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Wanderer Best Build Guide Genshin Impact

Welcome! This Guide will cover every aspect of Wanderer build in Genshin Impact. Talent, Weapons, Artifacts, Constellations, Team Comps, etc.

Wanderer Overview – Genshin Impact Guide

Wanderer is a Anemo-damage main DPS with periodic damage output. By using the elemental skill, the character enters the Windfavored state, which strengthens the basic attack/charged attack to deal damage. Additionally, the character has a considerable damage multiplier for their ultimate ability. At 0 Constellation level, the character’s mechanics are relatively complete, and by utilizing the elemental interaction mechanism of the character’s talents, different effects can be obtained to produce even greater damage output. Overall, the character’s damage output ability is significant.

Wanderer Level-Up Materials Chart – Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Guide Wanderer Ascensions Materials

Talent Analysis Wanderer – Genshin Impact Guide

Talent Priority – Genshin Impact Wanderer Guide

Normal Attack > Elemental Skill > Elemental Burst

Normal Attack

Genshin Impact Guide Wanderer normal attack

  1. The normal attack involves swinging a wind blade forward, with a long range, and consisting of three consecutive hits with a fourth hit as a wide range attack.
  2. The normal attack follows the rule of “attacking the same enemy twCryo within 2.5 seconds will apply an elemental effect,” and each charged attack will apply the weak elemental aura(1 Gauge Unit, 9.5s).

Elemental Skill (E)

Genshin Impact Guide Wanderer normal attack

【Basic Mechanisms】

  1. The Windfavored state after using the skill does not change the application strength of normal/charged attacks (still 1 Gauge unit), and can be used both in mid-air and on the ground.
  2. The skill does not generate elemental particles upon hitting enemies, but normal attacks made during the Windfavored state generate Anemo particles every 2 seconds.
  3. During the Windfavored state, the “Stamina” bar is replaced with a “Kuugoryoku Points” bar, and consumed stamina can still be restored as normal. This mechanic can be used to cycle between dashing and using the Elemental Skill for increased mobility.
  4. Pressing/holding the jump key after using the skill will increase the height of the Windfavored state. This effect is mostly useful for exploration and can be used to glide across wide gaps. In combat, the initial height of the Windfavored state is usually enough.
  5. The Elemental Skill is a buffing ability, and the attacks made during the Windfavored state still count as normal/charged attacks and not as Elemental Skill attacks. This effect is similar to the Elemental Skill of Yoimiya.

【Core Mechanic】”Kuugoryoku Points” and Basic Consumption

  • Normal attacks, heavy attacks, and non-sprint movement in Windfavored state do not consume Kuugoryoku Points.
  • The initial Kuugoryoku Points is 100 points, and it can be increased to a maximum of 120 points by using Passive Talent 1 (“Jade-Claimed Flower”) to contact the Hydro element.
  • Kuugoryoku Points will naturally decay at a basic speed of 1 point per 0.1s (10 points/second). The initial maximum Windfavored time is 10 seconds, and the maximum possible extension is 12 seconds.
▶ Additional Consumption

A sprint triggered by a single tap will consume an additional 10 points of Kuugoryoku Points, while holding down the sprint button will continue to consume an additional 15 points of Kuugoryoku Points (basic 10 points + additional 15 points = 25 points/second).

The consumption of Kuugoryoku Points when ascending and sprinting is consistent with this pattern, with single-tap triggering an additional 10 points and holding down the button continuing to consume an additional 15 points.

▶ Properties of “Kuugoryoku Points”
  1. Kuugoryoku Points is not part of stamina. The effect of double Anemo resonance on stamina cannot reduce its consumption.
  2. During the Windfavored period, the “walk-A” method can be used to output damage while moving with normal attacks. Sprinting is mostly used when Passive Talent 2 (“Anemorider’s Sprint”) effect can be triggered, or to evade enemy attacks.

【Damage Mechanism】 Calculation of Elemental Skill Amplification

The amplification of the elemental skill on the Wanderer’s normal and charged attacks after using the skill is similar to that of Yoimiya:

Taking the normal attack as an example

Wanderer’s attack power × normal attack multiplier × Kuugo: Fushoudan multiplier × character damage Amplification coefficient × character critical damage coefficient × enemy defense coefficient × enemy resistance coefficient

When used in conjunction with Yun Jin’s “Flying Cloud Flag Formation”

(Wanderer’s attack power × normal attack multiplier × Kuugo: Fushoudan multiplier + Yunjin’s defense × Flying Cloud Flag Formation multiplier) × character damage Amplification coefficient × character critical damage coefficient × enemy defense coefficient × enemy resistance coefficient

When used in conjunction with Bennett’s “Inspiration Field”

(Wanderer’s attack power + Bennett’s base attack power × attack bonus percentage) × normal attack multiplier × Kuugo: Fushoudan multiplier × character damage Amplification coefficient × character critical damage coefficient × enemy defense coefficient × enemy resistance coefficient


Yunjin’s Passive talent 2 will further increase the increase multiplier of FFlying Cloud Flag Formation based on the number of elemental types in the team, i.e. “the increase multiplier of Flying Cloud Flag Formation in the skill + Passive talent 2’s increase multiplier”.

Bennett’s 1st constellation will further add 20% to the effect of Inspiration Field, i.e. “the attack bonus percentage in the skill + 20%”.

【Additional Information】Effects of Some Unarmed Skills After Windfavored

  1. Beidou, Xingqiu, and Yanlan will normally cooperate with attacks after the normal attack hits.
  2. Xiangling’s “Pyronado whirling” will not float and will remain at the initial height (the person flies up, and the Pyronado whirling still spins on the ground).
  3. The elemental skill of Kuki Shinobu and the elemental burst of Thoma will follow the Wanderer in the air. The initial Windfavored height of Kuki Shinobu and Thoma’s skills can trigger the Dendro Core to Hyperbloom and Burgeon reaction, but if the height continues to rise, the Dendro Core reaction cannot be triggered.

Elemental Burst (Q)

Genshin Impact Guide Wanderer Elemental Burst

  1. The Elemental Burst is a type of explosive skill that can be used as a finishing move when the Windfavored state is about to end, optimizing the Windfavored effect and allowing the player to perform a falling attack motion.
  2. After unlocking the second constellation of the Wanderer, the player will receive a maximum Elemental Burst damage bonus when their elemental energy is consumed by more than half.

Passive Talent

Genshin Impact Guide Wanderer passive talent

Passive Talent 1

  • When in contact with multiple elements, the priority of triggering the enhancement effect is Hydro, Pyro, Electro, and Cryo.
  • The Wanderer can also trigger the enhancement effect when they are affected by related elements.
  • The enhancement effect produced by contacting Cryo or Pyro elements will be displayed in the Wanderer’s character panel.
  • When the Windfavored state ends, the enhancement effect obtained will disappear, and the player will need to come into contact with the elements again to activate it.

Passive Talents 2 & 3

  • The damage type of Talent 2 does not belong to any of the five damage types, including normal attack, heavy attack, plunging attack, elemental skill, and Elemental Burst. It is a type of Anemo damage without any specific type, which means that it cannot benefit from any damage boost for the five damage types mentioned above.
  • When the talent can be triggered, the player can dash without consuming stamina, but it is mainly used to avoid enemy attacks and not necessarily to trigger the enhancement effect. While there is no extra stamina consumption during the dash, there is still a natural consumption of Kuugoryoku Points, and the damage output of normal attacks is higher when not evading enemy skills.

Weapons – Genshin Impact Wanderer Guide

The Wanderer is a traditional main DPS character with a focus on ATK, Crit DMG, and Crit Rate due to the Anemo element, which means that they only need equipment with these stats. The Wanderer has a high number of attack hits, and the multiplier with their skills is substantial, making ATK a crucial stat even after balancing Crit DMG and Crit Rate.

Comparison of damage expectations for different weapons

Tulaytullahs RemembranceMemory of DustSkyward AtlasLost Prayer to the Sacred WindsThe WidsithKaguras VeritySolar PearlDodoco Tales

Damage Expectation Percentage Comparison

Genshin Impact Guide Wanderer Comparison of weapon

Weapon selection explanation

  • The Wanderer’s main source of damage comes from their normal attacks after using their skills, but there are currently few weapons that provide a general ATK boost to normal attacks, making weapons with a general ATK stat more valuable.
  • The Widsith – “I am the god of these 10 seconds” – due to the way The Wanderer attacks, The Widsith only gets one chance to boost damage every two cycles.
  • Since The Wanderer only deals skill damage when they’re on Windfavored state, Solar Pearl has no boost to normal attacks in the second half of the fight.
  • The damage of Oathworn Eye, Royal Grimoire, Frostbearer, and Eye of Perception similar, so when choosing between these weapons, you should consider their refinement level.

Overall, when choosing weapons, prioritize five-star weapons (excluding Everlasting Moonglow and A Thousand Floating Dreams ), then consider The Widsith and Solar Pearl among four-star weapons, and then consider weapons with ATK stats, such as Oathworn Eye and Dodoco Tales.

Artifact Introduction – Genshin Impact Wanderer Guide

Recommended Artifact – Genshin Impact Wanderer Guide

Genshin Impact Guide Wanderer artifacts

Artifact selection and attribute explanation – Genshin Impact Wanderer Guide

  • Under the same attribute, the Echoes of an Offering set will be about 5% lower than the Desert Pavilion Chronicle set. If you already have an excellent attribute Echoes of an Offering set with 4 pieces, you can choose to use it directly. If you pursue higher damage, you can choose to farm the Desert Pavilion Chronicle set.
  • For mid-term transition, you can choose to mix and match 2 pieces of attack sets (Gladiator’s Finale, Vermillion Hereafter, Echoes of an Offering, or Shimenawa’s Reminiscence) and 2 pieces of Anemo damage sets (Desert Pavilion Chronicle or Viridescent Venerer).
  • Recommended ATK (4-star/5-star) is at least 1700+/2100+, and recommended CRIT rate is at least 75%, with CRIT DMG (double CRIT weapons or non-double CRIT weapons) at least 170%/210%.

Wanderer’s Constellation Effects Guide in Genshin Impact

Wanderer’s Constellation – Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact Guide Wanderer constellation

Explanation of Constellation Effects – Genshin Impact Wanderer Guide

  • 1 Constellation gives a 10% attack speed boost, allowing the Traveler to output one more loop of normal attacks.
  • 2 Constellation reaches its maximum bonus at a 50-point difference in Kuugoryoku Points, which is in the damage bonus range and is added together with Anemo damage bonus.
  • 3 & 5 Constellation provides a small increase in skill level for Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill.
  • 4 Constellation increases the types of gain effect to three, and when fewer than three types are triggered, an additional random effect will be granted. [Note] Even if only one effect is triggered, an additional effect will still be granted, bringing the total number of effects to three.
  • 6 Constellation provides extra normal attack damage, which can benefit from the Echoes of an Offering 4-piece set bonus. The extra attack damage is generated after hitting a normal attack 0.1s. This also means that if the first normal attack triggers the Echoes of an Offering effect, the extra normal attack damage generated will not benefit from the Echoes of an Offering effect at the same time. The generation time of this extra damage exceeds the Echoes of an Offering’s judgment time, which means that the probability of the set bonus still needs to be triggered.

Overall, the Traveler’s 2nd, 4th, and 6th constellation upgrades are significant, with mostly damage-oriented upgrades that do not change its core mechanics. The 0th constellation upgrade is relatively complete in terms of mechanics, and players who are short on primogems can choose not to upgrade it. However, players who want to further enhance the Traveler’s constellation upgrades can consider upgrading the 2nd, 4th, and 6th constellations.

Wanderer’s Best Team Comps – Genshin Impact Guide

Double Anemo Team Comps – Genshin Impact Guide

Wanderer + Faruzan + Xiangling + Layla (Position 4)

The main strategy for the wanderer’s Double Anemo team is to pair with Faruzan.

Faruzan can provide three types of buffs through her skills: increased base Anemo multiplier, Anemo damage bonus, and decreased enemy Anemo elemental resistance. At her sixth constellation, she can increase the critical damage of Anemo elemental attacks, further increasing the wanderer’s Anemo elemental damage.

In addition to these two Anemo elemental characters, the other two characters are more focused on whether they can serve as elemental applications to complement the wanderer’s Passive talent 1 and increase the wanderer’s output.

After Yelan uses her elemental burst, she can increase the damage dealt by the characters on the field, and her ultimate also deals considerable damage. Layla’s shield also improves the team’s survival. The wanderer, in combination with Yelan and Layla, can trigger the Hydro and Cryo buffs of the Passive talent 1 (increase max stamina by 20 points and add 20% critical rate), further improving the wanderer’s output.

Recommended Output Rotation

Faruzan E → Charged Attack → Q(at the sixth constellation, she can directly use Q skill without Charged Attack), Yelan E , followed by Q. Layla Q E followed by A. Finally, the wanderer E, followed by a Charged attack to deal damage. (with 4-piece Desert Pavilion Chronicle set)

[Note] If using Xingqiu, needs to use E Q E (Sacrificial Sword sword) before Faruzan uses her skill.

Relevant Character Guide

Yelan Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Yelan Build 1

  • When Yelan has low constellations, it is better to choose weapons with energy recharge, and when her constellations is at 1, it is recommended to choose weapons with double critical.
  • For a Hydro character with 0 constellations, it is recommended to have an energy recharge of 240% or higher for a single character and around 200% for a team with two Hydro characters. For a Hydro character with 1 or more constellations, it is recommended to have an energy recharge of 200% for a single character and 150-180% for a team with two Hydro characters.
Xingqiu Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Xingqiu build

  • When Yelan has low constellations, it is better to choose weapons with energy recharge, and when her constellations is at 1, it is recommended to choose weapons with double critical.
  • For a Hydro character with 0 constellations, it is recommended to have an energy recharge of 240% or higher for a single character and around 200% for a team with two Hydro characters. For a Hydro character with 1 or more constellations, it is recommended to have an energy recharge of 200% for a single character and 150-180% for a team with two Hydro characters.

【Teammate Replacement】

In a Traveler double Anemo team, besides having Faruzan fixed in the team, other positions can be replaced with other shield support or damage-boosting characters:

I. Shield Support Replacement

Zhongli: Currently the highest shield-absorbing character, plus his shield provides a 20% decrease in elemental/physical damage, making him an optimal choice.

Thoma: The Traveler’s primary attack is a normal attack, which can be used to refresh Thoma’s shield. However, Energy Recharge should be noticed, 4 constellation can optimize her ultimate skill’s cycle.

【Note】Diona is not a priority choice for a shield-support character. Layla, Zhongli, and Thoma should be considered first. If none of these three are available, Diona can be considerable.

Relevant Character Guide

Layla Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Layla Build

  • Prioritize increasing shield strength with HP substats.
  • When paired with the Noblesse Oblige set, stacking some energy recharge substats can optimize ultimate skill rotation.
Zhongli Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide zhongli build

  • For Support Role, prioritize stacking HP to increase shield strength.
  • For DPS Role, consider choosing weapons and artifacts with dual critical stats.
  • If using the Favonius Lance, focus on stacking critical hit rate.
Thoma Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Thoma Build 2

  • Prioritize stacking energy recharge efficiency to about 220%, followed by stacking elemental mastery to increase damage of Burgeon, stacking HP to increase shield strength.
  • Prioritize the weapon, the high Refinement Rank kitain cross spear, which not only increases Burgeon’s damage but also optimizes his ultimate skill’s cycle.
  • Prioritize using the Flower of Paradise Lost 4-piece or Gilded Dreams 4-piece set to further increase reaction damage.

【Note】When Thoma is in a Burgeon team, prioritize the mastery and the Bloom set. When he’s in a non-Burgeon team and his primary role is to support shields, prioritize energy recharge and HP, and do not stack mastery. Also, prioritize the 2-piece Tenacity of the Millelith set and the 2-piece Emblem of Severed Fate set.

Ⅱ. Amplifying Roles Replacement

Yun Jin: As a primary output character of the wanderer relying on normal attacks, Yunjin can be paired with the wanderer as a basic attack multiplier supp. The amplification effect comes from her ultimate, so it is important to stack defense and energy recharge efficiency. When using Yun Jin, it is also recommended to choose a healing or shielding character to improve the team’s survivability.

Bennett: His ultimate still provides a strong attack power amplification effect, but it is important to pay attention to the situation where his ultimate, “Fantastic Voyage,” locks players in a certain area. Players need to use movement and dashes to adjust their position when using Bennett’s output.  

Relevant Character Guide

Yun Jin Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Yun jin build

  • While stacking defense, consider energy recharge attributes to prioritize her ultimate’s cooldown. Recommended to prioritize refining the Kikoukenjintachi.
  • Recommended energy recharge of 210% or higher.
Bennett Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide bennett build

  • Prioritize weapons with high base attack and energy recharge.
  • For support in a monochrome team, choose the Noblesse Oblige artifact set, and for a reaction-based team, choose the Instructor artifact set.
  • For high-end weapon configurations, you can choose a setup that focuses on stack the stats of Energy Recharge/Pyro DMG/CRIT.

Triple Anemo Team Comps – Genshin Impact Guide

Wanderer + Faruzan + Jean + Other

In this gameplay, it is recommended to choose a high constellations for Jean (at least 2 constellation unlocked). 2 constellation can increase the wanderer’s attack speed, 4 constellation can further reduce the enemy’s Anemo element resistance, and 6 constellation can reduce the team’s incoming damage. As for the fourth character, it is still recommended to choose a shield support or amplifying role as mentioned earlier.

Recommended Output Rotation (when using Yelan)

Faruzan’s E, Charged attack(Only Q when 6 constellation unlocked), Yelan’s EQ, Jean’s EQ, Wanderer’s E and output.

Relevant Character Guide

Faruzan Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Faruzan Build

The main mechanism of Faruzan is the element burst, priority stacking Energy Recharge to optimize the burst output cycle.

4-piece set of Tenacity of the Millelith can also be considered when 6 constellations unlocked.

Jean Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Jean Build 1

Prioritize weapons with Attack and Energy Recharge.

When pairing her with Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro characters, prioritize using a Viridescent Venerer artifact set for its 4-piece effect that reduces enemy resistance.

Single Anemo Driver Gameplay – Genshin Impact Guide

Dendro Archon National Team Comps – Genshin Impact Guide

Nahida + Xingqiu/Yelan + Kuki Shinobu + Wanderer

Since Anemo element does not affect normal reactions between other elements, the wanderer can also enter Dendro Archon National Team as a driver. This gameplay is an extension of the wanderer’s gameplay and should be considered when choosing a wanderer team. *When experiencing the Burgeon gameplay, Kuki Shinobu can be replaced with Thoma.  

Recommended Output rotation

Xingqiu’s EQE (Sacrificial Sword) and then basic attacks, Nahida’s EQ, Kuki Shinobu’s EQ and then basic attacks, and Wanderer’s E and output.

Relevant Character Guide

Nahida Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide nahida build

  • Prioritize elemental mastery in the 900-1000 range.
  • If elemental mastery is below 800, prioritize stacking elemental mastery. If it’s above 900, consider stacking critical rate and other stats to increase the damage of the skill.
  • If the team does not have a shield or healing character, consider trying out the prototype Malice.
Kuki Shinobu Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Kuki Shinobu build

  1. Priority on stacking elemental mastery to increase Hyperbloom reaction damage, with HP substats as secondary priority for healing.
  2. Prioritize leveling up elemental skill, and selectively level up other abilities.
  3. Prioritize using the 4-piece Flower of Paradise Lost or 4-piece Gilded Dreams for further increasing reaction damage.

Armed Force Driver Composition – Genshin Impact Guide

Xingqiu + Kuki Shinobu / Beidou + Fischl + Traveler

As the Traveler is also of the Anemo element, they can be paired with the “Double Electro + Xingqiu” combo to experience the Armed Force gameplay. This composition is an extension of the Traveler’s gameplay, so when choosing a team with the Traveler, prioritize the Anemo damage combo mentioned earlier.

Reference Output Rotation

Xingqiu E -> Q -> E (with Sacrificial Sword) -> basic attack, Kuki Shinobu E -> Q -> basic attack/Beidou E -> Q -> basic attack , Fischl E , Traveler E -> output

Relevant Character Guide

Beidou Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Beidou Build

  • Prioritize energy recharge to ensure her ultimate’s rotation.
  • When choosing artifacts, prioritize 4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate for high energy recharge, and focus on getting a Sands of Eon with energy recharge, or a 2-piece + 2-piece set combination.
Fischl Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide fischl build

  • “Elegy for the End” provides functionality, while the others tend to lean towards output.
  • “Pin-Lei” is used more in conjunction with low-frequency grass characters.
  • Prioritize elemental skill, followed by elemental burst. Do not upgrade normal attack unless necessary for the main DPS character.

That’s all for this Wanderer character guide. See you next time!

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