the Elemental Burst.
  3. After unlocking the third and fifth constellations, the skill levels of Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst will be increased, respectively.
  4. After unlocking the fourth constellation, Yaoyao’s Elemental Mastery will be increased, which will have some improvement in cases where Yaoyao needs to cause Elemental Reactions, but the damage improvement is relatively small.
  5. After unlocking the sixth constellation, Yaoyao can use the Elemental Burst to apply Dendro elemental application to enemies efficiently, in combination with some teams, improving the efficiency of Dendro elemental application.

Overall, as a 4-star character, the higher the number of constellations unlocked, the better. If you want to release the Elemental Burst more frequently, it is best to unlock the second constellation to reduce the starting requirement. Moreover, unlocking all the constellations can improve Yaoyao’s ability to apply Dendro elemental applications through her Elemental Burst.

Yaoyao’s Best Team Comps – Genshin Impact Guide

The healing position in Double Dendro Catalyze Team Comps

①Dendro Catalyze output Team Comps – Genshin Impact Guide

Dendro-element output + Yaoyao + Yae Miko + Fischl

This Comps is often used as a substitute for Alhaitham-Nahida-Zhongli-Miko Or Tighnari-Nahida-Zhongli-Miko when there is no Zhongli or Zhongli is in another team. When combined with another Dendro-element output character, it forms a resonance that increases the team’s elemental mastery. However, because the team lacks shield characters, it is necessary to avoid interrupting the attack of the output character when facing some enemies.

In this Team Comps, Yaoyao needs to stack HP to increase the amount of healing and improve the team’s fault tolerance.  

▶ Dendro-element output options: Tighnari, Alhaitham, etc.

Recommended Output Rotation (with Alhaitham)

Miko E,E,E, Fischl E, Yaoyao E, Alhaitham E then output

Relevant Character Guide
Tighnari Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Tighnari Build 1

  1. Prioritize weapons with dual critical stats, followed by weapons with elemental mastery.
  2. It is possible to use mixed artifact sets, such as 2-piece Viridescent Venerer set and 2-piece elemental mastery set.
  3. Substats should prioritize dual critical stats, followed by elemental mastery and percentage-based attack.
Alhaitham Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Alhaitham build

  1. Prioritize upgrading elemental skill, followed by normal attack and elemental burst.
  2. Recommended critical rate is 70%+.
  3. For single Dendro construct, prioritize the “Deepwood Memories” 4-piece set. For double Dendro construct, prioritize the “Gilded Dreams” 4-piece set.
Yae Miko Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Yae miko build

  1. For Non-Catalyze teams, prioritize weapons with double critical stats and attack power; for Catalyze teams, you can choose weapons with mastery, such as The A Thousand Floating and Mappa Mare.
  2. It is recommended to have a critical rate of 70% or more, and other effective attributes include critical damage, percentage attack, and elemental mastery.


② Electro Catalyze output Team Comps – Genshin Impact Guide

Keqing + Fischl + Nahida + Yaoyao

This team comps is more of a substitute for Alhaitham-Nahida-Zhongli-Miko Or Tighnari-Nahida-Zhongli-Miko, replacing Zhongli with Yaoyao to use healing instead of shield. It is used when there is no Zhongli or Zhongli is in another team.

Another Dendro-element character with AOE capability can be considered, such as Collei and Traveler, in addition to Nahida.

In this Team comps, Yaoyao needs to stack HP to increase the amount of healing and improve the team’s fault tolerance.

In addition, you can also choose to replace Keqing with Yae Miko and let Yae Miko’s stand-alone output coordinate with Fischl’s passive talent effect.  

▶ Replace with “Nahida”: Collei , Traveler

▶ Replace with “Keqing”: Yae Miko

Recommended Output Rotation

Nahida EQ, Yaoyao E, Fischl E, Keqing EQE output

Relevant Character Guide
Keqing Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide keqing build

  1. Prioritize weapons with dual critical stats, followed by weapons with attack or mastery stats.
  2. For high base attack characters, prioritize the attack Clock; for low base attack characters, prioritize the mastery Clock.
  3. It is recommended to level up all three talents of Keqing’s skill set.
Fischl Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide fischl build

  1. “Elegy for the End” provides functionality, while the others tend to lean towards output.
  2. “Pin-Lei” is used more in conjunction with low-frequency grass characters.
  3. Prioritize elemental skill, followed by elemental burst. Do not upgrade normal attack unless necessary for the main DPS character.
Nahida Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide nahida build 2

  1. Prioritize elemental mastery in the 900-1000 range.
  2. If elemental mastery is below 800, prioritize stacking elemental mastery. If it’s above 900, consider stacking critical rate and other stats to increase the damage of the skill.
  3. If the team does not have a shield or healing character, consider trying out the prototype Malice.

Bloom Team Comps – Genshin Impact Guide

① Fourth member for a Sumeru Armed Force team

Nahida + Xingqiu + Kuki Shinobu + Yaoyao

  1. Yaoyao’s skill set for Dendro application is relatively unstable and requires control over her HP. In this team, Kuki Shinobu’s stacking of Elemental Mastery will reduce overall healing, increasing the fault tolerance, so the fourth member can be considered to supplement the team’s healing capacity with Yaoyao, allowing Kuki Shinobu to stack Elemental Mastery as much as possible.
  2. However, the choice for the fourth member of this team (i.e. Yaoyao’s position) is relatively flexible, and characters like Fischl, who can increase the team’s damage, can also be considered.
Relevant Character Guide
Xingqiu Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Xingqiu build

  1. Prioritize Xingqiu’s energy recharge: For a single Hydro character with less than 6 constellations, it is recommended to have an energy recharge of 240% or higher, and for a team with two Hydro characters, it is recommended to have around 210%. After unlocking 6 constellations, it is recommended to have an energy recharge of 200-220% for a single Hydro character and 180-200% for a team with two Hydro characters.
  2. Xingqiu’s skill has a long cooldown, so use it first and then wait for it to cool down.
Kuki Shinobu Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Kuki Shinobu build

  1. Priority on stacking elemental mastery to increase Hyperbloom reaction damage, with HP substats as secondary priority for healing.
  2. Prioritize leveling up elemental skill, and selectively level up other abilities.
  3. Prioritize using the 4-piece Flower of Paradise Lost or 4-piece Gilded Dreams for further increasing reaction damage.

② Nilou’s Bloom Team Comps – Genshin Impact Guide

Nahida + Yaoyao + Sangonomiya Kokomi + Nilou

  1. Yaoyao and Nahida form a double-Dendro resonance, increasing the team’s Elemental Mastery and enhancing the damage of Bloom reactions. Sangonomiya Kokomi and Nilou form a double-Hydro resonance, increasing the team’s max HP, further improving Kokomi’s healing capacity and Nilou’s damage amplification for original Bloom reactions (Bountiful Core).
  2. At this point, Nilou can choose to use her E Skill followed by normal attacks, allowing the bloom reaction triggering to be done by Kokomi, as Yaoyao can provide healing to reduce Kokomi’s HP stacking in favor of Elemental Mastery, increasing the damage of Bountiful Core.


  1. This choice is recommended for use in the “Nahida + Yaoyao” Comps, where most reactions are “Dendro-based,” triggered by the Hydro elemental character.
  2. When using a Dendro-based main character like Traveler or Collei with Yaoyao in this team, it is recommended to use Nilou’s E ability followed by a Charged Attack, triggering “Hydro-based” reactions, triggered by the Dendro elemental character, and allowing the Dendro-based character to also stack Elemental Mastery.
  3. In addition, Yaoyao can choose to use her ultimate ability to stand guard and ensure the release of her ultimate ability.
Recommended Output Rotation

Nilou’s E followed by a 3-hit Normal Attack, Nahida’s E, Q, Kokomi’s E, Yaoyao’s Q, E, Kokomi’s normal attack.

Relevant Character Guide
Nilou Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide nilou build

  1. In the Bloom team, Nilou only needs to use her E skill and then press the E or normal attack button again to trigger the “Golden Chalice’s Bounty” effect, which increases the team’s Bloom reaction damage. There is no need to upgrade her skill level. She only needs to stack health and the sub-stat “Elemental Mastery”.
Kokomi Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Sangonomiya Kokomi build

  1. When not on the field, prioritize upgrading elemental skill, and when on the field, upgrade normal attack/charged attack.
  2. In a team with Hyperbloom, there’s no need to stack elemental mastery, but it can be stacked based on the team composition in a team with Hyperbloom Nilou.

That’s all for this Yaoyao character guide. See you next time!

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