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Tartaglia Best Build Guide Genshin Impact

Welcome! This Guide will cover every aspect of Tartaglia build in Genshin Impact. Talent, Weapons, Artifacts, Constellations, Team Comps, etc.

Tartaglia Character Overview – Genshin Impact Guide

Tartaglia is a Hydro main DPS character with excellent abilities in both sustained output and burst damage. As a character released in Version 1.1, he remains one of the primary DPS characters in the current game environment, capable of both single-target and AOE damage.

Tartaglia Level-Up Materials Chart – Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Guide Tartaglia Ascensions Materials

Tartaglia’s Talent Analysis – Genshin Impact Guide

Tartaglia’s Talent Priority – Genshin Impact Tartaglia Guide

Elemental Skill ≥ Elemental Burst > Normal Attack

After using Elemental Skill, Tartaglia will have a new attack module different from her normal attack . However, the attack after using the skill still falls under the category of normal attacks/charged attacks.

The damage of Riptide Flash/Burst is also related to the level of normal attacks, so it is recommended to upgrade them appropriately.

Normal Attack

Genshin Impact Guide Tartaglia Normal Attack

  1. Both Charged Attack and Riptide Flash apply a weak Hydro aura(1 gauge unit, 9.5 sec) while Riptide Burst apply strong Hydro aura(2 gauge units, 12 sec).
  2. When fully charged, an arrow hit will apply the “Riptide” effect to the enemy (see Riptide mechanism below for details).
  3. Each Riptide Flash deals three instances of Hydro damage, following the rule of “applying elemental aura every other attack within 2.5 seconds”, with only one instance applying the Hydro aura. Riptide Burst has no internal cooldown and can apply Hydro Aura with every hit.

Elemental Skill (E)

Genshin Impact Guide Tartaglia Elemental Skill

[Basic Mechanism/Analysis]

  1. The cooldown of the Elemental Skill is “+6s after Duration of the Skill ” (The skill can be cancelled by repressing the Skill button or switching characters). For example, if the Skill is active for 5 seconds, the cooldown would be 11 seconds.
  2. When moving, Tartaglia can use the Elemental Skill without triggering the pre-attack animation. In Melee Stance, there is no plunging attack.
  3. The Melee Stance attack after using the Skill belongs to Normal Attack and can trigger the effects of equipment sets such as “Heart of Depth” and “Rust” as well as the offhand skills of other characters like Xingqiu, Yelan, and Beidou.
  4. For optimal damage output, it is recommended to use 1 to 4 Normal Attacks followed by a Heavy Attack (Z), such as AZ, AAAZ, or AAAAZ (depending on personal preference).
  5. The Melee Stance attack after using the Skill does not have a lock-on panel(snapshot) mechanism.
  6. Each Riptide Flash or Riptide Burst can generate 1 Hydro particle with a 3-second cooldown. Using Riptide Flash or Riptide Burst during the cooldown period will not generate Hydro particles (they share the same cooldown).

[Aura application Mechanism]

  1. The casting of elemental skills apply a strong hydro elemental aura(2 Gauge unit, 12 seconds), while the normal and heavy attacks and the technique “Riptide Blast” are all apply weak hydro elemental aura(1 Gauge units, 9.5 seconds).
  2. Normal attacks follow the rule of “applying elemental aura every 2 attacks within 2.5 seconds”. Heavy attacks also follow this aura rule, but since heavy attacks deal two hits, they can apply hydro elemental aura with each hit (“①, 2; 1, ②”, circled numbers indicate attacks that apply hydro elemental aura).
  3. Riptide Slash can apply hydro elemental aura every time it is used.

Elemental Burst (Q)

Genshin Impact Guide Tartaglia Elemental Burst

  1. “Havoc: Obliteration” and “Riptide Blast” both apply strong hydro elemental aura (2 Gauge units, 12 seconds).
  2. The ranged Stance version of the Elemental Burst can refund energy and will not remove the “Riptide ” mark, making it useful for rotation during prolonged battles.
  3. The hydro aura effect of Riptide blast has no built-in cooldown, and can be applied every time it is triggered.

Passive Talent

Genshin Impact Guide Tartaglia passive talent

After unlocking the Passive talent 1 the enemy’s Riptide effect lasts for up to 18 seconds.

Passive Talent 3 cannot increase the general attack level of other players’ characters.

[Key Content] Riptide Mechanism

Four ways to trigger the Riptide effect:

  1. Hitting an enemy with a charged arrow in bow stance.
  2. Critical hits with Melee Stance attacks after unlocking the second passive talent.
  3. Riptide Burst hitting other enemies after a Riptide marked enemy is defeated.
  4. Elemental Burst hitting an enemy in ranged stance.

Different types of Riptide damage will occur depending on the type of attack used by Tartaglia:

A charged arrow in bow stance will trigger “Riptide Flash” (normal attack damage) with three hits of hydro damage. The cooldown is 0.7 seconds.

[Note 1] If the enemy is not marked, the Riptide mark will be applied first, and “Riptide Flash” will not occur during that charged attack.

Defeating a marked enemy will trigger Riptide Burst (normal attack damage).

Riptide Slash (elemental skill damage) is triggered when hitting an enemy in Melee Stance.

[Note 2] This is different from the second passive talent, which applies the Riptide effect after a critical hit in Melee Stance. Riptide Slash is triggered by hitting an enemy in Melee Stance, which means that it can be triggered even without a critical hit.

Hitting an enemy with the Elemental Burst will trigger Riptide Blast (Elemental Burst damage), and will consume the Riptide mark after a short period of time.

Tartaglia’s Best Weapon Choice – Genshin Impact Tartaglia Guide

Weapon selection explanation

Polar StarAqua SimulacraThundering PulseHunters PathSkyward HarpThe Viridescent HuntThe StringlessRust

Tartaglia’s DPS comparison for each weapon

Genshin Impact Guide Tartaglia Weapon comparison

Tartaglia has a diverse set of damage sources, including melee range attacks that belong to normal attacks/charged attacks, Riptide flash/burst, as well as the elemental skill-based Riptide slash and the elemental burst-based Riptide blast. He is an attack-modular character, which means that he can benefit from many sources of buffs, Tartaglia can use a variety of weapons effectively.

In common team compositions, there are many sources of buffs such as attack increase and damage increase (e.g., Bennett, Kazuha), while critical hit rate and critical hit damage are more commonly obtained from weapons and artifacts. Therefore, weapons with high critical hit rate and critical hit damage should be prioritized over weapons with high attack. The recommended weapons are:

Here are some tips for optimizing Tartaglia’s damage output:

  1. When using the Hunter’s Path, focus on using charged attacks to increase the proportion of charged attack damage.
  2. Prioritize weapons with high critical hit rate and critical hit damage. If these are not available, use Rust, but focus more on normal attacks as its passive ability will decrease charged attack damage.
  3. Tartaglia’s melee attacks cannot trigger the passive effect of the Slingshot.
  4. The passive effect of the King’s Squire does not match Tartaglia’s output process in the Kazuha/Bennett team. It is difficult to trigger its effect because Tartaglia needs to leave the field after using Raging Tide to apply Hydro aura first.
  5. However, the effect of the King’s Squire is removed when he leaves the field, and it can only be triggered once every 20 seconds. This conflicts with weapon passives and output processes.

Tartaglia’s Best Artifact Recommendation- Genshin Impact Tartaglia Guide

Tartaglia’s Recommended Artifact – Genshin Impact Tartaglia Guide

Genshin Impact Guide Tartaglia artifact

Substats Priority – Genshin Impact Tartaglia Guide

critical hit rate ≥ critical hit damage > percentage attack > elemental mastery > others

Artifact selection and attribute explanation – Genshin Impact Tartaglia Guide

  1. Recommended critical hit rate is between 75% to 85%, and non- double critical weapons should have critical hit damage between 160% to 180%, while critical hit damage for weapons with double critical stats should be between 200% to 220%.
  2. Under the same substats, the Heart of Depth (Hydro set) provides slightly higher damage, but the difference is not significant when combined with the buffs from Kazuha and Bennett. It is recommended to use a combination of 2 pieces of Hydro set and 2 pieces of attack set (Gladiator’s Finale, etc) or elemental mastery set (Flower of Paradise Lost, Gilded Dreams), or Noblesse Oblige set.
  3. Using a combination of 2 pieces of Hydro set and 2 pieces of other sets has the advantage of better flexibility in achieving good substats through mix and matching.

Tartaglia’s Constellation Effects Guide in Genshin Impact

Tartaglia’s Constellation – Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact Guide Tartaglia constellation

Explanation of Constellation Effects – Genshin Impact Tartaglia Guide

Tartaglia’s constellations mainly optimize her own output. He has a complete damage mechanism even without constellations. Constellations mainly enhance Tartaglia’s output rotation. Constellation 1 can reduce the cooldown of the elemental skill, improving the output rotation. Constellation 3 can increase the skill level of the elemental skill, increasing the damage of the melee attacks. Constellation level 6 can clear the elemental skill cooldown every time she uses her burst, further improving the speed of switching and bursting.

Overall, Dadalie’s already has a relatively complete damage mechanism even without constellation, and she is good at controlling the output during her skill period, smoothly connecting with the team’s output. Fans of Dadalie can consider further upgrading her constellations.

Tartaglia’s Best Team Comps – Genshin Impact Guide

Kazuha – Tartaglia International Team Comps – Genshin Impact

Kazuha + tartaglia + Xiangling + Bennett

tartaglia’s double Pyro play, with high-frequency Hydro application, makes he more of a Hydro character in the front line, working with Xiangling, who can lock the enemy down and create Vaporize reactions. Utilizing tartaglia’s skill with Xiangling’s ultimate can also allow the tartaglia to output massive Burst damage with Vaporize multipliers.

The most critical aspect of this team is the dual Swirl technique of Hydro and Pyro, which uses the attachment mechanisms and characteristics of the tartaglia, Bennett, and Kazuha to quickly spread Hydro and Pyro elements, reducing the enemy’s elemental resistance and increasing the team’s elemental damage bonus.

Recommended Output Rotation

Tartaglia E, Bennett Q, Kazuha QE (or holding EQ), Xiangling QE, Tartaglia QE (or EAQ) with normal/charged attack output.

[Additional Information] Double Swirl Rotation

When the Tartaglia activates E, the enemy is applied with strong Hydro aura;

After Bennett uses his ultimate, he apply a strong Pyro aura, but Pyro is restrained by Hydro, causing residual Hydro elements to remain;

Switch to Kazuha and use his ultimate to Swirl the residual Hydro elements on the enemy first;

After a short time, Kazuha will have a Pyro aura, which triggers Pyro Swirl when she uses her own skill, achieving the effect of dual Swirl .

Relevant Character Guide

Xiangling Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Xiangling build

  1. It is recommended to have Xiangling’s energy recharge efficiency at around 200% in a team of Electro National team.
  2. Her recommended critical hit rate is between 50-65%, and her critical hit damage should be between 120-140%.
  3. Prioritize the “Emblem of Severed Fate” 4-piece set and upgrade her elemental burst and skill.
Bennett Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide bennett build

  1. Prioritize weapons with high base attack and energy recharge.
  2. For support in a monochrome team, choose the Noblesse Oblige artifact set, and for a reaction-based team, choose the Instructor artifact set.
  3. For high-end weapon configurations, you can choose a setup that focuses on stack the stats of Energy Recharge/Pyro DMG/CRIT.

[Note] Bennett’s energy recharge is recommended to be around 240%, and Xiangling’s energy recharge is recommended to be above 240%, prioritizing team rotation.

Burgeon International Team – Genshin Impact

Kazuha + Tartaglia + Nahida + Bennett

This is a variation of the Kazuha – Tartaglia International Team, where Xiangling is replaced by Nahida. Kazuha continues to trigger Swirl reactions, working with the Tartaglia to create Vaporize reactions that trigger Nahida’s Elemental Skill’s effect. The dendro aura of Nahida’s effect and the hydro aura of the Tartaglia combine to create a dendro core, which is then triggered by Kazuha’s Pyro ultimate to achieve Burgeon reaction.

This team excels in outputting massive damage against groups of enemies. Kazuha’s ultimate is the team’s rotation axis for output. When stacking mastery, focus on Kazuha’s ultimate.

[Note] Overall, it is not recommended to use Nahida specifically to optimize the removal of Xiangling in the Kazuha – Tartaglia International Team Comps. In terms of team composition, the Kazuha – Tartaglia International combination is still preferred, and the Blazing Wanda lineup can be seen as an expansion of the play style.

Recommended Output Rotation

Tartaglia E, Bennett Q, Kazuha QE (or Holding EQ), Nahida EQ, Tartaglia QE (or EAQ) with normal/Charged attack output.

Relevant Character Guide

Kazuha Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Kaedehara Kazuha build

  1. When her energy recharge is below 150%, it is recommended to prioritize using the weapon “Xiphos’ Moonlight”.
  2. Prioritize increasing Dyhya’s mastery, then energy recharge, and the weapon “Favonius Sword” needs critical hit rate.
  3. If not using a Anemo DMG-based strategy, there is no need to upgrade her skill.
Nahida Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide nahida build

  1. Prioritize elemental mastery in the 900-1000 range.
  2. If elemental mastery is below 800, prioritize stacking elemental mastery. If it’s above 900, consider stacking critical rate and other stats to increase the damage of the skill.
  3. If the team does not have a shield or healing character, consider trying out the prototype Malice.

[Note] At this point, Nahida can choose to use a 4-piece dendro set to increase Burgeon reaction damage, and Nahida will choose the character with the highest mastery in the team for mastery conversion.

Demon King’s Armament – Genshin Impact

Tartaglia + Xingqiu + Beidou + Fischl

One of the gameplay strategies for Tartaglia before the arrival of the complete International Team. By using Xingqiu’s Rain Swords after triggering Beidou’s Thundering Fury effect with the opening of Tartaglia ‘s E skill, the team can sustain a dual-element output with the support of Fischl. Xingqiu’s Rain Curtain Sword can also increase Tartaglia ‘s anti-interruption ability, and the Double Thunder Resonance can optimize the cycle of Beidou and Xingqiu’s skills. The team’s damage output still relies mainly on direct damage, with the electro-charged reaction as a secondary option.

Currently, the Demon King’s Armament gameplay is more often used as an extended strategy for Tartaglia , with lower priority compared to the Kazuha International team.

Relevant Character Guide

Beidou Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide Beidou Build

  1. Prioritize energy recharge to ensure her ultimate’s rotation.
  2. When choosing artifacts, prioritize 4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate for high energy recharge, and focus on getting a Sands of Eon with energy recharge, or a 2-piece + 2-piece set combination.
Fischl Build

Genshin Impact Team Comps Guide fischl build

  1. “Elegy for the End” provides functionality, while the others tend to lean towards output.
  2. “Pin-Lei” is used more in conjunction with low-frequency grass characters.
  3. Prioritize elemental skill, followed by elemental burst. Do not upgrade normal attack unless necessary for the main DPS character.

Pure hydro Team Comps – Genshin Impact

Yelan’s appearance can further increase the direct damage output of the team and can produce good output effects when combined with Kazuha, Yelan. However, compared to the Double Pyro team, this gameplay strategy is not recommended as the first choice and is more often used as an option for players who are passionate about exploring different types of gameplay.

That’s all for this Tartaglia character guide. See you next time!

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