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Genshin Impact 3.6 Wish Banner Recommendation

Today we’re going to talk about the recommendations for the Genshin Impact 3.6 banner. As you all know, the phase 1 of the banner features Nahida and Nilou, while the Phase 2 features Baizhu and Ganyu. The 4-star character Kaveh is also available in the bottom half.

Version 3.6 Wishes Phase I
Version 3.6 Wishes Phase II

Since Baizhu is a new character and we haven’t played yet, we can’t make any recommendations for he. Therefore, we’ll only discuss Nahida, Nilou, and Ganyu.


Nahida Card

If you say, “I like to play old teams, like International Kazuha , Hu Tao – Xingqiu – Zhongli , and Raiden Shogun National, and don’t play Dendro reaction teams,” then you don’t need to pull for Nahida. But if you play Dendro reaction teams, then you must pull for Nahida. Nahida can fit into any Dendro reaction team and greatly enhance their performance.

Nahida’s constellations are also quite good, with both the first and second constellations being very useful. If you have enough primogems, you can try to get more constellations. As for weapons, Exclusive weapons is unnecessary, Nahida can use weapons that increase her elemental mastery, such as Sacrificial Fragments, Wandering Evenstar, and Magic Guide.


Nilou Card

Nilou’s team composition is fixed and can only be a Hydro-Dendro team, and it must be 2 Hydro and 2 Dendro characters. However, the damage numbers that the developers have given to Nilou are very high, making the Nilou team the best for fighting groups. In any group battle environment, especially against elite groups such as the four large mechanical monsters, the Nilou team is the best performer, even surpassing the previous T0 teams like International Kazuha or Frozen teams.

Another great thing about the Nilou team is that it’s very easy to build. Nilou’s artifacts only need to be built with HP, and they can be easily farmed without requiring high Double Crit stats. Nilou’s teammates can be the free characters: Traveler(Dendro), Collei, and Barbara. If you replace one of the Traveler(Dendro) or Collei with Nahida, then the team becomes very best one.

Therefore, if you need a team to fight the Abyss, I highly recommend pulling for Nilou. She is easy to cultivate and very powerful. Nilou’s second constellation and weapon upgrades are also useful, but since both she and Nahida are available on the same banner, it’s better to prioritize Nahida’s second constellation first.


Ganyu Card

Ganyu is a very versatile character, with good long-range shooting abilities. In terms of the Abyss, although the team with Mona’s freezing ability has fallen out of favor, Ganyu’s Melt team is still capable of dealing high damage and is a viable option.

The cultivation difficulty for Ganyu is not too high. You can use the free forged weapon “Hamayumi” as her weapon, and you can use Wanderer’s Troupe artifacts that you collect in your daily exploration for her artifacts. There is no need to farm specifically for her.

Ganyu’s ability to team up with other characters has been criticized for taking over teammates such as Bennett and Xiangling from the International Kazuha and Raiden Shogun National Team. To be fair, Ganyu’s maximum potential may not compare to those T0 teams, but if you don’t have Raiden Shogun or Kazuha , Ganyu is still a good choice for a double Pyro team. Even if you get Raiden Shogun or Kazuha later, Ganyu can still be used as a sub-DPS with her ultimate skill and build the Kamisato freezing Team.

Therefore, I recommend that new players without a main DPS can pull for Ganyu, but consider their own device capabilities. Ganyu is more suitable for PC players, while mobile players may need to consider their device’s performance. Although there may also be mobile players who can play Ganyu well, we play games for fun, and spending too much time practicing can lead to boredom and fatigue.

Players who are not true fans of Ganyu may not need to pull for her exclusive weapon and constellation upgrades since she may become a sub-DPS in the future.

To summarize:

  • Nahida: almost everyone should pull for him.
  • Nilou: recommended for players who lack Abyss teams.
  • Ganyu: recommended for new PC players.
  • Baizhu: unknown.

That’s the recommendation of 3.6 wish. Thank you. I wish you good luck in pulling your desired character effortlessly.

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